Anti RH Supporters Try to Dissuade Sarah

Oh my, there’s a bunch of Anti-RH supporters that would try almost anything to insists their delusions on Sarah. They’re bombarding her Facebook page with comments that tries to put the plagiarism issue as not something critical to be concerned about, and tries to dissuade Sarah in going against her stand.

Guys, we are no longer talking about the RH bill here. The main issue here is the “plagiarism” of this comedian Senator of ours, and the arrogance that followed by not admitting what he did. Do not change the topic.

If only Sotto just apologized and gave credit to whom it was due, then it would have been all over and just got stuck to the plagiarism issue, and would not have extended to other issues like his arrogance and never-ending lies. Then we could have all moved on to other more pressing issues.

Sotto is only making it worst.

Remember that the humble and submissive to moral values would be highly uplifted by the people themselves to become better than the self-serving hypocrites who think they are above the law.

“Sarah, I hope you’re not letting these people use you in order to push their agenda. Their main purpose is simply to attack the messenger – that is Senator Sotto for exposing the truth about the RH Bill. That includes the facts that you stated in your blog about the truth about the devastating harmful effects of the pill to women and their children. What these people want is to divert the attention to Sen. Sotto so that the points he brought up which they cannot refute will be forgotten.

He made a mistake of not giving credit where credit is due, but I would guess it’s a mistake which he did not intend to do nor did he have malice in doing. If you were able to watch his actual speech, he would mention names of the doctors and people from whom the facts were derived from. The studies which presented such facts. All he was doing was showing the facts about the side effects of the contraceptives. He did mention Dr. McBride which is why maybe he did not mention your blog.

Here’s the complete speech —

He mentions many sources and I don’t think he even for once claimed to have written those himself. What he was merely doing was presenting these facts given by many people

Sarah, nobody is saying no one should take the pill. It’s readily available in the Philippines and even given away for free in health centers. What he was doing was exposing the side effects of such which many times are not discussed and even hidden under the guise of safety and effectiveness.

You say you don’t support the bill? Well the pro-RH groups are already claiming you as theirs and even said you’re a pro-RH. I don’t even know if you know what the RH Bill is all about.

The good thing about all of this is that the truth about the pill is being more exposed and people are being more aware of the negative side effects of this. This is what Senator Sotto intended for his speech in the first place….to expose this truth.

It was an honest mistake. His Speech is efficient enough to give a good fight against RH Bill. If we have so many violent reactions, it only justifies that his entire speech destroyed the lies behind RH Bill which made the pro RH Bill to act on flaws finding to destroy his credibility. If pro RH people can’t dwell on the real issue and keeps the side splitting discussion they can’t rule this nation with their unfixed reasoning. If you don’t like your ideas to be shared them keep it in a Pandora’s box for lifetime and never use the social media especially blogging to avoid copying of your ideas. Learn first what is public domain before you complain. Indulge.

The choice is always there and is not being taken away from anybody! These contraceptives are not banned in the Philippines. In fact, you can find them in all the drug stores around and even given away for free in the health centers. What Sen. Sotto was doing was exposing the facts about the pills that they have negative side effects.

So saying that the Filipinos don’t have a choice is a big fat lie!

These facts which the pro-RH would love to downplay and even hide from the people.

If a high school student who has no bigger influence in the country will use her blog for school debate I guess there is no issue of copying. But since It was Senator Sotto it is easy to go with the popularity and make noise to pull once chair. There are just two choices to propagate death or to extend life…No to RH Bill!

It made no sense. Writing topic about the bad effect of pills and yet you are undecided and have no conviction to what is your stand about Reproductive Health. Well, Senator Sotto should have look for another article whose author is definite to what she is writing for. Well I believe Senator Sotto in all humility will show his apology for an honest mistakes. His journey will continue in fighting against the RH Bill!

Colonial Mentality! Kung saan may dayo doon tayo, the return of Makapili. Instead of supporting our Senator who stand for what is the truth, we give so much favor and sympathy with other nationals who can’t even justify her writings to her conviction whether she is for RH Bill or not. My professor once told me, “We can’t take pride as a citizen because we are afraid of defending our own people.”

What’s the big deal anyway? Both of you quoted the same doctor and you’re a blogger. Your work is published for the public to see. How come you point fingers and say that Sen. Sotto plagiarized your work when all he did – or his writers for that matter – was to quote a certain part of your blog that was meant to explain what harm a pill can do?

And now your basking in the moment of your sudden fame, calling those pro’s your friends. Well how about us anti’s, what, we’re you’re enemies now? Yeah, he should must be more aware of what his writers do with regards to his speech, but don’t act like as if the credit is all yours.

And lastly, you wanted him to apologize and show humility. How about you? Riding this plagiarism issue for your own shot to fame.

And how irresponsible can you get? Writing a blog about how harmful a pill is for a woman, then stating in the end that the choice is still there for them, whether to use it or not. This whole issue about the RH Bill in the Philippines is none of your business, you’re just adding fuel to fire.

How can you seriously take her side when she’s not even brave enough to fight for what is right? Writing about the pill’s harmful effect but still, not taking a stand against it. And don’t start with this whole informed choice nonsense.

I wonder if you’re even aware of what our country is going through right now. You just used this whole plagiarism issue to suit your purpose. Being famous at the expense of someone’s humiliation.

Works in the public domain are those whose intellectual property rights have expired, [1] been forfeited, [2] or are inapplicable.

No one has the monopoly of knowledge, not even the great writers of all times. Well I am sorry to tell you, your thought could be someone else thought too it just that you put your words into writings. However it must be great if you have a definite stand on what you are writing. It is ambivalent, Step Yes or Step No.

