Who Is Tito Sotto: Part 2

SOTTO-ING : to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own : use (another’s production) without crediting the source; also : pla·gia·rizing”

The People Speak Out Against Tito Sotto

Everyone of us Filipinos truly apologize for the behavior of our so-called Senator. What’s worst is he continues to deny his plagiarisms. We now know that he just didn’t copied from you, but from other bloggers as well.

He keeps digging a deeper hole which might become his final resting place if he continues to play dumb like he did during his comedian days.

Which also makes me curious if the rest of our political leaders are doing the same thing.

I guess we would really need to keep a vigilant watch over our government officials and scrutinize their every word and action.

Again, we are sorry.

Senator Sotto, if you truly care for the people of the Philippines, then please listen to them. I’ve compiled some of their statements below:


“I am sorry that there still exist Anti-RH bill supporters after one of their champions became the laughingstock of -not only the Philippines – the world!

Well…they wont admit defeat as much as they want to steer away from the plagiarism issue.

But if it was the other way around, and one of the Pro-RH senators made the same goof…they would be rallying on the streets shouting for blood!

The RH bill may not be the total solution to all the intended problems of society, but at least its better than nothing.

Only the uneducated, misinformed and deceived will be against the RH bill.

Mabuhay ang RH Bill!”


“We should not be too hard on him. It’s very likely that his speech writer wrote this up for him and didn’t give him the source or in the heat of speaking forgot to give credit. While I am not a public figure, I do have positions where I speak publicly and sometimes flub what I wrote for the occasion.”


“I agree that it’s very flattering to be copied like that, but he should’ve at least either asked for your permission or credit you for the information he received for his speech. Also, he may have gotten YOU in trouble as it may be misconstrued that he took your advice as medical advice.”


“All he had to do was reword it in his own words and do more research on the subject. A couple hours with his thinking cap on, and he would have had his own speech. College does wonders. He could of at least mentioned where he got his information.”


“If Senator Sotto is guilty of doing so. In behalf of millions Filipino, I apologized for any damage it may cause in you. So sad, its jeopardize the understanding of Filipino who watched and listened to his views, i mean “borrowed with out permission” views.”


“This is so embarrassing. as a Filipino living in the Philippines,i am truly embarrassed about this. this issue (about Plagiarism) and The RH BILL are two of the most talked about issues in our country right now. I’ve read all the comments and none made some generalizations about us Filipinos and I thank you all for that. We know how to do proper papers or speeches for that matter and we know what Plagiarism is and a well educated person should not do that.

This senator, however, has a not-so-credible and fascinating status at the moment. Regardless if he used it for purposes you agree with, this is still plagiarism, at its finest.”


“The flak this idiot has been getting from us Filipinos would make even an Easter Island moai turn red-in-the-face… He has been pilloried in the stocks of public opinion by Filipinos here and abroad… To say his political career is now “water under the bridge” is an understatement… He may as well tattoo the word “clueless” in. His forehead… For thats what he really is…”


“FYI, Tito Sotto used to be a comedian and a noon time entertainment show co-host who, grouped with 2 others, specialized in satire and sexual innuendo–before getting into politics. And people wonder why our government is f’d up…

Hate to judge people and personalities in this way, but really. You should have seen and heard the other, um, arguments he spewed in the past.”


“I like how fellow Filipinos are a lot more vicious in their condemnation compared to the victim. I’m not complainin’, I’m just sayin’

You will have to forgive him. He is a lousy actor/host/senator. Probably his staff got lazy and picked on your article. The good part about it is we actually took time out to read your blog. More power.”


“Sorry for the trouble this may have caused you. but this Philippine Senator was a disgrace to the Filipino people. He not only ridiculed the intelligence of the Filipinos but his ignorance and shameful plagiarism brought unwanted attention from residents of other countries. And thank you for not judging the Filipinos. this lone senator’s action does not reflect our values at all.”


“I’m a Filipina and also runs a personal blog and my heart bleeds upon having learned about this. Shameful, that’s right.

And I also like how just as I said something, the “good” Senator decides to dig the hole just a wee bit deeper. It’s like watching Lindsay Lohan’s life unfold. Sad yet amusing.”


“He just mentioned on a national television interview (Head Start) that why would he cite you, you’re just a blogger??? duh??? It’s a BIG shame!”


