Sotto Cries His Heart Out

EAT BULAGA LYRICS (adjusted to the times)

Mula Aparri Hanggang Jolo
Saan ka man ay marami tayo
Isang kahig isang tuka
Buong bansa… Eat Bulaga

Sina Mitos, Glo at Johnny
Kasama pati si Manny
Silang lahat ay nagbibigay
Perwisyo sa ating buhay

Buong bansa ay nagkakaisa
Sa RH bill na ating dala
Isang libo’t isang tuwa
Buong bansa… Eat Bulaga!

Sing it! It fits!

Some thoughts were Senator De Soto might shed light:

If people want to respect their dead relatives they should not used it in their rhetoric to solicit sympathy. Using personal circumstances is not a valid argument for the welfare of majority. A more thorough scientific truth is needed such as providing data to proved an argument.

The discussion is not scientific but ethical. Who’s definitions, who’s language are we going to select? Only the one as defined by the Catholic church, and what fraction of the Catholic church? Or can we mention the whole spectrum of opinions?

A major part of the discussion has to do with ethical “dual consequence” e.g. ending an ectopic pregnancy kill the fetus and saves the mother or prevent conception to prevent abortion later on. Please name the opposite events, their probability and consequences. How to combine probability and consequence, who’s weighing factors to use?

Does Sotto know that breastfeeding is also abortive as in making implantation much more difficult?

The stuff about condoms was too ridiculous to comment.

“If you think that conception starts at implantation as what the proponents of this bill wants us to accept as true, and not from fertilization, then you have just deprived the baby that you saw of its right to be born.” — Sen. Tito Sotto

My reply:
No plant will grow if a farmer fertilized the soil but did not plant a seed.

So what baby was he talking about? And if a baby was conceived from a fertilized egg without implantation from a single sperm cell, then… OMG, it must be the second coming of Christ!!!

There is a common thread running through the narratives of Sotto, Lapid and one Lani Mercado Revilla. The wives continued to use contraceptives “during” pregnancy. Sotto’s and Lapid’s babies died (and I am truly sorry and saddened by their loss), while Revilla’s products multiplied by 7 children in all (wow – maybe scientists can study the possibility of offering these “pills” Lani Mercado Revilla used to fertility clinics/hospitals as possible “medication against infertility. These testimonies make education on sexuality and use of contraceptives imperative and should be mandatory not only for children entering puberty but also for senators and their wives.

NOT ONLY SENATORS! Congresswoman too – si MITOS HABANA-MAGSAYASAY sali dyan.

Mr. Sotto, your introduction is so good and well written in English. Did you write them? I doubt.

Now I ask you the the following question:

What are the basic biological needs of a human being? (Applies also to animals)

1.WATER for metabolic activities.
2. AIR for oxygen to the cells
3. SEX for release of sperm and egg cells.
4- EXCRETION to clean the body… RELIGION IS DEFINITELY NOT (Judaism, christianity, islam, budhism etc. etc.Religion created marriages!)

So sorry I forgot No. 5 – FOOD. (not McDonald or Jollibee!)

How did Sotto ever became a senator? In the advance West, you can never be a senator when you have not reached a higher education. Popularity alone as a movie star does not guarantee you to be elected as a senator.What kind of society elected you to be their senator?

Honorable Senator Sotto, Filipinos elected you to serve our beloved Philippines. You sworn to do what is best for all Filipino citizens. Your statement that you are against the RH bill is personal because of what happened to your family three decades ago runs counter to your sworn duties, as Senator, to do what is necessary and best for all your constituents especially vulnerable women and children. Personal and family matters should not be considered to decide a very important issue as the RH bill. I believed that when you decided to become a Senator, you understand that it is a sacrifice on your self and on your family and that personal reason should not be the basis of your decision to oppose the RH bill, which I believe, will help reduce the poverty problem of the Philippines. Again, personal or family matters have no place in this debate for RH bill. Your decision should be based on what is best for the betterment of the lives of Filipinos.

Why can’t Sotto instead propose good ideas for “amendments” into the Bill rather than totally reject a HOPE for Filipino life?

Many of the “children not of choice” as now projected from many scenes demands a solution not a total rejection. Is Sotto’s mind only up to that point…a total rejection? Is that a mind of a senator? The Roman Senate debated matters of policy (as Sen. Sotto admits), then engage in debate on the Bill.

Why not make use or open SEC. 75 of Senate Rules on parliamentary interpellation to defend his side rather than close it and immediately take opposition to SB 2865? Be open Sotto to a debate and discussion. From there, maybe your mind would open for good “amendments” to the Bill to prevent the “ill-effects or harms” that you find .

