Lao Says “We Should All Be Informed!”

Christopher Lao is no longer the only one who should be informed, and the Internet celebrity (and now full-fledged lawyer) says so himself in his latest venture: an ad campaigning for the Freedom of Information (FOI) bill, which has recently been supported by 117 House members but has yet to be passed.

Over a year ago, Lao made “I should have been informed” one of the most memorable lines in local pop culture, when he uttered the words in a heated interview on national TV: he was irritated at the the lack of street signs that would have let him know the flooded street he was trying to navigate was not passable to light vehicles. The outburst earned him a cyber-whipping at the hands of netizens.

Since then, however, Lao has become the poster boy for the uninformed demanding to be otherwise, first parodying himself in a car insurance commercial, and now, posing for an ad promoting the FOI bill.

“I decided to be the ‘poster boy’ of the FOI bill because we need an enabling law on the right of people to information on matters of public concern, a right enshrined in the Constitution.” says Lao.

He added, “It’s an anti-corruption measure that our country badly needs. In my own way, I hope I am able to INFORM the public about the bill and make them rally behind it since there is resistance from those who have plenty to hide.”

This time last year, one would never have thought that Lao’s enraged demand to be informed was something to emulate, but today it seems that his infamous line has become significant in a way it never has before. Talk about coming full circle.

*credits to GMA News Online


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