The Padre Damasos Of The Philippines

The arrogance of the Roman Catholic Church is once again on display for the whole world to marvel. I believe someone up there is definitely infuriated with these men in robes who want the country to continue wallowing in poverty and ignorance.

In what could be its final push to block the passage of the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill in Congress, the Catholic Church led a supposed “prayer” rally. However, while people outside of the EDSA Shrine were comparing umbrella color and sizes (standing patiently under the rain), bishops were comparing iPhone apps and sitting comfortably inside an air-conditioned room (facepalm!). No wonder I’m starting to question the people handling the faith.

Even the heavens aren’t supportive. The heavens are in tears, regretting this so called prayer rally. It brings a new meaning to the saying “Rained on their parade”. Not just rain, Mother Nature should have sent them a bloody typhoon! I think God is really sending a clear message to the CBCP. Shut the f*ck up, go back home and wank instead.

Sensationalizing The Number

The news reports say “between 7,000 to 10,000” were the estimated number of attendees. That is an exaggeration. From the pictures and televised reports, I only saw several hundreds of umbrellas. Even if you include the drivers, “yayas”, and “hakot” students who came from Alabang. Yeah, yeah, even if tens of thousands of people are in attendance as they claim, but with 11 million people living in Metro Manila, how many are not there?

Was it a mammoth rally? No! What was clearly seen was just a small and insignificant percentage of the total Filipino population. Those who attended the rally were mostly seminarians, nuns, priests, some Catholic organization members and “manangs” who are “sipsip” to their priests. It was a motley pathetic group. Hardly a massive turn-out. A lot of the participants were students from Catholic schools. (Obviously made to come by their teachers. I bet most of them went into the nearby malls (Robinson’s Galleria and Eton Cyberpod) after signing their attendance sheets!

Poor school children. They have no choice but to stand and sit under the rain. It was compulsory attendance. How many additional points for Theology class? And how much medications and even hospitalization if they get flu after getting soaked in the rain for this rally? Will the Church pay for their expenses?

Request for media outlets: Please monitor incidents where Catholic school administrators require their faculty and students to attend these anti-RH rallies in exchange for perks and extra-credits or to avoid being penalized as absent. If these incidents occur, these could be construed as CHILD ABUSE (where adults in positions of power coerce children to do things), not unlike the recruitment of child soldiers in countries with civil wars and internal conflict. Please report such incidents of child abuse and bullying by the MitsuBISHOPS.

The figures were estimated as 70% combined students and faculty of Catholic managed schools within and outside Metro Manila. 20%  were El Shaddai and 10% were combined clergy and Couples for Christ ministry. But enough with the figures. All I can see are just a few thousands of “sheeps” being herded by their hypocrite “shepherds”, and making life hell for the motorists.

No matter how you stretch it, no way is the number massive. So, for all intents and purposes, the rally was a total disappointment to the sponsors. If this measly turnout is any indication, the anti-RH balloon is deflated. Sorry, but that’s the reality.

Judging from the turnout, the bishops must have now realized how weak the church has become! It’s not a matter of changing how people clap their hands or what hymn to sing or how to exchange peace signs during the mass … changes … drastic changes on how the church interprets the bible is in order. Just like how the habit of the nuns has gone shorter. Remember that God gave us the brains to think, learn and teach so that we may live ordered lives and make wise choices. Archaic teachings have no place in these modern times!

The fact that many people in that rally were told to go there not by their own volition reflects the Church’s use of fear-based theology to get its way in this issue…totally discarding another Christian virtue – respect for the individual’s freedom.

Church Of The Poor? Partners In Development?

Catholic priests are now all so disappointing! That’s why I tell my children that the reason we go to church is to pray to God – and God alone, and the priests are just as sinful as we are who also make mistakes (more than we do).

A church official declares at the Anti-RH rally that the Catholic Church is the church of the poor. They call the poor as partners in development. Did they mean partners in THEIR development?, where everything from baptism to burials is equated with a monetary amount, where their coffers aren’t taxed and where for the right price, priests can make personal, private calls to the houses of the wealthy? Do they know that what they are preaching at the pulpit is dumbfounding?

