Keep An Eye On Gloria!

There is news that Gloria is attempting to leave the country again with the advice of doctors for medical treatment abroad. Rumors has it that he is getting assistance from a Dr. Roberto Anastacio which some say is the same doctor who helped Ruben Ecleo to become a fugitive.

PNoy should be on guard that she cannot escape. You and I should be on guard that she cannot escape. Every decent Filipino should be on guard that she cannot escape.

Everyone should keep an eye on Gloria!

Gloria may take advantage of the many present “chaos” burdening our country right now:

1. Threat of Chinese invasion who are here friends (she made money on them)
2. The vacancy of the Chief Justice appointment.
3. The recent Flooding in Luzon.
4. The criticism of the Catholic Church whose bishops she bribe with cars.
5. The coming elections.
6. and other “tragedies” only the “little girl” and her advisers could think of taking advantage.

Gloria will use all tricks to get out of the country by all pretext. Should some authorities be so stupid enough to listen to all her excuses, then they are fools and should be held accountable to the Filipino people. Gloria and her husband is the CAUSE of the present turmoil in the country. Her intention is to escape and use the United States as her first base. From there she will definitely fly to Spain where she secretly bought a property. Spain would be her preferred destination because Spain and the Philippines HAS NO EXTRADITION TREATY. Plus she will feel at home because she can also speak Spanish and the climate is good unlike the cold weather here in Northern Europe.

Ang puno’t dulo ng prolblema ngayon ng Pilipinas ay itong Gloria na ito. Mag-picket kayo sa Airport para hindi makalipad ang eroplano. Iharang ninyo si “Barney” aka Robert Blair Carabuena sa harap ng runway dahil sa laki at angas non ay kaya sigurong patigilan ang eroplano at hampasin ng sumbrero sa mukha. Dalian mo PNoy ang pag-appoint ng Chief Justice na nagugustuhan ninyo, iyong may tiwala sa inyong palatuntunan (pero laging handang humadlang kung may kabuktutang napag-alamanan? – This does not bring us back to the likes of Renato Corona because that former Chief Justice was obviously tied to the leash of the former president and now out-on-bail neck-brace fashioned Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal Arroyo)


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