Sarah Pope’s Statement

“Senator Sotto is denying the charge of plagiarism, saying in an interview w/ABS-CBN, “Why would I quote the blogger? I was quoting Natasha McBride.” Nice touch, Senator Sotto. You almost had me convinced you were a nice guy with the tears and all. Many of your citizenry have emailed me, assuring me that was a put-on and I’m starting to think they are right. A thief is a thief, Mr. Senator. Denying it doesn’t get you off the hook. It just makes you a lying thief.”

“Women of the Philippines: I am terribly sorry my blog was used and twisted against you. You deserve the choice to use The Pill if you want or need to, based on your particular circumstances. While I want you to know that this choice has health consequences, as does the decision to use any pharmaceutical drug, I, in no way, would ever condone taking this choice away from you! Mabuhay! – Sarah Pope, The Healthy Home Economist

Read here:

Below are other comments of Sarah Pope as posted from her Facebook page:

“A Senator in the Philippines plagiarized one of my blog posts to use in a speech. Can’t even believe this!!!”

“Are people that hard up for something original to say?”

“I’ve never even been to the Philippines but if I go, I’ll be a celeb! LOL”

“You just can’t make this stuff up.”

“Yeah, made me sound like an idiot when I was actually summarizing the work of a respected MD. Just too out of the box for them.”

“No, I was never asked nor gave permission.”

“His actions in no way reflect on the integrity of the Filipino people for whom I have great admiration and respect. After all, this is THE home of coconut oil!!! :)”

“What’s so hard about paraphrasing? This is not hard to do.”

“I’m not mad at all. More amused than anything with his sobbing during the speech and all. I do feel bad for his loss of his son. I can’t imagine how incredibly difficult that would be.”

“It was probably the speechwriter and he was just handed the copy. Somebody’s going to be in trouble on his staff!”

“My traffic is through the roof from the Philippines.”

“I guess it doesn’t matter where the readers come from in the end. The idea is to get the word out about healthy food and being aware of how damaging drugs like The Pill can be not only to ourselves but also how these choices can affect our children and even our grandchildren.”

“I’m not going to sue anyone over this. It just feels very weird to be in the middle of the debate on a bill in the Philippines over women’s Reproductive Rights.”

“So he’s loaded, eh? Oh, my! Such temptation. Nah. I don’t need no Sugar Daddy.”

‎”There is no way getting all these wonderful new Filipino friends could be anything less than a major positive! ”

“YES! That’s my kinda vacation 🙂 ”

“I would love to come and speak in your beautiful country. I have been many places in Asia, but have unfortunately not visited the Philippines yet. ”

“I have never taken the contraceptive pill myself as I try to avoid taking all pharmaceuticals if possible. However, I would not attempt to impose my choice on other women who may need or desire the pill as they are dealing with different circumstances from me. Antibiotics do the same thing to the gut as the pill does … yet women have free access to this drug, no?”

“The lamest of the lame comments was just posted on my blog by the Senator’s Chief of Staff. You gotta read this:


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