Hay, mag-Taglish na nga lang ako! Hindi daw beneficiaries ng simbahan ang mga mahirap. “Partners” daw sila. Huh?! Baka “consumers” sa kanilang negosyo. I wonder if the Church leaders asked for donations (alms o “limos” sa simbahan) yesterday. Tsk tsk tsk. Ginagawang business kasi ang simbahan eh. Grabe! hindi sila makaintindi. Kaya kailangan may mga mahihirap (na hirap din umintindi) or else mawawalan sila ng negosyo ng panggogoyo!

Ang gagaling sa salita kulang naman sila sa gawa. Haaaay, itong mga pari talaga oh! Try to check the vicinity of the church were a lot of beggars are strolling around. I doubt if they extend some alms to these poor souls. Haaaay(malalim na buntong-hininga), be a man of deeds Father, not of lip service!

Think about why Iglesia Ni Kristo (INK) has become stronger, even if the believers have to share 10% of their monthly earnings. Different sects have also increased in numbers and new ones have emerged and still more are emerging. The bishops must examine why this is happening.

I really cannot comprehend why the Church opposes the RH Bill. Why are the priests against Responsible Parenthood? Its plain common sense. Lack of Responsible Parenthood education plus raging hormones equates to unwanted pregnancies. Unwanted pregnancies plus lack of sources of income equates to economically challenged communities. In other words, poverty!

The bill is mainly to educate Filipinos towards responsible parenting and to provide assistance in birth control methods legally.   They should use this bill as a platform to continue teaching their flock responsibility. Responsibility to themselves, their family, their community and their church! Priests instead should be promoting this bill as they are tied to celibacy, unmarried and do not reproduce (unless they have illegitimate families). Where is the sanity of mind of these people? It is an absolute disgrace!

They want the poor to remain ignorant and to breed like rabbits so that they would continue to have a big congregation to deceive and control. That’s the only reason I can see why they are still opposing this bill. Or maybe they’re just being stingy and don’t want to be taxed for the purchase of contraceptives that they won’t be able to buy and use themselves.

Such a horrible cause to rally against. I actually want to give the RH Bill a chance. It doesn’t mean I believe in abortion. But I believe in safe sex for all. Yeah right, the Church isn’t forcing the public and Congress. Do they think we’re stupid and can’t see right through them?Separation Of Church And State

The Catholic Church is telling a non-secular government to bow to their whims. Who made the Catholic Church, however predominant, the official church of the country?

Why is the (supposed to be non-political) Catholic Church spending so much time and effort to push a political agenda? Isn’t a church supposed to be serving its people? Why aren’t they putting that same effort in helping the victims of the recent floods? While the rest of the world has moved forward with government support for responsible parenthood, we are still debating it in the Philippines courtesy of the Catholic Church leadership.

The behavior and response from the bishops in this debate shows their true colors. They are not interested in helping the poor. They are more interested in clinging to their influence in Philippine politics just like what they did way back in the middle ages.

The Catholic Church should stop interfering with Philippine state affairs. Instead of getting into politics, these bishops, priest, nuns and clergies should spend their energies in fighting PEDOPHILIA within the Catholic Church. They have their own mess to clean up. Clean their own backyard first before jumping into others’ backyards.

Where is the separation of church to the government? Nakakatawang isipin ang isang relihiyon na parang nagnanais na sila ang masunod sa kanilang mga kagustuhan. Kapag ayaw na nila sa namumuno, itong sektang ito ang unang tumatawag ng People power. Si Hesus nga ay nagpasakop sa mga namumuno noon at kanya ring sinabi na igalang natin ang mga pamunuan dahil sila ang iniluklok ng Diyos sa kanilang puwesto. How come these clergymen are always trying to grab the power? Tama si Rizal sa potrayal niya kay Padre Damaso.

There are valid reasons as to why the Philippine government has to implement what is good for the country because they are mandated to do so under the Philippine constitution. With the ballooning population, if not regulated, can inflict more serious problems which can be a cause of concern for its own survival as a nation.

The Philippine government of PNoy has more to worry than any moral organization like the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) because it is obligated under the Philippine constitution to do within its power to act favorably for the general welfare of its people and the nation as a whole, including the church.

