Can We Remove The Epal Tarps Et Al Without Any Liability?

Any lawyers out there care to weigh in?

Pwede bang kung makakita tayo ng ganyan, tayo na ang magtanggal? Makakasuhan ba tayo pag ganyan? Yan ang gusto ko sanang malaman. Kung tatanggalin natin di ba tayo makakasuhan? Violation ba ito ng DILG Memo Circular 2010-101 at pwedeng i-report para maaksiyunan din administratively?

Sinong gusto sumama sa akin na magtanggal ng mga Epal tarps? Magagamit ng mga maralitang Pilipino ang mga tarpaulin sa pag-repair ng mga bubong or para sa fund-raising activities dahil pwede itong i-recycle as bags and other items ng mga cooperatives and NGOs. I will also volunteer if there are groups which will be ready to do an Anti-Epal clean up drive. Any volunteers for trucks and ladders for the really highly-placed tarps?

Or huwag na kaya natin tanggalin? I-spray paint na lang ng EPAL? Or we can produce EPAL stickers that we can stick on those beautiful and handsome epal faces? Gusto ko actually mag-night run at i-vandalize yung mga yun with spray paint (ala V for Vendetta). Or mas magandang nga iwan as is. Para may physical proof ng ka-epalan nila.

The posters are nuisance per se and can be removed without court order. If you just remove the posters and not take it or destroy it, I do not think there is a crime. If they apprehend you, I’m sure there’s still a noble lawyer out there who shares the same sentiments and will volunteer their services pro-bono. You can go all the way up to the Supreme Court.

It would be self-incriminating for them to stop a person from removing their hideous tarps and posters, because it would be like admitting the fact that they are spending government funds for their shameless self promotion. I’m more concerned with the thugs on their side. That worries me.

Baka markahan tayo ng mga bata ni Mayor/Gov/kung sino mang Poncio Pilato na nasa tarp. Sa ngayon, makuntento na muna tayo na mapahiya at mapalaganap ang kabalbalan nila.

The Epal Bill is unfortunately languishing in legislative limbo, obviously not a priority of our lawmakers. That’s why we are advocating constructive CITIZEN ACTION in this matter. Let’s let our officials know that we are sick and tired of EPALism and let’s see some respect and honor restored to public service.

Btw, hindi ba magkakaroon din ng dilemma dito yung politicians? Baka hindi rin nila sasabihin na government property kasi kung ganun eh di inamin na rin nila na ginamit nila taxpayer’s money to promote themselves. Kung sabihin naman nilang sariling pera yun, magiging private property and would border on early campaigning.

These Epaliticians can say that all they want. If it’s a private property put it in their private place that only them can see and not in a public place, as it will be considered public so anyone can tear it apart at will. This epal politician has to stop, we can’t rely on our government per se as they themselves are epal.

The DILG Memo Circular 2010-101is a very clear directive of the government. It is unfortunate that some people in our leadership still try to find ways to justify their action or clear violation. Politicians are deliberately treating laws as merely toilet papers.

Putting names or initials and/or images or pictures of government officials in billboard are symbols of a tribal culture unwanted in enlightened democratic societies. You can never see these tribal practices of idol worship in Hongkong, Kuala Lumpur or even Singapore where some tribal leaders initiate their young into adulthood ritual western countries call debut.

Attributing any government projects and properties to any government official or elected officials started after the EDSA 1 and proliferated that much during the administration of Ramos and was carried until the administration of Arroyo.

It comes along with the enactment of the Pork and Barrel (for senators & congressmen) and the IRA of the local government units. No doubt about the intention of the pork & barrel and the IRA, yet it is eventually used by this politicians to advance their political hold on power – for political perpetuity.

It becomes a vehicle to increase popularity let alone the large scale corruption attributed to it.

Politicians are not robbing only the taxpayers money but also grabbing the credit from them.

The reality is that, we crafted a lot of laws yet only few were prosecuted and convicted

Laws like persons are not measured by numbers but by quality. We must not expect our laws near the ideal because during the past decades our aspiring law makers generally rely not on the reasonableness of the voter but on how easily the voter is bought. Three thousand pesos given to a voter to vote straight a party is like giving that voter same amount for the privilege of sleeping with the voter’s daughter. That politician destroyed that man’s dignity and corrupted his soul.

We do not expect poor countries with poor local folks with abundant children talk in the language of the enlightened and the educated steeped in tradition of freedom and self actualization.

Media has molded public opinion that problem is not on our laws but the the implementation of the laws. But the root of the problem really is on the cost of making the first step of preventing violation of the law like for example illegal logging.

Prevention so they say is better than a pound of cure. Yet our Christian passive culture encourages impunity by profit seeking businessmen and politicians, the perfect partners in the rape of our forests and future. For a measly bribe of three thousand pesos, we allow the politician to pay us, and in return once in office that same politician will pay back the financier businessmen.

If we study every province in the hapless Pilipinas, where forests are denuded and Mother Earth is skinned of its precious greenery exposing the epidermis of her soul, we always see families in abject poverty having a one day fiesta during election time.

We might as well have a patron saint for elections to honor then.

Mga kasama bagamat gigil na tayo sa mga Epal, kailangan pa rin natin magpalakas. (Anti-epal advocacy) PALAWAKIN ANG ALYANSA. Institutionalize natin ang ating UNITY sa advocacy na ito. Alam naman natin na hindi enough ang online war against epal. Kahit pa magka chapter tayo sa Mars, kung walang direksyon, animo fireworks lang tayong sasabog. maganda sa mata pero ito’y saglit lamang tatagal. Nasabi na namin ito sa mga naunang threads, ang aming mungkahi ay magkaron tayo ng pagtitipon. Doon tayo ay mag “forum” at mag baliktaktakan. Sa ganoon mai-stratehiya natin ang ating kampanya.

Please read this article from Philippine Star:

May mga suhestyon kami doon. Handa kaming sumama sa kahit anong pamamaraan ng laban, hanggang tagumpay! Mabuhay kayong lahat! – Tado Jimenez


“The People should not be afraid of their government. The government should be afraid of the People.” –V

“For at the end of the day we are people of the earth. God gave us dominion over nature – to keep and to preserve. Thou art dust and unto dust you shall return. Such is the genesis of human existence in this world.”

“’Tis pleasant, sure, to see one’s name in print. A book’s a book, although there’s nothing in ‘t.”- Lord Byron

“Democracy died long before its birth.”


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  1. hello po sa’yo meron po akong ginawang page para sa mga EPAL na Pulitiko…EPALiticians po ang name ng Page na ‘to…paki like lang po 🙂 salamat po

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