Philippines Highest Paid Gov’t Officials

How to get rich just sitting on your ass, and sucking hard the Boss’ ass? Join the government service!

Pwedeng tama, pwede ring mali ito. Dapat yung report mismo ng COA ang basis. Huwag sa kung kani-kaninong blog. Alam mo naman politics sa atin. Iba talaga ang Internet, it can make people believe or informed. Baka satire lang ito!

Anybody care to check its authenticity? Posibleng propaganda lang ito, pero mas highly possible na totoo.

Sarap naman ng buhay ah! Papirma-pirma lang, paupo-upo sa opisina, pa-attend-attend ng meetings, pa-travel-travel in and out of the country, at malaki pa ang mga sahod. Saan Ka Pa? Naman! Kayo Na! Who are these disgusting vultures devoid of human hearts and  feelings? They should be so ashamed of themselves and their existence!!! Shame on them! All of them!!! Government Sluts!!!

Sobra naman sa PAGCOR chairman, kahit one year lang magwork ay pwede na magretire afterwards. No wonder. Kaya pala itong si Genuino eh kapit tuko sa position niya noon, at ayaw niyang bitawan. Decimal place lang siguro ang kailangang ilipat kay Carpio. Yes, I believe that’s a typo for Carpio. It should read as P167,330.00 per month. and why shouldn’t the president be the highest paid? Talo lahat yan sa presidente natin. Billion per month siguro.

O di ba? Nagkalat ang pera sa Pilipinas. Pero ang problema sa baha ay di malutas. Kaya lahat gustong kumandidato kasi nga for life ang sarap hanggang nasa katungkulan ka. Pubic I mean public service daw, kahit na sa totoo ay self service lang naman talaga. Mga ganid na hinayupak. Kaya naman pala! Iyong sinasabing public service is just behind the salaries. Hindi pa kasama diyan ang mga pera sa hangin. Mas malaki ang tinatanggap nilang cash on hand! PUT— I– niyo lahat! Ang sweldo ninyo ay galing sa taong bayan na naghihirap.

That’s only the basic taxable amount. There are the tax-free allowances and under-the-table deals. Congressmen rake in more. Shame, shame, shame !!

Iyan ang dapat unang binabago. Bawasan ang suweldo ng mga goverment officials. Di ba dapat lang dahil public service din naman kayo ah. Dapat maging pangunahin nilang dahilan ang maglingkod sa bayan. Ang lagay eh, pera ng bayan ay sila-sila ang naghahati-hati. Iyong barya na lang ang natira sa bayan. Di bale sana kung maayos ang bansa o walang mahirap. Hindi naman lahat ay pwedeng maging goverment official. RIDICULOUS…may sahod na, me kupit pa. Hindi ko nilalahat,,,pero 99.9% ang ganito. Katunayan ang kalagayan ng bansa.

For most on the list, you might be surprised they will fetch significantly higher in the private sector. The likes of Delima, Soliman, Tetangco, Abad, have opted for significantly lower than what they would get in the corporate community/private practice.

I am wondering about Antonio Carpio. Didnt realize Justices reaped that much. Which makes me realize the former CJ Corona had no excuse whatsoever for his unexplained wealth. Ganid lang talaga yug tao, siguro.

But is Cristino Naguiat that good, that he obviously gets commisions of sales of PAGCOR? I doubt if that is an actual monthly salary on paper. I mean, ok lang if he has significantly made PAGCOR more efficient and aggressive that it is earning much more than it has before. Pero parang hindi naman.

Hmm, must’ve been worse in the previous adminsitration, kung saan may mga brown paper bag and everyhting else na hindi nahuli. But that’s the past, right? A past which there didn’t seem to be very many of today’s loudmouths bitching about. A past administration which today’s whiners didn’t have the balls to criticize, or in which they had a personal interest. A past kleptocracy tolerated, encouraged. Nakaka-miss ba?

Cabinet level posts seem to have the same or almost the same salary levels. But while de Lima, Abad, Soliman and Ochoa are at the same level, Gazmin’s remuneration is 17 x higher than his other cabinet colleagues. This needs to be questioned. Tetangco’s pay can be justified, as his field is specialised and he can earn at least four times his current level of pay in the private sector. Ditto with Carpio and Cadiz. But Naguiat? Really, really strange.

That’s what you get when you study “smart” in college and make friends with the right people.

Most of these are low compared to working in the private sector. Take note that this is not their take home pay. Like us in the private sector they would be deducted at least 35% Withholding Tax, GSIS and Philhealth. So for example De Lima will be taking home somewhere around Php86k net of deductions. The President receives a salary of Php 120,000 gross less deductions would be around Php 76k equivalent to a senior developer salary.

Nabalita na rin po ang similar issue sa news about government executives’ salaries. Nakwestyun na din dati pa. Yung kay Carpio na monthly is 173,333.00 per month, sorry for the typo.

Based from:

Eto po ang link ng balita sa dyaryo hindi lamang po yan sa blog.



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3 Responses to Philippines Highest Paid Gov’t Officials

  1. These could be true (or false) but a better presentation would be a comparison with other countries plus other data like poverty line, minimum wage, etc.

  2. Dante Medallo says:

    Para maniwala kami, dapat ay may documents.

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