It’s Not Plagiarism Says Villacorta

Sen. Tito Sotto’s chief of staff Hector A. Villacorta has admitted to copying from a US-based blog, but he told GMA News Online that what he and his staff did was not plagiarism. “You have a blog, it is meant to be shared, it’s in the public domain, so it’s not plagiarism,” he said.

Villacorta says the Internet is public domain, government is exempted from copyright rules & Sotto enjoys parliamentary immunity as a legislator.

Villacorta also said that Sotto does need not apologize for something he did not know, and that they also do not need to sanction their staff because they committed the error “in good faith.”,-says-chief-of-staff

Being part of public domain does not exclude it from the basic rules of intellectual property and common decency. Surely the Senator will not admit employing imbeciles as staff members. The staff members, assuming they have proper education required to serve their posts should have known that abusing another person’s intellectual property is a crime. You cannot excuse the commission of a crime as being done in good faith.

He copied and twisted several of Sarah’s paragraphs, but conveniently left out the portion that “it is vital that women take responsibility for their own bodies and fully inform themselves.”

‎”… your blog was used but only in quoting also from the same book of Dr. Campbell-Mcbride.” The Chief of Staff’s post is classic! LOL! Hard to believe that two people from different parts of the world would have the exact same words/sentences to say. Either they shared the same brain or one just plagiarized the other. I vote for the latter. What an arrogant fool for an attorney!

Some thoughts:

1. Sen Sotto’s staff mis seriously mishandling this. Instead of taking a humble position, they intend to drag in the author and frame her work against the RH. They would do better to simply :
a. apologize,
b. leave her alone,

c. take her work for what it is> This means not to project her opinion as anti-RH but to simply reflect her research on the pill.

2. “[It was a message] saying that my staff sourced it there. Semi-apology if she wanted to be credited. Our research for the past 5 months used the Internet also. It was a technical medical paragraph difficult to paraphrase.”

Saying this does not really help. It projects that they know what they are saying yet they plagiarized.

3. I think many would forgive Sen. Sotto if he just apologized. We need more humble leaders than smart ones.

Sotto also claimed that he added footnotes to his speeches crediting the rightful owners thus there was really no plagiarizing.


1. the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work,as by not crediting the author

1. An explanatory or documenting note or commenting at the bottom of a page referring to a specific part of the text on the page;

2. A minor or tangenial comment or event added or subordinated to a main statement or more important event


In an ironic twist, the US blogger whose article was used as one of the sources for the speech of Senator Tito Sotto against the reproductive health bill has come out strongly on the right of Filipino women to use contraceptives if they need to do so.

I hope the blogger and her legal counsel would decide to pursue legal action against these people. Action should be taken not only because a crime was committed but also because of the blatant distortion of circumstances being made.

It seems that the issue of plagiarism involving Senator Tito Sotto has yet to die down, following claims made by a number of Filipinos that parts of his second speech were lifted from online sources.

meanwhile, can I also make the mistake of kicking your ass, Mr. Senator? I PROMISE TO DO IT ONLY IN GOOD FAITH.

He’s also 33.33% of Tito, Vic & Joey

Very well said, Senator! Where did you copy this response this time? Sinungaling! Huwag sana humaba ng humaba ang ilong mo habang inuutal mo na inosente ka!

They are not facing the blackboard, your argument is invalid!

I agree that the issue is RH but Sen Sotto’s staff brought this issue upon themselves and to the burden of anti-RH. Plagiarism is (almost) as hot an issue as RH as you may recall from the recent Supreme-Court-Justices-fiasco. I think if they apologized for the plagiarism, it would unburden and help the anti-RH argument. Unfortunately, glossing over on the plagiarism issue would even hurt anti-RH argument. Anti-RH arguments are founded on moral principles. Plagiarism is a moral issue as well.

Plagiarism may be thought of as a simple crime by many, not punishable by law (at least not yet here, in the Philippines). But when a Senator is guilty of doing it, it just shows how much he has taken the intelligence of the Filipino people for granted.

I’m not surprise at all – he exemplifies most of our politicians – cheats, corrupt , thick face , no remorse , moronic IQ, Christians with skewed morals and the arrogance to call themselves honorable.

Madami kaming natutunan sa aming pagkabata sa Wan Bol University! Idol ka namin Tito Escalera kaya ginagawa din namin yan sa mga research namin “cut n paste” para maka graduate. Mabuhay ka! Isa kang huwarang halimbawa ng mga Pilipino! Nawa’y madami pang maging Tito Escalera na naninindigan para sa Diyos at mamamayan. Isa kang sugo sa amin ng Poong Maykapal!

In almost every school, some students “copy-paste” lengthy texts with no proper attribution and teachers should wickedly punished them for it. This is so they would know that writing is a personal thing and yes, you can always bring in other people’s opinions or works into your own writing, but with proper acknowledgment.

Why then should students be punished and a Senator get off it easily? Sad that a Senator would set a bad example and once caught, would not have the decency to admit his mistake. If his speech was written by a “ghost writer” he should fire that person immediately and he should then apologize to the Filipino people for insulting their intelligence.

These people should google or they could also google texts of their writing to see if these would not show as duplicate content.

*credits to GMA News Online, Rappler and the owners of the statements and images found on Facebook


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1 Response to It’s Not Plagiarism Says Villacorta

  1. Jojo says:

    Villacorta even dared people to show proof that the speech of Sen Sotto was copied from the blog. They said they got the information from the book of Dr. Natasha Campbell-Mcbride. I have the book and I don’t see any similarities with his speech. His staff clearly copied and pasted the lines. Lazy people. Here’s a Copyscape comparison of the Speech, Blog and the book. Ano pa kayang palusot nila Sen. Sotto ngayon. Hindi daw word for word.

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