We can ask the CBCP themselves and the church of this basic moral question: Which is evil, doing an abortion for an unwanted pregnancy or preventing an unwanted pregnancy through artificial means when natural methods fail?

Next year our government is hoping to create 1 million new jobs, a commendable amount compared to past years. But the 1.7% growth rate of our country this year will still swamp that 1 million figure since the said rate would produce another 1.7 million Filipinos.

That’s the trend in our country. The government is trying its best to create new jobs, but unless we can lessen our growth rate to comparable levels, then unemployment and it’s obvious partner, poverty, will continue to be a problem for our country. Even if we eliminate corruption, how can parents who have no income provide 3 square meals a day for their children?

The RH Bill is not about religion, it’s about survival. To the Catholics: No one is questioning your faith and beliefs but not everything your leaders are saying should be followed because just like anybody else, they are humans and sometimes they are wrong in some of their views and interpretations. Let’s give respect to the separation of the church and the state and respect to the fact that the Philippine society is not composed of pure Catholics.

Alienation From The Real Problems Of Humanity

How many kids are so malnourished because their parents are having a hard time feeding 10 kids? How are these kids going to learn anything in school when their stomach is gnawing? How can these parents afford to send these kids to school.. let alone, provide clothing and shelter? How can women do their “mothering” responsibility when they are plagued with health problems from multiple pregnancies that are usually too close to each other? It is also our God-given responsibility to raise healthy (physically and emotionally) and educated children.

Why don’t they just fund the education and sustenance of all those street children? Why don’t they just give shelter and provide their own lots to those squatters who multiply like mushrooms? Then we won’t need RH Bill anymore. If they can’t do those “small things”…….then they are not providing a solution, they are part of the problem!

The church is calling for couples to abstain and take the natural route. Is it working? They’ve been telling us that nonstop for centuries. How come in 22 years time our population almost doubled (1990-2012) from 60 million to 100 plus million today?

In the early 70s the Philippine population was about 40 million, now, the population has boomed to more than 100 million or about 250% and yet the Damasos, the Pajero Bishops with the support of the little Lady’s few followers in Congress are shouting more, more, more! (More poverty?).

Were the issues raised by the Catholic church compelling? No. If anything, the rally manifested what ails the Catholic hierarchy- not external threats like RH or LGBT rights, but its alienation from humanity, the cause of its own moral bankruptcy.

The People Are Being Deceived

Imposing one’s beliefs on others is the root of all conflicts.  Let the RH bill pass; let individuals practice their own beliefs as guaranteed by our laws.  Come to think of it, Spain, who introduced Christianity on us, is more liberal in their views about population management. Hindi na panahon ng mga Kastila ngayon na ang batas ay dinidikta ng mga prayles. We need to be pragmatic about this issue.

The Catholic Church reminded the faithful of the measure’s link to birth control and warned them that “contraception is corruption.”

Wah?! Corruption is the church telling the people that it’s ok to create more babies and then requiring the parents of those babies to pay the church so their babies can be baptized and confirmed… or face eternal damnation.

In everything that you do and wherever you go, there is always corruption. Sino ba ang hindi corrupt sa ating lahat? As if they are trying to claim to be righteous, or self righteous I should say. Before your baby gets baptized, you have to pay the church. Before you get confirmed, you have to pay the church. Before you get married, you have to pay the church, and when you die, your relatives will have to pay the church. Rallying and mind-controlling the catholic people is the top example of CORRUPTION. CORRUPTION of the MIND!

Unfortunately, a lot of people are being misinformed and scared to death by the Anti-RH bill supporters. One of my FB friends posted, “Tama ba na turuan ang 7 year old na bata kung paano gamitin ang condom?” Di ako nakatiis so nag-react ako to let him know the true facts. In the end parang galit na sa akin maging ang iba pang mga Anti-RH bill supporters. My gulay talaga!

How can one debate with people whose arguments are always referenced to the high heavens and god?  Basta’t usapang matino ay papasukan at papasakan ng “ayon sa Bibliya”, “sabi ng Diyos” at kung ano-ano pang kabanalan daw.  Tapos dadaanin sa prayers, misa, nobena, at misteryo. Kaya ang buhay ng maraming nananalig sa Catholic Church ay hanggang ngayon isang malaking misteryo pa din.