Political suicide or calculated gamble…he knows he is out.

Outdated References

Sotto cited book references dated in 1974 and 1975. He should have been more specific citing the edition number. His references are not only outdated but also corrected anatomical facts.

The Mechanism of Action of Hormonal Contraceptives and Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices by Roberto Rivera,MD., Irene Jacobson, M.D. And David Grimes, M.D. Published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology on Nov 1999 , volume 181, series 5, pages 1263-1269. This article discusses the mechanisms not only of hormonal contraceptives but also Emergency hormonal pills described by Sotto as morning after pills. This article describes combined hormonal pills and progestin only contraceptives mechanism of action as ovulation inhibigion and changes in cervical mucus that inhibit sperms penetration. It also describes that evidence on IUDs Indicates that they exert their primary effect before fertilization, reducing The opportunity of the sperm to fertilize an ovum.

Sotto quoted the personal opinion of Dr. Tinio without scientific evidence. He included Sen Lapid description of his “blue baby” child he attributed to contraceptive pills. Before contraceptives were there were many “blue baby” born already, some living up to maturity others died at young ages depending on the severity of illness, most probably congenital heart defects ranging from patent ductus arteriosus(mild) to Tetralogy of Fallot(severe). There were different causes attributed to these congenital cardiac malformations, from genetics to old age pregnancy to thyroid diseases or tuberculosis common in early times. Attributing the blue baby primarily from contraceptive intake was without merit scientifically. Lito Lapid said he was a high school graduate only so it means he did not know much about medical science.


Sotto stretched his imagination in the definition of fertilization, implantation and zygote formation. He cited opinions of authors without citing their specific papers or published articles.

He cited developmental anatomy and pathology of fetus reference based on textbooks published in 1974/1975 which all have been contradicted in accuracy in newer textbooks.

An Article published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Nov 1999, vol 181 issue 5 is about The Mechanism of Action of Hormonal Contraceptives and Intra Uterine Devices by Roberto Rivera, M.D, Irene Jacobson, M.D. and David Grimes, M. D. concluded with this

Modern hormonal contraceptives and intruterine contraceptive devices have multiple biological effects. Some of them may be the primary mechanism of contraceive action, Whereas others are secondary. For combined oral contraceptives and progestin- only methods, The main mechanisms are ovulation inhibition and changes in the cervical mucus that inhibit sperm penetration. The hormonal Methods, particularly the low dose progestin -only products and emergency contraceptive pills have effects on the endometrium that, theoretically, could affect implantation. HOWEVER, NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE INDICATES THAT PREVENTION OF IMPLANTATION ACTUALLY RESULTS FROM THE USE OF THESE METHODS. Once pregnancy begins, none of these methods has an abortifacient action. The precise mechanism of intrauterine contraceptive device is unclear. Current evidence indicates they exert their primary effect before fertilization, Reducing the opportunity of the sperm are inhibited prior to fertilization, there is no opportunity for zygote formation and later implantation which takes place 5-7 days after fertilization.

Finally, Sotto cited references from textbooks of anatomy where evidences suggests otherwise now. Science is always improving and changing based on new discovery. Sotto is clinging from an old textbook references.

This article talks about the emergency contraceptive pills or morning after pills described by Sotto. Fertilization occurs in the ampullae of fallopian tube where the female ovum resides. If the sperms are rendered inactive or inhibited for fertilization in the cervix, zygote formation could not be accomplished in the fallopian tube. One has to understand the mechanism of travel of a fertilized ovum from outside the uterus to its eventual implantation inside the endometrium of the uterus. The mechanism is not that simple that Sen Sotto wanted the uninformed to understand.

Perhaps, Sotto does not even know what he is talking about as far as the anatomical journey of a sperm in fertilizing an egg is concerned.

Senator Sotto, try reading newer books and medical journals before citing accurate references.

Seems distorted statistics and deceptive information is the forte of Sen. Sotto rather than his opponents. What would you expect from an “artista” (of course puro pa pogi), most of the research are done by his staff, and all he has to do is filibuster it in the floor (for sure he has not cross checked this himself, just to Google the facts is very easy nowadays), may pa iyak-iyak pa. Maybe he thinks that we are stupid to listen to his diatribe which is unfounded or twisted justification on his personal motives.

I wish Sen. Sotto would stop citing outdated literature and anecdotal evidence. Aspirin and other drugs of its kind (i.e. alaxan- endorsed by Manny Pacquiao) causes more morbidity/mortality than contraceptives. And, one other thing, women are the ones whose health and lives are at risk with every pregnancy. It is our right to make informed decisions about our own bodies.

