Kabilang Ka Ba Sa Exclusibong Samahan?

“The Senate President has directed the Senate committee on public order to conduct a hearing in aid of legislation to look into the possibility of amending the appropriate Anti-Hazing laws to address the problem once and for all.

Included in the issues that Enrile wants the committee to look into is the possibility of including university and college administrators as liable in the event another hazing incident occurs.

According to the Senate President, apparently, there is an attempt on the part of school authorities to distance themselves from these student organizations and fraternities, he has instructed the committee on public order to look at the possibility of amending the law so that they will be included… they will share in the legal responsibility.”

We strongly condemn the senseless violence that transpires in hazing that caused the untimely death of Marc Andrei Marcos, a freshman law student of San Beda College.

While there has been several deaths problem, no one has been jailed. Our judicial system is weak and has many loopholes. If you have money, you do not go to jail. This must change now.

Can’t our fraternities think of more humane and brotherly ways to instill “brotherhood” within their organization?

Di ba matatalino naman ang mga nag-aaral sa Law School? Bakit ang mga frat wala man lang maisip na ibang paraan sa “initiation” sa halip na manakit?

Bakit di na lang magmahalan? Maghalikan, for instance. Char!

These fraternities are probably very, very religious, because they wanted to instantly send their so called “brothers” to heaven. Sarcasm!

Based on what I have gathered, gusto daw nila magfrat kasi their “brods” will help them out. Help out in what way? Academics, they say. So paano yun, magpapabugbog ka para hindi ka bumagsak? Ayos yan ah!

The fact is, hindi sila bilib sa sarili nilang kakayanan kaya kailangan nila ng mga kasangga. Bakit ka pa nag-aral kung pwede ka rin palang i-buttress ng mga ka-brod mo? Illogical.

Kung matatalino mga nag law school bakit mas masahol pa sa Divisoria ang sistema ng justice system sa Pinas. Dito sa atin, mas mabuti pang sapakin mo na lang yung umagrabyado sa iyo kaysa idemanda mo. Lalo ka lang malulugi kapag nagsampa ka ng kaso.

Hindi rin naman lahat ng nasa law school sumasali sa frat. Meron din naman sa aming nagsisikap mag aral at pumasa ng walang tulong sa frat. Talaga?

What fraternities do is a forced bonding. These young men are supposed to feel close to each other after undergoing the same horrible experience. But what’s more important in fostering ties are shared values and ideas. The pain of the paddle is temporary; ideals and ideas are lasting.

Sadly, fraternities promote the ‘old boys club’ mentality. Just because he is one of their own, members are obligated to protect, go easy or give concessions regardless of whether the act committed is right or wrong.

It’s the pain that binds so they say. But it could go so far to turn into a pain that kills, as what happened so many times. It’s brutal and barbaric and archaic. A macabre way of forging brotherhood.

If they’re really smart there’s so many positive causes they can choose from that can strengthen the commitment of their lives to each other (buhay sa buhay, ika nga). For instance, they could commit themselves to becoming harsh critics of Noynoy Aquino for the rest of their lives till kingdom come. That’s a good cause, I think.

But the tradition of inflicting pain shouldn’t be among the choices anymore. It’s more than old fashioned. It’s archaic. It’s laughable if not for the many sad consequences of it. What man would willingly submit to a violent assault just to enter a peer group?

In my view it’s the weak-minded man, one with socialization issues (like hunger for acceptance) and one incapable of enjoying solitude because of empty intellect. In other words, not everyone who enters law school is smart. Way too many of them are complete twats.

There is clearly a misguided sense of what brotherhood means.

The only reason these fraternities exist is the idea that ones you are a member you are part of the grand organization exclusively made for this and that kind of profession. In short, anyone who wish to be part of a prestigious club with elite members (part of the common to entice recruits is to name senators/president and other high ranking officials) by being a member and being part of the “club” and belong to brightest and famous group.

TO BE MORE EXACT – Maging Elitesta!! and what is wrong with this thinking? Usually, it’s the middle class students from exclusive schools that ends up as victims with the hope that someday, they will be make it big. And may I ask, how many poor young guy/girls from unknown high school and colleges reported and get the national attention with similar story? Bihira…but they come in dozen victims of “elite” fraternal mentality.

How can we equate loyalty to the fraternity and brotherhood sa hazing? Kailangan bang gulpihin ka muna at pagkatapos brothers na tayo? At ang gugulpi at halos lulumpo sa iyo at baka mamatay ka pa tulad ng sinapit ng ibang mga gustong sumapi ay mismong mga magiging kasama mo sa kapatiran… Isang napakalaking KABOBOHAN! Put%$@GI%&@

No sense in fraternizing anymore. Bakit kasi kailangan pang sumali sa mga ganyan , madaming mga tao na successful sa buhay na mga abugado na hindi sumali sa fraternity. Talaga?

What is even more disturbing about this recent case of fraternity murder by initiation is that these same young people who took part in it and perpetuated this crime will eventually become our future Judges, Congressmen, Senators and political leaders. No wonder our justice system remains untrustworthy and continues to be run by bullies who will put their own selfish interests above the common good.

Not surprised that many of our political leaders are quiet about the recent hazing tragedy. How can you condemn something that you were part of before?

Part of the frat culture, which may be considered its top priority, is to protect their interests, however wrong it is. It is time to clamp on this once and for all.

However, the actions of these few Bedan students do not represent everyone in San Beda. We should be careful in making hasty generalizations or stereotyping.

The actions of some do not represent all of them. “They” do not represent the entire population of students and alumni of the school.

If you look beyond fraternities in exclusive law school there is a big demarcation line between the dirt poor, poor, middle class, higher class, rich and very rich in our midst. This is the reality of our society.

Do you think a bright and promising law student from a poor and unknown college will have the chance to be part of the mentioned exclusive fraternity? My point is – the reason many young men and women will fall to this racket is: Who wouldn’t wish to belong to an “exclusive” club run by the elite?

Mentality ng karamihan ay maging parte ng isang grupo ng exclusibo….otherwise, alienated ka at nag-iisa para solusyunan ang sarili mong problema.

Ang isang napakalaking problema ay ang hindi pagging patas sa larangan dahil ang magkaka-brod ang magtutulungan, at hindi ka papansinin kung hindi ka kabilang sa kanilang exclusibong samahan.


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