Isang tambak at sangkatutak ang naghihirap at naghihikahos na nauuto at sumusunod sa iilang mga naka-sayang puti’t helmet na nabubuhay na parang mga hari’t super rich sa kani-kanilang mga kahariang simbahan.  Walang naka-sayang puti’t helmet ang mahirap sa buhay. Lahat sila ay super sagana sa lahat ng kanilang pangangailangan sa buhay. Kabaliktaran ng naging buhay ng kanilang Jesus ayon sa mga kwento ng Bibliya. 

Ibinalita sa news yung Anti RH Bill rally sa Edsa Shrine tapos nainterview yung isang kasama sa rally na yun (seminarista yata siya). He said “Yang RH Bill, abortion at same sex marriage na batas ay labag sa batas ng simbahang katoliko”. Ang tanong ko: Kung iyan ang pag-iisip ng mga kasali sa rally na yun, nasaan ang separation between the church and the state? Kung ayaw nila ang batas na iyan, bakit hindi na lang sila ang tumulong sa mga tao at magpalaki sa mga batang iniiwan ng mga magulang na iresponsable. Hindi lang sana puro salita. Kailangan may gawa din sila dapat.

The posters of anti-RH Bill from their so-called protest are also misleading: No to SAFE SEX? Safe sex isn’t murder it’s giving priority to your child and self! How can you prioritize 10 children? Can you send them all to school? Can the church send them to College? Can the government give them a good future?

Reality check: Most children from those families barely finished High School nor Elementary. 80% end up being criminals. 100 % of them are politically manipulated during elections. The ANTI-RH BILL supporters were POLITICALLY AND WRONGFULLY MANIPULATED!

Sana ay isipin rin natin ang mga magagandang maidudulot ng RH bill. Mayroon bang basehan sa pag-aakusa na ito ay pagkitil ng buhay? Hindi ba lahat ay haka-haka lang? Ngunit bakit kaya mas pinaniwalaan ng ibang tao ang isang spekulasyon bagamat malinaw naman na nakasaad sa papel ang konsepto at mgandang idudulot nito.

Yes to RH Bill. No to Catholic Tyranny. The Church is seemingly making God into a negative bully. Pro-Contraception actually means Pro-meaningful life.

It’s the 21st century! These men in girl skirts are still doing their old Spanish tricks. Pinoys, let us send these Church people to the gallows! The game is over for these Padre Damasos!

Their churches are closing in other countries even in Italy where the Vatican is. There’s only a few church-goers left. They’re slowly but surely losing their grip on society. The number of attendees from the recent rally tells everything. Sabi nga “Nalalapit ng matapos ang maliligayang araw nila!”

It’s kind of interesting that the people seen in the rally under those colorful umbrellas are the conservative, church-going middle-class – the same ones who have education, have choices available to them (in this case the choice to reject the Reproductive Health Bill), and the resources to have children accordingly. I wonder, can the church say the same thing for a bigger portion of our population that doesn’t have access to education, are poor and cannot afford to have a “choice”, and do not have the power over their bodies because, well, the church lays the guilt on them with hell waiting for them because they did not bear more children.

Will these same middle-class people who rally against the RH Bill still sing the same song when they find their villages and suburbs being encroached upon in the future (and it is already happening) by the mass of poor people breeding like rabbits outside their walls? Can the church have enough feeding programs for the children of God who multiply faster than one can say the rosary?

Is it the Catholic thing to do to NOT give women – poor women -the right to decide over their bodies by keeping them in ignorance, and not giving them the truth about the means to space their children? Is it the Catholic thing to do to feed lies on top of more lies when it comes to parental and social responsibilities?

They Are No Different From Politicians

They also don’t differ with the politicians by using the so called “masa” for their own good! Both politicians and the church thrive on a warlord system. They want the people to remain poor, hungry and helpless so that they will always be under their dictate and power! For what? For power and money (of course some luxury cars – if you could still remember the Pajero bishops).

Interested in the poor?  But of course, interesado sila sa poor. Kapag nagagamit sila para sa kapakanan ng iilang naka-sayang puti’t helmet.  Parating sinasabi na it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. Tapos sila mismo ang mga super rich with their billions of investments in financial instruments.  Interesado naman sila sa poor dahil kung walang poor, paano sila mabubuhay ng mariwasa at sagana sa lahat ng bagay sa mundo. They are enjoying a heavenly life more than anyone else.

