Who Is Tito Sotto?

Is plagiarism tolerated in the Senate (as long as you are crying while doing it)? It must have been a rehearsal for his upcoming horror movie: “Patayin Sa Sindak Si RH Bill.”

“You are nothing but, a second rate trying hard copy cat!” as a dialogue from the Filipino movie “Bituing Walang Ningning” starring Sharon Cuneta and Cherie Gil would say. Or is it more appropriate to call him a “copy-paste”?

How low can Sotto go? To think he is a member of the upper House of Congress, a distinguished and “honorable” Senator, to base his stand on dubious medical information, even copying the comments from a food blogger (without proper reference). You know you have well and truly run out of ammo if you’re reduced to citing talking points from an anti-vaxxer’s blog. Absolutely disturbing that he would pass this off as legal and legitimate information on a senate floor. So dishonorable! So low!

You thanked Google prematurely Sotto. Shame on you! If you were my classmate you will get a 5.0 in Technical English for plagiarism and a 5.0 in Logic for your fallacious arguments. And probably the leading man of the newest play of our Theater Club.

Do we really expect a comedian to seriously provide us with “wisdom” that he never had in the first place?  Now how do we tell shame on you to someone who is shameless? What Sotto did was a high crime and misdemeanor, and a betrayal of public trust, which is most definitely an impeachable offense!

It is a violation of the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines, part of the civil code. It is not a crime but it is still a violation of our law. But it is severely punished on moral grounds.  MVP had to resign from the Ateneo for his plagiarized graduation speech.  The Sotto speech has more prominence and international audience than a mere graduation speech. I say,”Impeach him!”

Sotto plagiarized the speech from Sarah Pope’s blog on The Healthy Home Economist http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, LOL, yet Sotto thinks her blog is authoritative enough to be read on the Senate floor, disguised as his own research. She also has a lot to say about green smoothies, child vaccinations and that “Chemotherapy is another conventional treatment for cancer that seems to hasten people’s death.” Though Sarah may seem to be highly intellectual enough, she also states in her blog that it is not a reliable medical source. Sotto may as well have read the medical opinions of a monkey at the zoo.

The claims by the blogger were not even proven in the medical field. The Senator should have sent his staff (since obviously, it would’ve been his staff who found the blog) to research more on the veracity of the claims before he used them in his speech. It should have been presented by a medical expert who has done the extensive research about it and not a Senator who does not even have an academic degree regarding medical fields. The problem is he used outdated data from an unreliable source and never bothered to give credit.

The point is, he took his “MEDICAL INFORMATION” from a plain blogger who also doesn’t have any medical credentials. Therefore, what he said so melodramatically holds no water. Another point is, he is stupid. A Senator plagiarizing the work of what maybe a housewife in the states. If your puritanical self can’t see the “wrongness” in that, then I guess I know why our country is still in the dumps. Shame!Sarah Pope already have learned about this issue and here is the article taken from ABS-CBN News:

Blogger Sarah Pope could not believe a “senator in the Philippines” plagiarized her blog posts in a speech.

Pope noticed she was getting so much Internet traffic from the Philippines after Alfredo Melgar of the Filipino Freethinkers alleged that Senator Vicente Sotto III plagiarized her posts.

In her Facebook account, which is linked to the blog “The Healthy Home Economist,” Pope said: “A Senator in the Philippines plagiarized one of my blog posts to use in a speech. Can’t even believe this!!!”

Her Facebook friends later joined in the fray and asked that she sue Sotto.

She said, however, “I’m not going to sue anyone over this. It just feels very weird to be in the middle of the debate on a bill in the Philippines over women’s Reproductive Rights.”

Pope said she is not mad but “more amused than anything with his sobbing during the speech and all. I do feel bad for his loss of his son. I can’t imagine how incredibly difficult that would be.”

Reacting further to comments on her Facebook, Pope said: “I guess it doesn’t matter where the readers come from in the end. The idea is to get the word out about healthy food and being aware of how damaging drugs like The Pill can be not only to ourselves but also how these choices can affect our children and even our grandchildren.”

She added the issue should not reflect on the Filipino people.

