Anti-RH Bill Supporters Speak Out

Catholics believe in the Catholic Church, the bride of Christ. Jesus entrusted the whole truth to His church. Who are we to choose the truths that are convenient to us? That’s why we have to carry our cross. For people supporting the bill, they simply cannot carry the heavy cross of abstinence and conquering their fleshly desires. Women dying? You are treating conception as if it’s a disease. It is better to use the money for RH Bill in improving pre-natal and post-natal care services, thus the probability of death due to conception will decrease.

I think many have missed the point of the church as to why it is against the RH Bill. The church is for natural way of controlling the population and not through the artificial way of doing it. So, the church is not for over-population but for responsible parenthood by controlling the population thru natural family planning and respecting your own self because you as a person has dignity. SO OPEN YOUR EYES AND WAKE UP!

How come the countries who are ahead of us in this contraceptive culture are the ones who are having massive cases of STD’S, abortions and disastrous economic problems? Study, study, study. Do not just buy the propaganda of the west. We are not the ones who are stupid here.

Options, free wills. All leads to disaster if use against God’s will. No to cafeteria Catholics! I wonder why people call themselves Catholic when they are openly against the teachings of the church. Catholics when smooth-sailing, Anti-Catholic when the teaching is inconvenient. How lukewarm!

We will support you Archbishop Tagle. Thank you for leading us. No matter the names they may call the Church, let’s do this together. I’m sure there are hundreds and thousands of Catholic youth who believes that the fight for life is worth it! We will do this for God. Let us protect the true worth of this nation. May God bless us!


Debate Between Pro and Anti

“This is definitely a good example of why religion has no place in the government.”

Religion does not seek a place in government. But when government policies threaten the right of the Church to do its apostolate, then the Church will not be silent. (RH Bill will jail those who speak against it. Who is openly against its passing?) Furthermore, the Church is simply making a stand for its MEMBERS, revealing why as Catholics, the contents of the bill violate the Faith.

“If you guys want to “go for life”, then open your eyes and quit being hypocrites! ”

Precisely why Archbishop Tagle called for a gathering. We have opened our eyes. And so we act on this realization.

“Protection DOES NOT encourage promiscuity. ”

Statistics all over do not prove this point.

“Sex is just a part of life that people need to deal with! I can’t believe how unreasonable the Catholic Church is being!”

Sex, in the Catholic point of view, is something done within the confines of matrimony. What is against the faith is if it is encouraged to be done outside of it. It is not simply “a part of everyone’s life.” But it is a part of the life of “married couples.” The Church is not being unreasonable; she acts in very teaching of its head, Jesus Christ. To be silent on this matter is unreasonable for her.


The passing of the bill by lawmakers who claim they are Catholics and Pro-Life is what makes the scenario a step-down for the country. And yes, it is saddening.

“It’s time for people to really wake up and just look at the facts for crying out loud. Philippines is now overly populated; dealing with a small barangay is already challenging to handle, let alone millions of people!!!”

Be careful of the facts you claim. The recent NSO stats say that our growth rate declined. Overpopulation does not have a correlation to economic growth as once stated by a Nobel Prize Winner.

“If the population keeps multiplying, then where do you suppose people are going to find place to live? Will you, Mr. Antonia Tagle be providing their food? You are not the one who’s going to have to deal with these problems but the tax-paying citizens.”

Exactly why the Church suggests addressing more pressing problems on education and generation of jobs. If these basics are addressed, there are more resources for the citizens. Archbishop has no means to feed every hungry Filipino. But it has been a fact that for more than 2000 years, the largest contribution to charitable causes the world over has been done by the Catholic Church. We just don’t “market” the deeds the parishes do. Then again, the resources of the Church is not enough for the people. She can only do so much. On tax-paying citizens, the 13Billion allotted for the bill will be charged to these tax-paying citizens. And for so many years, we all know as Filipinos where these taxes go to. I don’t need to state the obvious.


Yes, we need to wake up. Wake up though to the TRUTH. And TRUTH doesn’t equate to what is popularly disseminated by media. Wake up, indeed!

“There’s a big difference between close-mindedness and being true to the mission of the Church in spreading the Gospel of life; in the same way, there is a thin distinction between unreasonable open-mindedness and being trapped in the danger of moral relativism.”


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One Response to Anti-RH Bill Supporters Speak Out

  1. I_love_the_bayan says:

    I am a devout Christian and I don’t condone abortion. Filipino people should practice responsible parenthood so I think the RH bill is something the country should have had a long long time ago. The CDCP is not only out of touch but out of their minds. Those grandstanding anti-RH senators and legislators are at their best hypocrites and over-acting. Enough of your theatrics, please.

    It is about time the country have the RH bill enacted!

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