Thank You, From Saturnino Fabros

MMDA Traffic Enforcer Saturnino Fabros, who was recently assaulted by a motorist, shares his message.

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority on Wednesday already lodged a criminal complaint against the motorist, Robert Blair Carabuena, and his brother for assaulting one of its traffic constables, Saturnino Fabros, last Saturday August 11.

The MMDA also sought to revoke Carabuena’s license, and demanded a public apology from him.

Carabuena was also suspended from work by the management of the tobacco giant Philip Morris Philippines while investigations are being conducted.

“PMFTC has suspended Mr. Carabuena pending the outcome of the investigation. PMFTC reiterates that it does not condone inappropriate conduct by any of our employees.”

Thanks, PMFTC! That’s the efficiency of private companies, unlike complaints against crooked public officials of the government which remain unacted because of connivance, insincerity and incompetence.

Lesson learned: I should be carrying a video camera with me every time so I could also capture on video the irregularities happening around me. Something similar to a spy camera would be nice!

“Mr. Fabros was just doing his job dutifully as a traffic enforcer. The actions of Mr. Robert Blair Carabuena showed total disregard for a person of authority and a blatant disrespect for the law,” MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino said.

“A public apology is demanded from Mr. Carabuena, not only for Mr. Fabros, but for the entire Authority, which he unjustly and intentionally offended,” he added.

“Keep in mind that this incident should not have happened in the first place. Nonetheless, I trust that this unfortunate spectacle shall become an example for all motorists on how to behave and conduct themselves,” he said

A promotion may also be in the works for Fabros, and several other people have also volunteered to help Fabros out including a scholarship for his children.

All thanks to the power of Social Media and the Internet, of course!

Good luck, Mr. Saturnino!

*Credits to GMA News Online


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12 Responses to Thank You, From Saturnino Fabros

  1. aspasia says:

    A fund campaign for Mang Saturnino has been established, donate a dollar to make a statement against abuse and bully of the poor by the rich:

  2. Leana Siddiqui says:

    bukod sa public apology, make this carababoy provide public/community service as a Traffic Enforcer in Manila for 2 straight years under the supervision of Mang Saturnino.

  3. aoctajr says:

    Naway mapasaiyo at sa mga anak mo ang kapayapaan ng Panginoon.

  4. Saturnino Fabros
    … humility personified

    By: Apolinario B. Villalobos

    When God created man and woman
    Perfection was in His mind;
    In His image they were molded
    But what happened in Paradise
    Was unfortunate, for it proved –
    His creations were weak;
    He could have asked Himself
    How he could have failed.

    Just like Adam and Eve
    Who, with virtues were created
    Around each of us lurks temptation
    And it’s up to us how to resist it
    Which is just waiting to embrace
    The weak who may finally give way
    To uncontrolled desire to burst
    Into uncalled for action he could vent.

    Humility is difficult to live out
    As pride always gets in the way
    But not for Saturnino Fabros
    Who stood tall despite humiliations –
    Blows, berating and all
    From Carabuena brothers –
    Traffic rules violators.

    His lean body unmoving
    And eyes fixed on Robert Carabuena
    Who shouted at him with all his might
    All these Fabros took with all humility…
    Admirable, indeed, as many later saw on TV;
    Pride of Metro Manila Development Authority
    Saturnino Fabros is one great guy to admire –
    A true Filipino… he personified humility!

  5. Dignity in Poverty
    (the way of Saturnino Fabros)
    by: Apolinario B. Villalobos

    Poise…. pride….
    All these, we have in us
    But can we hold on to them
    When our family miss not only one
    But all meals in a day sometimes?

    Can we hold on to them
    As sometimes we just stay home
    Instead of reporting to work
    When even loose change for fare
    We have none?

    Can we hold on to them
    As we see our family
    Sit it out at night
    Not a wink of sleep
    Due to the roof that leaks?

    Can we hold on to them
    As we see our children
    Clad in tattered clothes
    Barefooted as they play around
    Or trod the muddy road?

    Can we hold on to them
    When we are berated by others
    Who felt or thought to be slighted
    As we do our job –
    With all sincerity and honesty?

    Temptation is always there –
    Ready to delightedly push us
    Towards the verge of misdeed
    Making us just remorseful later
    Blaming ourselves without end.

    Poverty has been part of life
    Not everybody can be rich
    Contentment then of what we have
    Should be the norm, nobody to blame
    Just feel dignified …most of all –strive!

  6. ana says:

    saludo po ako sa inyo mr Saturnino Fabros,

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