Pero tama rin, kasi kung walang mahirap na susuporta, walang relevance ang simbahan. Kasi kung may sariling kakayanan na ang mga tao, ang takot lang ng simbahan ay baka talikuran sila. Ako ang paniwala ko, dapat ang pananampalataya ay base hindi sa kawalan ng option, kundi sa kagustuhan ng isang nilalang na manalig sa Diyos. Yun lang.

Meaning, the poor should have the same set of choices as middle and upper class. That’s the only way magkakaroon ng fairness and non-discrimination sa buhay. Yan dapat ang tunay na stance ng church – magkapit-bisig sa mahihirap lalo na kung may kakulangan ang batas. Pero sa kasamaang palad, ang simbahan pa ang anti-progressive.

Ang kahirapan ay magiging cycle. Kapag maraming anak, walang sapat na maipapakain at hindi makakapag-aral. Hindi sila makakahanap ng matinong trabaho at poverty pa rin ang babagsakan. Hindi rin nila mapapakain at mapapag-aral ang mga anak nila – and the cycle of poverty continues and would never end.

O, sige ampunin na lang ng simbahan lahat ng walang bahay, trabaho at pagkain! Seriously, nabigyan tayo ng pag-iisip para gawin ang tama, let these people decide on their own after they’ve been educated on responsible parenthood. Only God knows what’s necessary for this nation to excel, and not the bishops, nuns, clergies, priests and politicians!

Sana tumulong na lang ang simbahan sa mga kasalukuyang problema ng bayan. Bakit hindi nila ibigay sa mahihirap ang konting porsyento ng kanilang nakokolekta o gamitin ang mga bakanteng lupa at simbahan bilang silid aralan upang maibsan ang problema ng populadong paaralan. Naglalakihan ang kanilang mga mala-kastilyong sementadong simbahan, samantalang ang mga mahihirap ay nakatira lang sa mga barong-barong na gawa ilang pirasong karton, plywood at yero.

If these non-thinking masses continue to have unwanted babies following the order of the bishops, life will be extremely difficult for them and their children. A dry run to HELL.

The Church Has Their Own Sins

What irony! Nuns and priests who are supposed to live celibate lives are telling ordinary people with normal lives how they should reproduce and make love.

Nuns and Priest.  Do you know that even some of them have secret relationships and might even be using contraceptives.  A Jesuit Priest had a romantic relationship with a nun at a neighboring exclusive for girls school then called Maryknoll.  If you check those convents in the provinces or remote areas, some backyards are graves for babies.  Whenever a nun gets pregnant, she is sent to the province. 

The Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines (DSWP) alleged in 2011 that the Church has P20 billion worth of stocks in seven corporations based on data collated from the Philippine Stock Exchange. These corporations include the Bank of the Philippine Islands and the nation’s biggest metals producer, Philex Mining Corp. Other companies the Church supposedly has stakes are San Miguel Corp., Ayala Group of Companies, PAL Holdings Inc., etc.

I have two questions:

(a) Why don’t they pay taxes again?
(b)They’ve been vocal about transparency from public officials (which is good!). Why not transparency from them, too? Why don’t we audit the Church?

CBCP is a massive failure. They don’t pay taxes but charge expensive school fees to all catholic schools. They own large amount of stock in blue chips Philippine companies worth billions of Pesos. Ask yourself whether they are truly the men of God.

The church must be the last resort for spiritual guidance on state decisions, not an encouragement of a blind advocacy which will only result in chaos. A lot of people know for a fact that the RH bill is the best future problem attenuation, which is why it is greatly supported by the Pros – and feared by the Antis. I am not fully aware of the Catholic fun clubs’ real intentions, but be it said that this proposition will be one of the best proposition  that is made by a statesman who is in the aid of morality.

Promoting The Advantages Of The RH Bill

Hindi lang naman “contraceptives” ang covered ng RH bill, but it also tackles education on reproductive health, like how to teach mothers on maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Alam ba ng mga tao kung ano-anong bakuna ang dapat para sa isang buntis? Paano mo mae-educate ang mag-asawang gustong magkaanak? Alam ba ng mga buntis na hindi dapat sila kumakain ng Century Tuna or sunny side-up egg? The people who have money can afford pre-natal care (like our privileged Senators and Congressmen) but the “common tao” will not have the means to proper education and will be left in the dark.

