Senator Sotto’s Senatorial Spermutations

You can read about Ms. Margie Holmes article in here.

Is this article a logical fallacy? Is Margie Holmes resorting to argumentum ad hominem? Does anybody here respect the stand of Senator Tito Sotto on the RH Bill? Is RH Bill not the solution to the economic problems of the Philippines? Would the passage of RH Bill eventually lead to laws on abortion, divorce, and euthanasia? Do we deserve better laws than RH bill?

This article is so painfully hilarious, my reproductive organs are shrieking with laughter. So, there is a man in uniform (ooh, seeexxxxy) who wants to trash the RH Bill. One man who keeps asking the same question like he’s Dory – oh, and Nemo, who was born out of love, got lost!!! I don’t know, was this fictional cute fish a planned pregnancy? Yes, We need a change of mindset. Yup, yup, we need only to have common sense. So what’s the prob here? Both are what created this bill, I would like to believe so. Personally, I am so sick of these effing conversations during foreplay that deal with condoms. Why? I am surprised at how many actually think bare-back is best done to me than to horses. I once quipped, if we go without one, I’ll go broke-back, since y’all say “we can’t have a baby,” meaning We can’t, but If I do, well… Please, tell.

Me – what harm could the bill do? Is it tantamount to men having vasectomies, and women going all promiscuous and using all sorts of method to “flush” unwanted results? I would like to think of this bill as the bill of genuine love for life, of life, and by life. Not far from what one great politician said about a government. Senator, please, please. I can only speak for myself. I have been SOOO guilty all my life because I got pregnant too early and was so selfish then to even think of being a great mom. Please. I just want to see happy couples, happy children, a well taken care of future – not a future filled with leaders who come from extreme hunger, lack of parental guidance due to either monetary or irresponsible reasons, and other such. This is not about you, or even me, though I used me as an example. This is not about religion. This is about Life. This is about Love. This is about Why do we all go so pooh pooh about whales and sharks and dogs and cats, when women and kids seem to be – well, just not so special? Must we be endangered as well? The answer is yes. The good news is – WE ARE, and so are the MEN. So…sperm whales, Senator, or humans?

Oh, and regarding sex education as the best way to educate and elevate one’s “mindset,” I have learned from St. Scholastica’s College and UP about sex and sexual responsibility. I also am a voracious reader and at twelve, knew more about the topic than a normal adolescent would. I tell you – based on my beautiful life (tongue in cheek in case you don’t get it) that it ain’t enough, dude. Nope, senator dude, it ain’t just gonna cut it ’cause I doubt it did before this talk of the bill.

This is what we get for voting in entertainers into public office – ENTERTAINMENT! Although now it is the infuriating kind…. Margie Holmes is spot on on this open letter. All our elected officials have the ways and means to have as much kids as they want and spaced out appropriately. Well what about the rest of us?

I do not believe that the sole RH Bill will eventually eradicate poverty due to (over)population. Corruption in all levels, be it in government or in the private sector, is the root cause of poverty. Family Planning during the Marcos Era gave people the options to choose which method to use but that did not alleviate the condition of our poor countrymen, and, I, personally, do not see how the RH Bill alone will ultimately resolve the same perennial population issue. Its the lack of basic health care that is causing all these issues. Incidentally, the multi-billion dollar contraceptive industry – manufacturers and businesses as well as corrupt politicians, will obviously strongly benefit from lobbying the Bill. It may not be this present generation but the next who will bear the brunt and suffer the long term effects of RH Bill which may all together be sinister. However, in the absence of a better bill, I might as well go for the RH bill! Like they say, choose the lesser evil!

Some would say there is the Magna Carta for Women, where it decrees that contraceptives could be freely given at local Healthcare Centers and that anyone, poor or otherwise can avail those anytime? The Magna Carta for Women provides that laws and measures be enacted such that women’s rights to health are protected. It merely upholds the rights of women, and the RH Bill is exactly one of the laws that need to be legislated in accordance with the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta, given that it literally means “Great Charter,” is a general law. Its provisions on reproductive health do not contain specific details as provided for in the RH Bill. It also does not address the reproductive health needs of men. If you read the RH Bill, you’ll find that contraceptives are not its be-all end-all. It is part and parcel of a reproductive health care system that looks out for Filipinos, most especially women and mothers. RH Bill is not a population control measure. It’s not even an economic measure. It’s a HEALTH measure.

Without the passing of the bill, the people who would suffer more here are the poorest of the poor. Why must the poor always have to suffer, when their God Jesus had always love for the poor? The Essene, Gallileas, Ebionites, and Nazarene were the poorest of the Jews, then, and were badly treated by the rich and highly affluent echelons of society that controlled the economy and politics of those times! And Jesus wanted to change all of that, and they brought him to the Romans to eliminate him, and the Roman Catholic church hierarchy are doing it again on the poor!

“Suffer you little Children…..and continuously suffer for we have still the hypocrites around us”.


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  1. I_love_the_bayan says:

    Spot on!!!

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