“That’s what Pinoys get for voting him a Senator. He may have politics in his blood, but he’s better off as a comedian. Do you think people take him seriously after watching Eat Bulaga (a daily noontime variety show)? If he’s just quoting the same source, shouldn’t be there like some differences in the text?”


“I am really embarrassed about this! I am a Filipino and I pray that this Senator would quit his post as a sign of honor (that is if there’s anything left of it in him).

I strongly suggest that you write a complaint against Sotto and address it to the Committee on Ethics of the Philippine Senate… He must have learn a lesson… He must do his own research and not steals others work…”


“He lifted passages from your blog verbatim, how could he say he was quoting the primary source? oh, the gall and stupidity.

At most if he denies all of this. He should have communicated with the blogger for getting a permission or I shall getting validation if these facts are all true and correct. He should know that he has legal liability to the entire country.”


“Well actually, this senator of ours is now a laughing stock. And before Miss Sarah knew about it, a lot of people in the Philippines are berating him (the senator) for doing so.

He even dug his grave deeper when he denied it.”


“Emotional Speech, Plagiarized contents. Nice Construction. Not Thinking. Just Acting. tsk tsk tsk

Teach him a lesson please- you’ll be doing a huge favor for the whole Philippines.. what a shame 😥 he even denies that he plagiarized!!!”


“Please make it known. The senator in question keeps denying he’s done anything wrong. I apologize how the person seems to be thinking he’s better than anyone else and that copying you is nothing bad. I’m sure this must be horrible to hear for you, but politicians around the world are definitely cut from the same cloth.”


“Beyond plagiarism, this senator uses deception and lies to prevent the passage of a bill that will ensure appropriate sex education and the availability of contraceptives to poor women in the Philippines. The bill at hand, called Reproductive Health Bill, has been pending for more than a decade in our congress. Without the enactment of such law, the Philippines has been consistent in having one of the most cases of maternal deaths and abortions in the world.”


“A justice of the Philippine Supreme Court was administratively charged for plagiarism and may even face impeachment for it. It would be nothing short of double standard if Senator (I don’t think he deserves the title) Sotto will be allowed to go unpunished for this.”


“If you are planning to sue the senator it will not prosper because the alleged crime committed was done during the privilege speech of a member of the congress. They are shielded to any suit which premised to any of their privilege speech.”


“We apologize for having an idiot and a liar for a senator . Instead of just humbling and accepting the mistake of copying someone’s work, he makes it worse by denying he did while everything is in black and white. How he could wiggle away from this issue is beyond me. how we Filipinos refuse to associate with him is by way of apologizing to the author. So sorry.”


“It’s the fault of those idiots who elect morons such as this Eat Bulaga comic jerk into our senate. BRING BACK SOTTO IN EAT BULAGA and let him stay there for good. Bar Sotto from public service!”


“Excuse me, it’s SCRIPT writer for Sotto, not speech writer. He reads cue cards with prompts like “START CRYING HERE” 🙂

He’s an actor by profession in the Philippines. He’s used to reading scripts for imaginary stories.”


“Remember that before Sotto was a senator he was first an actor… one thing he’s good at is acting on cue & reading scripts. What transpired during his speech was nothing different. Poor Sotto, you just made Philippine politics the laughing stock of the world.

I strongly suggest you sue dear. All the evidence are there anyway and due process will take care of the nitty gritty for you. Our most profound apologies for allowing him to represent the people in the senate.”


“This will all be for not anyway, by next week the Philippines would of all forgotten about this. No consequences for the Eat Bulaga senator .

No Wonder he graduated from Wanbol Univesity

He even had an obligatory breakout of tears after reading the articles word for word.

You would expect as much from a has-been comedian and an alleged rapist. As a Filipino, I do not support has-been comedians and alleged rapists for politics.”


“Well, unfortunately, just like Mr. Manny Pangilinan, Sen. Tito Sotto didn’t even get to check his speech writer’s information and credibility. But unlike Mr. Pangilinan, he’s not even man enough to admit that he’s made a fault despite it being indirectly. He can first fire the writer (unless, he wrote it himself) then the best he could is to apologize to you and the public for this fault.”


“Tito Sotto is a first class idiot voted into office by a politically naive populace who now pay the price for his idiocies.

