Epals Are Brainwashers

Face and name recognition and recall ultimately becomes a politician’s strength because they are able to wrongly inculcate to the voting public minds that they are responsible for the lamp posts, waiting sheds, covered courts, service vehicles, medical missions, and other government funded properties and services.

They are intentionally brainwashing our subconscious and arrogantly using public funds to advertise their “good deeds” in the form of Epal tarps,signage and other merchandizes to deceive their constituents and misconstrue false admiration.

These funds came the taxpayers money so all we really owe them is the proper management, usage or implementation of these funds. Being public servants,it is their responsibility to serve and provide for the needs of the people.

However, many of these government leaders have become arrogant and authoritative, and instead of listening and getting the pulse of the people, they dictate and enforce their own personal preferences.

Sadly, these are the kind of politicians that majority of the Filipinos vote for. And we’re still wondering why the Philippines is in it’s present state?

“Thank goodness for Facebook, which has alerted people to every little irregularity, anomaly and failure in taste that publicity-hungry politicos are guilty of. Latest, very distasteful case in point: calamity campaigning.

Yes, some politicians were actually using the distribution of relief goods this week to promote themselves! How exquisitely epal is that?

Listen: When people are desperate, wet, hungry and losing their homes because of floods caused by pollution, clogged sewers and garbage that was never collected because of the inefficiency of local government—really, do you think that’s a good time to remind them who’s in charge? Or to be more specific—who DIDN’T do their jobs?

Just saying.

And that’s why we love FB.”

*credits to PDI article Calamity campaigning is so eeewww!


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