Can I Be Both Catholic And Pro-Choice?

“Basically, that question is asking: can a Catholic value a human life as a unique person, created in the image and likeness of God for whom He suffered and died, and at the same time deny that this same human life is a unique person, created in the image and likeness of God for whom He suffered and died?

So long as one has the use of right reason, there is no way one can hold such opposite positions at the same time. In other words, NO, a Catholic cannot be both Catholic and Pro-Choice.” – Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

The Church’s “solution” is the same as it has always been. Charity, Chastity, Sanctity. Do you agree with this?

The Anti-RH Bill supporters are saying that people should not have more children than they are able to support. According to them, artificial methods are not required to do this and say that chastity will accomplish it nicely. As for poverty, they say that there are many possible solutions to this that do not require Artificial Birth Control methods either. They say that there are societies that are economically rich and spiritually impoverished, just as there are societies that are economically poor and spiritually rich. They reiterate that each society and each community must find its own way in the matter of how to earn a living – and the best way to combat “poverty” is to be rich spiritually. They emphasize that a person should need less and give more, and he will be enriched both in this life and in the next.

The Church solution to crime: Charity, Chastity, Sanctity. Fine. But secular society has to put up an efficient justice system with courts and police and all.

Church solution to unintended pregnancies, teen pregnancies, maternal deaths: Charity, Chastity, Sanctity. Fine. But secular society has to establish reproductive health services.

Church solution to corruption: Charity, Chastity, Sanctity. Fine. But secular society has to actually prosecute corrupt officials.

But when the Church prevents secular society from doing that which is good, then the Church becomes an instrument of the bad things that it simply wants to address by preaching Charity, Chastity, Sanctity.

They say that if we want secular arguments against RH Bill, then there’s a lot of factors out there where it might make sense to deny people a certain form of birth control:

1) Incompetence (i.e. someone who is not competent to manage their own affairs, due to dementia, age etc)
2) Agreement of the father (i.e. some societies may consider the well-being of the fetus to be the responsibility of both parents) Also, would a child choose death?
3) Other risks (i.e. a form of birth control that poses a significant risk of injury or death)

Does it matter that the poor are existing in this temporary economic hell? Yes it matters. But they say the Church cannot sanction the sin of Artificial Birth Control as a solution to such a temporary “hell” when the result could be sending many souls to the permanent hell.

Why are we even equating Pro-RH to Pro-choice? They say the RH bill’s essence as far as its main sponsor Congressman Lagman admits to, is all about “access to contraceptives”. What’s wrong with having access to contraceptives and condoms? The Anti-RH bill supporters give you these answers. “The pill can cause strokes, IUD’s can cause all kind of issues, condoms break, latex can cause allergies, etc.”

In hierarchy of sins, what is more serious? Using a condom or pedophilia? Why does Church publicly condemn condom and hide the latter?

I’m a disillusioned catholic because of the Catholic Church. The main tools used by the Philippine Catholic Bishops to argue against RH: Deception, Slander, and Lies. Mga asong manloloko, nagpapanggap na tao. Pangakong matamis, puro laway at ipis.

Kailan ba nakatulong ang simbahan sa usapin para sa ikagaganda ng ekonomiya ng bansa. Gaya ngayon, ano ang eksena nila at ayaw nilang payagan maisabatas ang RH Bill? Gosh! Masyado ng masikip ang Pilipinas para dagdagan pa ng mga batang nagugutom at di naman makapag-aral dahil sa hirap ng buhay. Napakasimple lang naman kung iintindihin mabuti. Makikita natin ang magandang epekto kung mae-educate ang mga Pilipino sa usaping ito ng di lang mag-anak ng mag-anak ang gawin nila. Come to think of it, ang simbahan ay wala namang proyekto para kahit papaano eh makatulong man lang sa mga kapus-palad. Kaya ba nyong ampunin lahat ng batang pakalat-kalat? Manahimik nga kayo lalo lang kayong nakakagulo!

Ang RH Bill ay hindi population control kundi isang healthcare right. Baduy kasi ng agenda ng ibang anti-RH Bill, gayundin ang ibang Pro-RH Bill dahil “dicks and vaginas” ang arguments nila habang mas malawak naman ang totoong context ng RH Bill.

Ngayong araw ay magsasagawa daw ng isang malawakang Power-prayer rally ang CBCP laban sa RH Bill. Sana hindi sila nakasakay sa mga Pajero at Montero na tinanggap nila mula kay GMA. Baka kasi maiwanan nila yung kanilang mga miyembrong naglalakad at babad sa init ng araw o basa sa buhos ng ulan.


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