Naway maipasa na ang RH Bill. Kawawa naman ang mga gustong makapag family planning pero kulang sa pambili ng kaukulang contraceptives. Sana bigyan ninyo naman ang ating mga kababayan ng kalayaang mamili para sa kanilang mga sarili at lalo na para sa ikakabuti ng kanilang pamilya.

Masaya ba tayo kapag nakakakita ng mga sanggol na tinatapon sa basurahan? Ang sama sa pakiramdam kasi magulang din ako. Kaya nga minsan maski nabitin ako sa budget, problemado kung ano ang uunahin, pilit pa ring nag-aabot ng tulong sa mga kapus-palad. Naway maisip ng taongbayan kung ano ang mas nakakabuti sa mga ina kaysa mga ipokritong tao na iniisip ang pansarili nilang wala namang pamilya at lalong di naman nanganganak.

Kailangan natin ang RH bill, sapagkat kaakibat nito ang isang pagiging responsableng magulang. Mas kasalanan sa Diyos ang mag-anak ng mag-anak subalit di naman kayang bigyan ng isang magandang bukas ang kanilang mga supling.

Marami na po sa ating mahirap na mamamayan ang naghahangad ng pag-aruga at tulong galing sa mga may kakayanang tumulong. Huwag na pong ipagkait ang simpleng health care sa mga nangangailangan.

Our Personal Preference

I, and my family, assure everyone, that we are Catholics but we are Pro RH Bill and are against the legislators and other medieval minded stooges of the Church who run for Public Office but have no sense of separation of church and state. There are far much larger numbers of people on the net and out there, in this country, who are in the right mind not to make a counter rally because we simply know that there’s a storm, and it is pointless to convince idiots and con artists in this rally.

I’m a practicing Catholic who believes that the RH Bill should be passed simply because I don’t believe that dogma should rule a state. Just because majority of Filipinos are Catholics, it does not give the church the power to take away the rights of others who believe in the bill.

We get by with our lives with the gift that God has given us: our minds. We use it to see through deceit like what the Church is rallying about, and also our hearts, that’s why we continue to toil and pay our taxes despite the fact that this government tolerates the power hungry clamors. We are for the progress of this nation, in God’s name, not for the CBCP.

I am pro-life but I strongly support responsible sex education. Does that mean I’m immoral? I don’t think so. One of the reasons I feel shit is the hypocrisy of it all. Most of the so called “saved” people seems to be just the middle and upper class, while those on the low levels are stuck with these men in robes who can’t even keep them awake during a mass.

Quotes Para Sa Masa

“Faith is an act of following blindly; ignoring logic and reason. Suicide bombers includes faith in their arsenal.” – Unknown

“For the lips of a priest should keep knowledge, And people should seek the law from his mouth; For he is the messenger of the Lord of hosts. But you have departed from the way; You have caused many to stumble at the law. You have corrupted the covenant of Levi, Says the Lord of hosts.” – Malachi 2:7, 8 NKJV

“We are divided over a piece of rubber . Caught between the cross and the condom.” – Raissa Robles

“Kayraming mga pamilya
anak nilay sobra sobra,
wala namang maipalamon
kahit kumayod maghapon.

Sa umagang pagkagising
wala palang makakain,
Asawa ay aawayin
mga anak sisihin.

Ay kay raming mga Tao
sumisikip na ang mundo
problema’y dumarami
sanay isipin nyo.”
– Banyuhay ni Heber


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One Response to The Padre Damasos Of The Philippines

  1. Rooting for RH bill says:

    Well said and I admire your courage in speaking out. I left Philippines when I was still young, but I still love the country and most especially the people. My heart breaks every time I am back in Manila visiting – I see poor, dirty and malnourished kids everywhere in the streets either begging or sniffing glue. They should be in schools studying and learning things to have a better future and become useful citizens of the country. Instead a lot of them are struggling to live.

    It is time the country have a bill like the RH bill. Fight on!!!

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