Thank You, Doctor Sotto

How DARE of some people suggesting my millions of little spermie guys are not life itself. So what if only one makes it to the glory land to fertilize a future little beast, and God Himself destroys the other millions who don’t make it by playing some numbers game with them, tricking them into thinking, they, too, have a shot at being Man. I’ve never found out why exactly the Church excuses God for His hard choices, but condemns Man, and Woman, for theirs.

Ahhh, thank you Senator Sotto, for reconciling me to this notion that the Philippines is little more than a colony of Rome. We were born of Rome, were ruled by Rome, Spanish variety, for 300 years, and ought to continue to give the cloaked masters of the Roman church right to dictate what is good for Filipinos.

Appreciate the explanation of why this religious organization, which can’t seem to help the Philippines get its act together after 400 hears of heavy-handed influence, should still be obeyed.

Thanks indeedy . . .

You women are but a vessel for higher minded man’s enduring pleasure and the Church’s everlasting use, like, you know, to do the cooking and cleaning and health care and other servitude chores whilst the robed men pretend vast wisdom and superior standing. That’s why there are no women priests. You are all too busy taking care of the ratty world while we higher beings maintain our privileged line to God.

Even a fertilized egg (the beginning) may NATURALLY be expelled (Read: not induced) and NATURALLY be aborted (the end).

Who knows how many of them are?

Absent the exact determination of the beginning of life before implantation, we will never know the number of NATURAL abortions (Rumsfeld’s unknown unknowns).

We are right on criticizing Sotto to clinging to the power of the Spanish empire.

Sotto cited the speech of Commissioner Villegas in 1987. At that time the extent of knowledge on controversial fertilized ovum was being researched and studied by scientific minds. Since then, implantation has replaced the fertilized ovum concept. Villegas knowledge then was limited by scientific discoveries. Quoting him as the ultimate purveyor of the definition of fertilized ovum is shortminded.

In 1987, global warming was unheard of worldwide until lately. Evolution in science is a continuing process.

There was a reason Senator Sotto sold his BMW to buy a newer model car, but not to buy a bicycle for daily commute to his office. Transport Concept is the same with the fertilized ovum. It is called Progress.

Extremists wear many cloaks, I fear. The cycle rolls round and round, people who live narrow little rules seeking to cram the rest of enlightened man (and in this case, women) into their narrow little cubbyhole.

I’m a man, and I am angry. If I were a woman, I’d be screaming livid at these narrow-minded bigoted fossils who believe they know best how others should live.

You may refer to him as either Senator Sotto or Doctor Sotto. Perhaps he is quacking at both ends of his professional spectrum.

For a longer discussion refer to this link.


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