Let’s just take note of such sorry deed and be mindful of who to elect this coming May 2013 elections and other future elections. Its really tiring to see the senate being a laughing stock and a stage of shame time and time again because of opportunists and former comedians from showbiz…

What I hate about our current crop of politicians is the fact that none if them seem to know what “delicadeza” means.”


“He is not the first one to get away with plagiarism. A Supreme Court Justice was found to have copied from another source which was used as a basis for his decision in a case. That one escaped scot free because the justice had ‘no malice”. On the plus side, take comfort for the fact that your blog has become more popular because a senator copied your work.”


“He is not one of our “esteemed” senators. He’s just a goofball who got famous because of his early showbiz career and when it slowly died he decided to branch out into politics.

It’s expected from the government who, with a straight face, ripped off “it’s more fun in switzerland” and stood by it.”


“To give it to you in a nut shell, we have a lot of people here who’re hungry and poor. These people proliferate and multiply quickly, hence giving celebrities an edge when it comes to voting because these people do not have the means for matriculation. They spend all day watching noon time shows, where this senator hailed from, and hence when he ran, he was their choice.

Now, there’s a bill that’s being pushed to give EVERYONE in our country concise information about planning out a family and making sure that if you have kids, you have the proper planning to rear them and send them to school.

If more educated people flourish in our country, the days of celebrities who become government officials may come to a stop and that is why Sotto is against it, desperately. He’s so desperate to stop it that he had to copy your literature to make himself sound smart when the truth is, he’s even dumber than the people who vote for him.

I know it may be a long shot to ask, but you may help in changing the course of our country by campaigning against our officials who are like him. He isn’t the only one. But above all else, I apologize for this. We do not want to be known as a people who’re into plagiarism. If you find it in your heart, to go down in history as a modest yet successful blogger who was even able to change the fate of a nation, it would be an awesome and epic chapter in your life.”


“Sen. Tito Sotto doesn’t have what it takes to become a senator much like Lito Lapid and Bong Revilla Jr. Only the poor and nincompoops voted for these three st*pid wanna-be politicians. Shameful.

I feel bad for the original writer of the plagarized article, apparently the genius senator was not aware that there is an english word for when one person copies another one’s work. Too bad Ms Tapia from Wan-bol university did not teach Mr Escalera that copiying another person work without proper crediting is called plagarism! Actors should just keep acting on silver screen and leave the politics to those that knows how to do it.”


“Debates on RH bill should be based on scientific facts, logic and reason! instead our good senator, with the full support of the paedo clergy, has dwelled on bigotry, fallacy and superstition.”


“I’m not surprise at all- he exemplify most of our politicians- cheats, corrupt , thick face , no remorse , moronic IQ, Christians with skewed morals and the arrogance to call themselves honorable..”


“Nagbunga na ang pagboboto natin sa mga piling piling sikat na Artista.nakakahiya!!! Mgandang gawin pa natin nyan LAHAT NA NG ILAGAY NATIN SA GOBYERNO MGA ARTISTA NA LANG.mula presidente hanggang barangay tanod ARTISTA na lang…kakahiya tlga.kawawa tlaga ang Pilipinas lubog na sa korupsyon,pinalulubog pa sa kahihiyan.”



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2 Responses to Who Is Tito Sotto: Part 2

  1. John Cross says:

    The Pepsi Paloma Case…Ben Ulo…Oscar Castelo (maternal uncle of Sotto) case…connect the dots and you will see a never-ending saga of fame, fortune, power, and criminality all rolled into one.

    …seems to be in their blood to always “deny when cornered already”.

    • John Cross says:

      Here’s a link you may find equally interesting: http://www.lawphil.net/judjuris/juri1964/may1964/gr_l-10774_1964.html

      Rape victim Pepsi Paloma was rescued by the Philippine Constabulary MISG unit of the late Col. Abadilla and the then-Capt. Ping Lacson from you know who?

      Ben Ulo! Yes, the same righthand man of disgraced and convicted Sec. Oscar Castelo who, in the Golden Years of the early 1950’s, masterminded the murder of a criminal witness. Based on his account and that of his nephew Tito Sotto, it seems dirty politics in the Philippines has not changed but just passed on from one generation to another. Shame on these people while the nation is trying its best to reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

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