She said Sotto’s “actions in no way reflect on the integrity of the Filipino people for whom I have great admiration and respect. After all, this is THE home of coconut oil!!! :)”

Senator Sotto, please try not to shoot yourself in the foot anymore. If you advocate for a cause, at least show some integrity by doing your own research and verifying your own facts. Or, if you have to copy, the least you should do is cite your source. What you did was downright dishonest, lazy, and shows his lack of principles. “Mangongopya na rin lang, hindi pa sa eksperto, kundi sa blogger who was using someone else’s material!” Ignorance of evidence is the evidence of ignorance, displaying ignorance is the worst of all mistakes. You just feed from conspiracies which are probably outdated by now. There’s absolutely no excuse for this.

The first to get axed is definitely his speech writer! Sotto would blame it all on him/her. Heads will surely roll from his staff. But the real no brainer is the Senator from Iskul Bukol himself. It’s almost certain he didn’t bother to check the source or the information, as long as he felt it suited his agenda, his emotional agenda that is. Now that is dangerous when the people’s welfare is at stake here.

Kung may natitira pa siyang kahihiyan, dapat mag-resign na siya, ngayon din, to save himself and his family from further embarrassment!

I am familiar with Mr. Sotto’s source of research, Dr. Natasha Campbell-Mcbride MD, a pioneer in the medical field for gut disorders in relation to chronic diseases. She’s also an advocate of natural and traditional methods of food processing and farming. I haven’t gone in-depth on the research on oral contraception, but I have my own reservations about it, and I think there are valid concerns on its safety. However, Mr. Sotto’s story actually strengthens the case for the RH Bill, demonstrating the need for proper education on the risks and benefits of various family planning options (oral contraception has side effects, just like any other medicine). RH Bill is not about promoting oral contraception which is just one option in family planning. Rather, it’s about providing education and access to all the family planning options, in order to give people the chance to make their own truly independent informed decisions.

In short: His arguments against oral contraception have nothing to do with the issue of providing family planning education and healthcare to everyone, especially marginalized women who need it most.

Is DECEIT and STEALING of intellectual property noble? And using God’s name in the process? I think even God is ashamed of him right now.

It totally destroys the Senator’s credibility, authenticity, and intentions. If he is such a good soldier of God, why would he try to correct a “sin” by a deliberate and shameful violation of a commandment?

As a Christian, would you want to be represented by a proven liar and cheater? Just one of the many out there pretending to fight for faith and morality when all they’re after is “holy” publicity.

He’s so pompous, trying to sound smart with all these medical terms. It would have been appropriate if he’s appealing to a group of people in the medical field. He’s not trying to argue, he just tried to sound like he was arguing. His appeal is for pity, thus the waterworks. Sotto is a pathetic opposition of the RH Bill. A crying chimpanzee at the Senate hall.

So Mr, Sotto you are busted! You are not only a comedian who is ignorant and paranoid, you are also a plagiarist!

The quality of our lawmakers in this country is truly sad. Sotto came from showbiz and as such has provided proof of half a brain. We would never allow modern Damasos to dictate our decision on how to make the Philippine progressive and respectable.

Indeed, most of our leaders are cheaters. How can these leaders steer our country out of poverty if they cannot even come up with a simple yet authenticated speech. It shows our leaders does not have the capability to think, imagine RH bill napakalawak na topic for debate, pero itong Senator natin magaling lang pala sa GOOGLE SEARCH AND COPY & PASTE.

This shows the power of Internet “COPY PASTE” and not an expected wisdom from a Senator. It means to say, any argument he will put on the table would lack integrity and therefore he should rest his case. Many would not believe him as he has difficulty following basic rules and at the same time understanding simple information. What can you expect from a comedian? Goodness. The future of reproductive health in the country is in this clown’s hands?

The last nail hammered into the Coffin that is Politics in the Philippines. What a joke. This is embarrassing. The world around us is unitedly face-palming at this very moment.

He should now do the honorable thing and resign. But I doubt he has the personal integrity to do that. Either way, his credibility has been destroyed.

For part three of his Pro-Lies tirade maybe he can give us cookie recipes from Sarah as well, or maybe he should just ask the joke writers at Eat Bulaga to compile his next speech so that we could at least have a more fun-filled laugh.


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2 Responses to Who Is Tito Sotto?

  1. taye says:

    Bitch. If u cant say anything nice to the person then keep your pen in your ass. Obviously u are pro rh bill so i can say id rather be a copycat than an abortionist. Thick head.

  2. LA702 says:

    I don’t think people should totally put the blame on the staff of Tito Sotto for looking to an outside source because the Philippine congressional library or the Philippine Medical Association for that matter, do not have reliable researched informations regarding subjects like the Reproductive Health. The issue in this controversy is not the RH bill but the plagiarising of Sarah Pope’s blog.

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