I think it’s ridiculous that all these men – CBCP, Sotto, et al – keep speaking out on pregnancy and childbirth when they do not bear any children themselves.

So sorry for being personal na, he must not be voted again to the senate.

For sure, I will never vote for this Sotto anymore, I hope this will be a precedence that we the voters must learn to get back to these politicos or trapos that does not adhere to the needs of the people (most of the time its their personal decision or political interest/accommodation that counts). His reason is personal (artista talaga), with mislaid, unsupported or obsolete facts that he is invoking to justify his arrogance of being a champion for the masa kuno. I am sorry for him losing his son, but as what Rep. Garin has said he should sue his doctors for misinformation.

Si Sotto ay masyadong personal at misinformed talaga. Sana in general ang pag-iisip niya hindi pangsarili? Naturingan pa naman siyang senator, kailangan lang sa atin liberal mind, realistic at adapt sa panahon natin. Masyado lang tayong hypocrite, and as we say here in Europe they fuck like rabbits.

And everywhere may mga anak na hindi naman kayang sustentuhan so where is the essence of being religious and anti-RH BILL KUNO!

Napanganga naman ako dito: “1. The RH Bill violates Philippine sovereignty”. Baka nalito na si Sen Sotto at akala niya Panatag Shoal at Kalayaan Islands ang pinag-uusapan. Pinagtiyagan ko ngang basahin yung mga sumusunod na talata para malaman kung bakit niya sinabi ito pero wala akong nakita. May kalaliman ito gaya ng “Contraception is corruption.” Conclusion: Nalito na siya. Sa bisaya, nalibog na siya.

Maka lilisang ang iyang mga justification nga obsolete na kaayo. Nagpakita lang gyud siya sa iyang pagka arogante ug pagka hambug, pahilak hilak pa, artista gyud ang gipakita niya sa mga tawo ug ang iyang gipanulti way nahot.

Ex-Health Secretary Cabral on GMA News:

Without meaning to belittle the anguish that Sen. Sotto felt and apparently still feels over the loss of his son, allow me to say that condoms, hormonal contraceptives, intrauterine devices etc., have not been shown by scientific methods to cause “weak hearts” in babies born following their mothers’ use of these contraceptives. Sen. Sotto seems to have fallen into the fallacy of post hoc ergo propter hoc, Latin for “after this, therefore because of this” – or… “My wife used contraceptives, then my son was born with a weak heart; therefore my son’s weak heart was caused by my wife’s use of contraceptives.”

Following that line of argument, if at the time of Vincent Paul’s conception, Sen. Sotto failed to brush his teeth, it could be argued that his son was born with a weak heart because he failed to brush his teeth before having sex with Mrs. Sotto.

or maybe Sen. Sotto ate something before or after…what? BULAGAAAA!

To be relieved…eat KANGKONG…adobo style with anghang…phewwwwww!

This drew a sharp rebuke from Sen. Sotto for demanding him to prove that the death of his son was caused by the side-effects of contraceptives. “Her reaction speaks about her more than about me. Will she lie if she lost a child? She’s so callous and insensitive.”

Cabral doubted Sotto’s story, adding that experts found no scientific proof that contraceptives like condoms, hormonal contraceptives and, intrauterine devices can impair the hearts of babies born by mothers who have used birth control methods.

She said that Gamboa’s obstetrician, Dr. Carmen Enverga Santos, has passed away and can no longer corroborate Sotto’s claims, thus her challenge to the senator to produce his son’s death certificate.

Please pardon the following litanies (actually re-posts from another blog)…

Journalist and blogger Manuel Buencamino [over at Pro Pinoy Project (PPP) and Uniffors] quoted Donald Rumsfeld. I supplied some information relevant (with some editing) to the quotation and the topic:

Then US Department of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld once said…

“Reports that say that something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns—the ones we don’t know we don’t know. And if one looks throughout the history of our country and other free countries, it is the latter category that tend to be the difficult ones. And so people who have the omniscience that they can say with high certainty that something has not happened or is not being tried have capabilities that are [beyond mine].”

“There are things we know that we know.”

