CBCP Urging People To Rally Against RH Bill

It seems the Catholic Church is bringing out the big guns in its campaign against the reproductive health (RH) bill. This is because on August 7, the House will vote on whether to wrap up debate and move the bill forward.  CBCP officials said they would have a vigil at the House on the eve of the vote and that mass actions would also be held in other dioceses. Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle issued a circular urging the faithful to converge at the Edsa Shrine on Saturday for a Mass and rally against the bill.

The prayer rally will be a show of force for the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) after President Benigno S. Aquino III in his State of the Nation Address (Sona) last week urged the swift passage of the bill, which would provide universal access and information on natural and modern family methods and reduce the number of mothers and babies dying during childbirth.

Ewan ko ba kung bakit dito sa Pilipinas ang kaPARIan e tinututulan lansamantalang sa ROMA mismo kung nasaan yung PAPA e legal ang ABORTION at DIVORCE!! Masyado silang epal (excuse me for the word) e di naman sila nakakatulong sa pagsugpo sa population growth na nagiging sanhi ng lalu pang kahirapan sa bansa! Tapos isisisi sa gobyerno? What! di ba alam ng mga PARI na nabubuhay lang sila dahil sa abuloy din ng mga tao? Very very awkward samantalang di naman nila nararanasan kung gano kahirap bumuhay ng isang tunay na PAMILYA.

GEN. 1:28 – At sila’y binasbasan ng Dios, at sa kanila’y sinabi ng Dios, Kayo’y magpalaanakin, at magpakarami, at kalatan ninyo ang lupa, at INYONG SUPILIN(SUBDUE IT = BRING UNDER CONTROL)

Di kaya nila nabasa tong verse na to? Haiz…di nila isinama yung buo kundi pinutol agad. Sila ba e nasa matinong pag iisip ngayon?

Masyadong maingay mga yan, sila na lang kamo magpakain sa mga nagugutom na bata leche! Haha affected ako. Pero dapat lahat affected, everyone should be involved. Yes its true that a bigger population means a bigger market, pero maybe 2 generations pa before we can feel kung ano man ang magiging progress, so for the next 2 generations ok lang sa mga pari nakakakita ng poverty, children in the streets, not enough schools, etc etc. So act now, pass the law and in an ideal world, we will no longer see poverty but sadly we don’t live in a perfect world.

It’s time for people to really wake up and just look at the facts for crying out loud. Philippines is now overly populated; dealing with a small barangay is already challenging to handle, let alone millions of people! If the population keeps multiplying, then where do you suppose people are going to find place to live? Will you, Mr. Antonia Tagle be providing their food? You are not the one who’s going to have to deal with these problems but the tax-paying citizens. So stop being such a hypocrite and start opening up your mind! Poverty, starvation, AIDS (or other sexually transmitted diseases), increasing number of crimes; these are just a few of the challenges that this country has already been faced with. Increase the population and so as these problems mentioned above. WAKE UP EVERYONE!!!

Just watch how the poor people live in the streets because they have no one to depend on. Be with them, live with them for at least a day, and you’ll understand that this is not about breaking God’s rules but caring for others who need our help deeply. Have the priests even lifted their finger to help them? No. This is when they leave it to the politicians and law makers. Pro RH Bill are Pro Life, too. “Hindi kami mga demonyo. (We are not devils)”

Turning a blind eye against the number of women dying daily from reproductive complications is NOT helping them. Everyone needs to be educated as to the available options for prevention and protection. The fact that the church is pushing for banning the bill is depriving women of their basic needs! I’m Catholic but I support the RH bill. I support the right to reproductive health. You people need to get your heads out of the ground and get your facts straight.

Let’s go for life?! Seriously?

How backwards and stupid are you people. Imagine what you’re opening up by opposing the RH bill: overpopulation, risk of AIDS, etc. This is definitely a good example of why religion has no place in the government. If you guys want to “go for life”, then open your eyes and quit being hypocrites! Protection DOES NOT encourage promiscuity. Sex is just a part of life that people need to deal with! I can’t believe how unreasonable the Catholic church is being! DEFINITELY A STEP DOWN FOR THE PHILIPPINES. Very saddening.

If you think the Philippines is not experiencing economic problems then you need to get out of the rock you’ve been living under. This is not the propaganda of the West.  These are facts. Women need to be educated as to the options available to them. Families need to be educated. Everyone has the right to decide what is right for them and their family. What the church needs to do is to stop interfering with matters that belong to the state. I’m catholic but I’m all for the RH Bill and the right to reproductive health. if the RH Bill is passed, noone is forced to use contraceptives and all the other resources. What’s important is everyone has the option to! I can’t believe how backwards all of this is. There shouldn’t even be a debate. These are basic human rights.

The fact is, though, no matter how much family planning seminars and workshops we open up to everyone, mistakes happen. And there are repercussions which can be prevented with the proper resources that the RH bill is precisely for. I can’t believe there is even an argument.

What about the women dying every day from reproductive complications? The women succumbing to unsafe abortions? What about those who do not have the means to support any more new additions to their families?

It’s the church that causes poverty to begin with. May I ask how many among the priest or perhaps bishops uses condom to suppress life? These are your issues in the church that needs to be confronted. Don’t act like the church people are so clean and chastise. 85% percent of Filipinos are poor Catholics where is the bloody church? NOWHERE! In time of disasters where are you Archbishop Tagle? You are confined inside your palace sipping your hot soup and sumptuous lunches and dinners. After all the church will say: It’s the government problem! Funny is it? The government is doing its job on what is right for the state and its people. Among the Asian countries, all have moved forward except “The Catholic Philippines” because the Catholic Church is pulling the country backwards. Shame on you! Yes to RH Bill and Yes to Responsible Parenthood! God Bless The Philippines.

The lawmakers should ignore the Catholic Church. Just pass it.

Come out in the open, if you support the passage of the RH Bill. Let us mobilize ourselves on social media(and maybe setup a rally in EDSA as well), don’t be cowered by fear. I am PRO RH Bill and it will be a shame if you are against it.



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