Ipasa Na Ang RH Bill

Ipasa na natin ang RH! Wag matakot! Reproductive health delayed is reproductive health denied!

Huwag na sa Presidente tumutok. Hindi naman siya ang takot! Siya nga ang kumalaban sa Catholic Church, he is just waiting for a good timing, and it is now!! Naniniwala ako na our president has a strong back! And I hope that strong back be used to personally push for the approval of the RH bill! Pro RH congressmen with PNoy- pasok sa banga ang RH Bill!

I’m standing behind President Aquino. He referred twice to the RH Bill in the SONA. Once for classroom backlog and another re: maternal death decrease. He is staunchly behind the RH Bill and I have decided to become unified.

We all need to be if we are to fight the medieval forces that threaten to keep us poor forever in the name of God. Let’s take the fight to the CBCP- the padre Damasos of our time. Religious dogma against logical reality and common sense. It’s now or never! Fight for it! Damaso’s get lost! Hypocrites!!!! Death to the Damasos!

No matter what, they will not change their mind, they will oppose RH Bill because they are narrow minded. Don’t forget, they killed a lot of geniuses because of their discovery that oppose the faith of Catholicism. Good thing they are no longer in power to execute people. Who says no to choice + education? Seriously CBCP?!? Seriously!!!?? People need to know their choices.

Numbers are still on our side but it’s NOT a huge margin. The CBCP is blackmailing, threatening, using bullying and public nuisance tactics too. FUCK! I wish those bloody bishops got just as pissed about corruption and pollution. It’s so fucked up.

Why don’t they spend some of the millions donated to them to print/distribute copies of the RH Bill, so that their people know what they’re saying no to? Oh, that’s right- Catholicism thrives on blind faith. Using the power of prayer…… TO EVEN DIVIDE US ALL.

More people born. More baptisms. More congregation. More donations to the church. Why wouldn’t they want zero contraception?

I wish they would all threaten Catholics with excommunication–would people finally wake up –will they keep believing their priests who show such ignorance? I’m a christian, but yeah. Those wolves and rabbits has to learn.

Though I wish that the RH Bill would pass ASAP, I just can’t help but wonder that doing this right before the elections is ill-timed as those Congressmen like in the Minority will jump ship just to have more “votes” and the support of the CBCP.

I think the Church should also really think several times before they decide to make former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as their ally and one of their leaders for their Anti-RH campaign. They might be shooting themselves in the foot by doing this.

Ayaw ng simbahan sa RH Bill pero okay lang sa kanila na kumampi kay Arroyo who stole BILLIONS which could’ve fed millions of hungry Filipinos and provided access to quality healthcare to so many who died simply because they didn’t have enough money to consult a doctor or buy medicines. Ano ba yan???

I am a devout Catholic and I am proud of my faith but I am not proud of how some of our Church leaders have compromised Christian values.

Lately, I was informed that the house of representatives will pass the RH Bill and elevate it to the senate. Let us then also focus our attention on Congress. Matagal nang priority bill ang RH, kailangan kalampagin ang Congress.

Yes to Responsible Parenthood! See you in Batasan!

Primer on the RH Bill

Please Read and Decide If You Are For Or Against the RH Bill:
Senate Bill 2378
House Bill 4244

Alternate (scanned pdf format)
Senate Bill 2378
House Bill 4244


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