1. When a man had normal sexual intercourse with a woman a child may be conceived.
2. Our Constitution protects the life of the unborn child upon conception.
3. Conception means the sperm is able to fertilize the egg (fertilization): the beginning of life.
4. Contraception means anti-conception: the sperm does not fertilize the egg.
5. Contraception is allowed but our Revised Penal Code criminalizes abortion.
6. Contraception can either be natural or artificial. This is usually employed before or during sexual intercourse.
7. Natural family planning includes symptoms-based method (e.g., Billings method), calendar-based method (e.g., rhythm method), and lactational amenorrhea (when a woman gives birth and is breastfeeding; regular menstrual cycle will not immediately return resulting in temporary female infertility)
8. Artificial contraception includes use of barrier methods (e.g., condom or diaphragm; spermicides), sterilization (vasectomy or bilateral tubal ligation), and withdrawal method.
9. Abstinence may or may not be considered a contraceptive method. Nonetheless, it (similar with successful sterilization) provides 100% effective birth control.
10. The rest of the birth control methods may still give rise to conception. But if used in combination (e.g., use of condom by male and contraceptive pill by female) may achieve a higher chance of contraception close to abstinence.

“There are things that we now know we don’t know.”

1. Pregnancy may begin (a) upon fertilization (pro-life definition), or (b) upon uterine implantation (medical science). It is of no matter to discuss further the meaning of pregnancy because our Constitution already protected the unborn child UPON CONCEPTION.
2. Early pregnancy (a) is difficult to diagnose (e.g., we need to use an expensive and still unreliable(?) “pregnancy” test to detect the protein called Early Pregnancy Factor or EPF within 48 hours of ovulation if fertilization occurred) whereas the latter definition (b) can be easily detected by hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) testing – the usual pregnancy test.
3. Abortion in our setting means disrupting the natural process of life of the fertilized egg; in short, disrupting pregnancy. We will not know if fertilization has occurred but we can ascertain if implantation happened (about 6-10 days post-ovulation) by the readily-available pregnancy testing usually done when a woman missed a period or when she feels like being pregnant.
4. We now know that pregnancy takes place after fertilization but we don’t know if any abortion will TRULY occur from immediately beyond that stage up to the implantation stage because it is not feasible to detect if actual fertilization happened. (The fertilized egg stays in the fallopian tube for 3 days before entering the uterus and begins to implant to the uterine lining.)
5. Artificial contraception also includes hormonal methods [oral or injectable contraceptives; emergency contraception (EC)] and intrauterine methods.
6. The pill or the injectable hormones (taken or given before sex) and the emergency contraception (using a higher dose of or a different concoction from the ordinary pill; “emergency” because it is done within 72 hours after unprotected sex) act in four mechanisms: two ways as contraceptive (preventing fertilization) and another two as abortifacient (preventing implantation of fertilized egg).
7. Intrauterine devices (IUDs), a part of EC, may be laden with spermicides (contraceptive property); other times with hormones preventing implantation (abortifacient property). Combined with hormones may increase the chance of birth control or, possibly, abortion.
8. We now know that hormonal methods (with or without IUDs) may work as contraceptive or as abortifacient but we don’t know how they actually work inside the woman’s womb at a given instance.

“But there are also things we do not know we don’t know.”

1. Breakthrough ovulation is the presence of ovulation even after performing rhythm method or even after using hormonal contraceptives. It is not synonymous to fertilization.
2. Sexual intercourse during breakthrough ovulation may result in pregnancy (sperm fertilizing the egg). Fertilization during breakthrough ovulation may be prevented by using a condom and/or diaphragm.
3. We do not know if breakthrough ovulation occurred so we don’t know if a sperm is able to meet an egg (fertilization).
4. We do not know if breakthrough ovulation then fertilization occurred so we don’t know if abortion has taken place after using hormonal contraceptives alone prior to having sex (Same case also after EC).

The preceding posts came from this blog post:

which, originally, came from this other blog post:

Our Constitution forbids the State to promote or prohibit religion and its practices. (The Separation of Church and State)

Offer BOTH natural family planning and artificial methods.

Our Constitution also dictates the State to protect the mother and the unborn from conception.

What better way to protect the mother and the unborn than to PREVENT them from ever existing?

Prevent unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Prevent abortion.

Prevent unintended pregnancies and STDs by appropriate sex education across all reproductive age groups. (Sexual or coital debut is reported at 13 years old. Start sex education 1-2 years earlier than that. Responsible parenthood, aside from sex education, needs to be stressed for the adults.)

The surest way to prevent abortion is by not allowing the sperm to fertilize the egg. The benchmark here by natural process is abstinence from sexual intercourse. (It is a behavioral process, we must accept, that is not to everyone’s liking.)

How to approximate such process artificially? Combine barrier method (e.g., condom for male) and hormonal drug (e.g., injectable contraceptive for female) during and before sexual intercourse, respectively.