“Sen. Sotto, is an official turd and a national embarrassment. He has brought shame to every Filipino worldwide.” <——-Coming from the  Pro-RH Filipino who belittle his own countryman. This is just a reflection of poor patriotic teaching in school and at home.

I guess some people take delight in destroying other people’s reputation. Making a big deal out of this plagiarism issue when Senator Sotto did not even claim that it is his own work or writing. He was simply presenting the facts as they are given by the experts themselves.

Gracious! I can’t believe my fellow Filipinos would take the side of this woman who’s obviously using this whole issue for her personal intention.

This is what I am telling you, if an 11th grade student will use her blog for debate in school will Sarah react like this? It is easy for a vulture to find food.

I will not wonder if we will have a movie “The Plagiarism” out of this experience. Land dear and holy, Cradle of noble heroes, Never shall invaders,Trample thy sacred shore…Lupang Hinirang, Duyan ka ng magiting, Sa manlulupig, Di ka pasisiil.”

I love my own native land

Philippines, my Philippines
To thee I give my heart and hand

Philippines, my Philippines
the trees that crown thy mountains grand,
the seas that beat upon thy strand
Awake my heart to thy command,

Philippines, my Philippines
Ye islands of the Eastern sea
Philippines, my Philippines
Thy people we shall ever be

Philippines, my Philippines
Our fathers lived and died in thee
And soon shall come the day when we
Lie down with them at God’s decree

Philippines, My Philippines
Yet still beneath thy ardent sky
Philippines, my Philippines
More numerous sons shall live and die

Philippines, my Philippines
In them shall breathe the purpose high
The glorious day to bring more nigh
When all may sing without a sigh

Philippines, My Philippines

Sarah, it’s unfortunate that some pro RH bill people here are using the plagiarism issue to humiliate Sen. Sotto and put down what he is up against: NO to making contraceptives as essential medicines. if you are truly convinced that pills are harmful as you have been writing, then Sotto’s using what you wrote should make you happy as that would advance your cause. He has been bullied enough and I hope the plagiarism issue won’t be flamed further and the discussion would shift back to the harmful effects of birth control pills which he picked up from your blog quoting Dr McBride. Isn’t this a good time for you to share your health advocacy?

Additional reading for your info:

“Blogger” who launched smear attack vs Sotto is on abortion campaigner’s payroll | Pinoy Templars

I hope, more than vengeance, or vindictiveness, that you would deliver a message of hope and solidarity. The Rh Bill is a very divisive issue in my country and it will not help my country if you would just jump on the bandwagon of thrashing the senator.

Unfortunately for us, the senator had made a mistake and the Pro-RH are having a field day of it. Diverting the real issue of the RH Bill. The Pro-RH groups and the authors of the bill have not been able to refute the arguments we have raised against the provisions of the bill, a lot of which we feel violates the our constitutional right to practice our faith as it aims to legislate a practice that is already being practiced right now.

Also, as a Filipino mom, I take offense in one of the provision which intends to teach SAFE SEX to children ages 11 years old. So we have our reasons for fighting the bill and the contraception issue is only a part of it.

I hope, Ms. Pope, that despite the plagiarism issue, that you will still affirm your stand that YOU DO NOT TAKE THE PILL and that you are NOT for it. It would be such a waste of credibility for you to start endorsing to the FILIPINO WOMEN the pill in the name of women’s rights when you know that there is indeed a great danger in taking the pill. After all, YOUR MESSAGE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN education, and you stand for what is supposed to be the right thing, and that is NOT the pill, am i correct?

Life is simple – JUST DO THE RIGHT THING, ALL THE TIME. And especially when no one is looking. And not because everybody else is doing it, it does not make it right. What is legal is NOT always right.

FILIPINOS were never denied their choices. The Philippines is one of the most liberal countries in Asia where women are able to exercise their right. What is denied us are JOBS – no jobs means no money to pay for good education, no jobs means no money for good food, and esp no money for good medical care.

Pro-RH Bill people will really grab at anything to push their agenda no matter that studies upon studies HAVE PROVEN THE DANGER OF THE PILL AND OTHER CONTRACEPTIVES. The fact that Sen Sotto copied everything about the pill and failed to give credit DOES NOT MAKE THE FACTS ABOUT THE PILL ANY LESS ACCURATE.

What we want the people to know is the FACTS that the pill has health consequences like what SARAH POPE talked about in the blog.

Condoms are on top of any grocery cashier check-out counter. While pills and all other contraception can be asked for, FREE, from any govt health centers.

Does Sotto’s “Plagiarism” Make the RH Bill Any Less Flawed?

If the anti RH supporters want to deviate from the plagiarism issue then by all means, we have answers to everything you will throw at us.

You are all saying it’s not right to provide contraception because of the possible side effects yet it’s acceptable to provide other medications for heart diseases and such even if it has possible life threatening side effects as well? Stop being stupid you hypocrites. All medications don’t guarantee you success, even surgery has its dangers. So how are contraceptives any different? It’s not like the government is going to force women to take it. Which is why women have the CHOICE/OPTION of taking it.

I repeat, all medications don’t guarantee you success. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. I’m sure the doctors who will be prescribing contraceptives will inform the receiver of its health warnings as it is already written in the packaging.

If people will choose to use them even with its consequences its their choice! But to remove that choice from all people just because others do not like the side effects is selfish and idiotically shallow. When people take too much of anti-biotics to cure illnesses do you ban that too? Its side effects is to weaken the immune system by being dependent and tolerant to it and yet the world uses them. The pill is just another drug with side effects acceptable to some and rejected by some, similar to any other pill you take for supplement and cure at home! Its the people’s choice not yours! DON’T TAKE THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE FROM THEM!

Ah, well…there truly are some people who would resort to dissuading the beliefs of people and preach lies just to inject a fight to their favor.

All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten like cut and paste – Plagiarist Senator Sotto


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