Only Legitimate Taxpayers Should Be Allowed To Vote

Before you scream out your “disagree-vance”, hear me out first, please.

An actor who can memorize his script is better than a lawmaker who often bends it.

But sadly, both are not qualified to run the nation. So who do we vote for in the 2013 elections when most of the candidates are only these types? We are between the devil and the deep blue sea. Choose the lesser evil? Are we that desperate?

Unfortunately, there are many voters out there that are given the power to vote but they do not have the necessary fundamentals in making well-informed decisions.

That is the real crux of the problem.

The greater numbers of the voters are also the ones who create the problems without any real contribution to society. At the same time, the traditional politicians need their votes so they allow informal settlers from the provinces to squat in all areas. Those who really know better are a minority and their votes are swamped by the former. Thus they also suffer, though not of their fault, and yet carry the burden of keeping this country a going concern. This is not democracy. This is Idiocracy.

There should be a dimensional shift in politics and governance the way the global banking and financial system is being purged now.

Amend the constitution. Not everybody can vote. Only those who contribute to society will be allowed to vote. Those who would be allowed to vote must also pass requirements that would certify them as qualified. The voices of those who really contribute to society must be heard. After all, they pay the taxes.

It should also be emphasized that those who aspire to lead must also have specific requirements that would make them eligible for public office. Reclassifying the possible candidates so that candidates must go through rigid tests, like, I.Q. and E.Q. Prospective leaders of higher offices must be at least college graduates so that they could effectively lead as Mayors, Governors, Congressmen, Senators and President. The less  educated should contend themselves to Barangay positions, but would have every chance to study and uplift themselves to higher status of leadership. We should also be strict on criminal records. Candidates should not have committed or have been convicted of any crime, does not have any pending law suit, etc.

Most importantly, the campaigning process should be fair. Nobody should be allowed to post any instance of their names or faces, for any cause, project or event, even before the election period. Thus the “Epal” bill should be passed immediately. We should not allow bribery, extra electioneering and coercion of voters, or violators would be persecuted.

The voters of the Philippines are not yet mature enough in selecting their leaders. Their choice is always based on the names they always hear and not necessarily on who is better to lead. Just go back to the last presidential election. Mar Roxas undeniably was well prepared and ready to run the country. He already had an agenda and yet the death of the late President Corazon C. Aquino has catapulted Pnoy to the Presidency.

I am not saying PNoy is not ready but I think his readiness is not as well polished as Roxas’ who have prepared himself longer.

Our voting system is therefore based on popularity and old political machinery spending their wealth to gain or maintain authority, or worst- a dynasty.

Are we going to allow this political massacre of our nation to continue?


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