What an organised Church teaches us!
Contraception/Sterilization: “The Church…teaches that each and every marital act must of necessity retain its intrinsic relationship to the procreation of human life. Equally to be condemned…is direct sterilization, whether of the man or of the woman, whether permanent or temporary. Similarly excluded is any action which either before, at the moment of, or after sexual intercourse, is specifically intended to prevent procreation – whether as an end or as a means.”
(Humanae Vitae no. 11 and 14, Paul VI)

What Biological Science teaches us!
Biological drives are commonly known as physiological needs of humans and animals. these needs are necessary for survival. as such it includes, FOOD, air, water and sex for either reproduction or enjoyment.

What Science of Sociology teaches us!

On the other hand the social motive are the learned ways of achieving what we desire. For example in the modern world, if need to survive we need to fit in the society where we are in. We need to work hard to be able to EAT what we want.

For example in the biological need, we eat whatever FOOD is on hand if we are hungry. Comparing it into social motive, we eat only the food that we can afford to buy and want.

FYI, some social scientists think that religion was needed for large groups of human beings to survive in a dangerous primeval world. Religion served to forge cooperation amongst strangers to ensure the survival of the whole group. Do we still need religion to survive? I don’t know. I’m not a social scientist. Haha…

Like Sotto, others also claim that whatever is stated in the RH bill is already present in several other bills/laws (which makes the RH bill redundant):

Don’t the MAGNA CARTA FOR WOMEN (R.A. 9710), ANTI-VAWC LAW OF 2004 (R.A. 9262), FAMILY CODE OF 1987 (PLUS AMENDMENT) substantially make the RH Bill 4244 redundant? Wala lang contraceptives. Why do we need the RH Bill then if we have this existing laws?


I believe the “DISINFORMATION” campaign of the anti-RH group is getting worst.

Nacionalista Party spokesperson Robert Ace Barbers said his son died due to contraceptives which causes SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

As a healthcare professional it saddens me that until now our FDA (here in US) don’t have the information that causes SIDS. And i find it very insulting that this politicians in PHL are talking about this illness “VERY LIGHTLY”.

They pretend they know the reason yet every medical journal that i read says the same thing. Not to mention this politicians are not “CERTIFIED HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS”.

I just wish wag naman sanang gawing (sorry for the term) tanga ang taong bayan kasi we are already in the 21st century where information can be exchange easily. Lantaran ng panloloko ito sa mga tao ang masakit pa dito is pati ang Catholic church ay kasama sa katiwalian na ito.

Kung nababasa naman ni Sotto at Barbers ang mga sinulat ko please lang share nyo naman sa amin dito sa america yung studies, findings and information nyo, so we can prevent SIDS.

Baka mabigyan pa kayo ng Nobel Peace Prize.

From U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:

According to studies its not contraceptives but second hand smoking or ETS (Environmental Tobacco Smoke) which most likely causes low birth weight and SIDS.


Now as for Sen. Tito Sotto’s stand against RH Bill, let us respect his opinion and let us look on the issue and not on the person.

Having opposition is a good thing. However, they need to provide an alternative solution to the problem which the RH bill wish to resolve.. They should address the problem, not question the proposed solution to the problem. in short, wag papogi

I know there is a United Nations pressure for the Philippines to consider. The decision however must based on what is really necessary and essential for our economic conditions.

The Philippines is not the only poor country “single out” by the United Nations! A lot of banana republics in the African continents, the fundamentalist Islamic countries of the Middle East, the poor Catholic countries of Central and South America. All these countries have one thing in common – over population, interference of an established organized religion and corruption in all levels of the government.

Even the aboriginal Australian women practiced contraception by eating certain leaves of plants that “abort” naturally a child They believe in heavenly Spirits (like us Filipinos), but do not understand that intercourse between a man and woman begot babies! They are nomadic tribes and they move from one place to another looking for berries, nuts, fruits, grubs and earth worms for food. Just imagine moving from one area to another when you (as a woman) have 7-12 children with you. That is economically impossible.

Tropical storm Helen (international codename Kai-tak) made landfall over Isabela early Wednesday, August 15, and is bringing heavy rain & strong winds over Cagayan Valley.

Darating na pala si bagyong ” HELEN”(Gamboa)…. Ang lakas ng bagyong ito ay nandoon na sa Bicol region. Maaring gustong makinig si Helen sa talumpati muli ni Tito Sotto sa Senado….This time, ayusin mo naman ‘tol at sayang ang ibinabayad ng taong bayan sa iyo.


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