Are We Bullying Barney?

The Robert Blair Carabuena Case. Has the public gone overboard with the Robert Carabuena case? I think so. Name calling and wishing him physical harm is unwarranted and which makes you the very same person as Robert is . We live in a society with laws the last time I checked? Has the public reaction morphed into cyber bullying? Your thoughts. Read Margie Holmes article on Cyber bullying:–robert-blair-carabuena-as-victim-cyber-bullying-and-all-the-rest-of-us

Yes, it had been. What’s their difference to Carabuena? A public bully and a cyber bully. Or should it be more appropriately called cyberprotesting?

Cyberbullying is different from Cyberprotesting. 🙂 That’s the consequence that he has to face. Filipinos are exercising their democracy

Though calling for physical harm is unwarranted, we condemn the act and not the person otherwise, what will happen to our society? Isn’t it be better if he be punished by law and not by a mob?

Some people are even giving “threats”?! It is not also proper that his personal info was even posted. Some people are really impulsive just like him.

While I do not support the retributive atmosphere in cyberspace, I do not agree with the apologists of Mr. Carabuena. I get it, the proximate cause could have been the collective frustration of people with ineffective traffic management, etc. I get it, some of us have been victims of MMDA officers asking for a bribe. I get it, we’ve all probably thought about punching another motorist or an MMDA officer for one reason or another. The list goes on. But all things being equal, we don’t. Period. And Mr. Carabuena should have known better. Rather than listening to the better angels of his nature, he bullied, intimidated, and physically assaulted another person to pull himself out whatever situation he was in.

You can’t possibly know how annoying MMDA guys can sometimes be if you yourself don’t drive. That’s why in Torts, looking at the proximate cause is generally more important than blindly focusing on the immediate cause.

Playing the underdog and winning people’s sympathy through emotional blackmail can be very deceiving unless we know how to analyze the situation. We cannot just listen to one side and point our fingers to someone as the culprit or the aggrieved party.

Dura lex sed lex. The law is harsh, but it must be followed. So no matter if the MMDA Traffic Enforcer had faults like the alleged tapping of his Volvo car and some cursing, he should have been the better man if he truly was educated.  “The cycle of hate just goes on, no amount of hate pages can break the cycle until we all work on the cause and not at its symptoms.”

I don’t condone Carabuena’s actions. However, a ‘uniform’ has to earn respect, neither the police, nor the traffic enforcers nor even the AFP have done enough in this country for that yet.

Problem is, we had been trying but the situation gets worse. This I think is why “faith” or “divine help” becomes attractive.

Who cares if you have a Volvo Mr. Carabuena, latest or not, you should respect the authority. Nobody or anybody has no right even point fingers in any person regardless he is in uniform or not.

Yes, it is reprehensible what he did. But, we do not have the right to create hate pages and urge other people to maul, assault and throw insults toward this person. By doing thus, you yourself becomes the bully. Then you are no different from the person who assaulted the MMDA officer. Let’s just to hope that he gets the punishment he deserves.

Spanish word “cara buena” means good face in English. Please show us that you deserve that name.

Criminal charges should be filed if needed. if the MMDA guy gave provocation, then it’d be mitigating right? in any case, ASSAULT IS NOT THE ANSWER TO ANNOYANCE.

There is no way to justify what he did. However, people portray him as the embodiment of oppression. This I do not agree with. It’s as if [some of]his critics have never bullied, intimidated or assaulted anyone their whole lives. They forget that slapping an MMDA officer in the face isn’t the only type of bullying. Excessive and derogatory comments made in social media is also bullying.

I also hate the way a lot of people played the “He’s poor therefore automatically oppressed” card. I think that MMDA officer was assaulted, and that this is the extent of Carabuena’s fault against him. Let’s leave socio-economic standing out of the discussion.

Those in power can really twist the whole story not unless there is a video or if they are already caught red handed. Law enforcement is actually a joke in the Philippines. Many of them don’t deserve respect. If they were truly honorable in their profession, then they would be treated honorably in return. Honor and respect is earned, not freely given just because he wears a uniform.


1) The MMDA enforcer used this occassion para kotongan sana ang mga Carabuena (pangongotong is what the MMDA enforcers are best known for) since Volvo ang sasakyan ng mga ito, kaya makalipas hampasin ng ilang beses ng bwayang mamang ito ang hood ng Volvo at murahin ang mga Carabuena ay nakahanap ito ng katapat, ergo, all hell broke loose; and

2) That MMDA enforcer is no saint – he’s one of them, an abusive traffic enforcer and a kotongero at that. What the media doesn’t want to tell you is that the kotong cop is facing charges of provocation and abuse of authority. Sinong matinong pulis o enforcer kaya ang manggagasgas, dili kaya manghahampas ng sasakyan, sa pagsita sa isang traffic violation? Further, it proves what I said earlier that the MMDA enforcers are a bunch of abusive and kotongero punks – tignan nyo na lang sa mga kalye-kalye, lalo na sa Edsa.

Only in the Philippines can a motorist verbally and physically abuse a uniformed officer whose job is to enforce the law. This is precisely the reason why an abusive policeman feels he has the right to cut ahead of a presidential convoy. We just hope that these arrogant SOBs don’t get into a traffic altercation with the likes of Rolito Go.

However, we should not go down to their level, for many of them have been forsaken and a victim also of an unfair society. The guy in the blue shirt is most likely just a contractor and not a full time employee. Have you ever realized how much this poor MMDA officer is earning a month standing in traffic under the sun and rain and performing his job to serve the public? I bet he hasn’t been paid real cash money in over2 months!

It was just unfortunate that Carabuena was caught on video, and only showed his dark side (due to several hatred encounters with similar “kotong” cops) and not of the MMDA Traffic Enforcer who probably had his share also of inappropriateness.

Seriously, the guy already received enough hate from all of us, why don’t we give him a break? I know what he did was very unjust but by now, based from the number of shared posts and comments alike, isn’t it time to stop bashing and cussing out Carabuena?

I do not know the person, I’m just saying we, the people are doing what the guy had done to the poor MMDA officer. We should let the law and the people involved in this matter be the only one left to open their mouths and all of us quiet down now.

This is a great example of the power of social network. Be careful of what you say and do, all cellphones nowadays are equipped with good cameras, and it only takes a second to post it on YouTube and Facebook.

“A wise man is superior to any insults which can be put upon him, and the best reply to unseemly behavior is patience and moderation.”

*credits to all the owners of the images


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3 Responses to Are We Bullying Barney?

  1. Cristina says:

    I personally know blair. confirming that he’s an arrogant individual, plays office politics, not a good worker, he’s nice when there’s a hidden agenda. Moved like he was a senior executive in the office. They called him “untouchable” due to his close affiliation with the company president. if pmftc wasn’t taking action on his behavior, i applaude the filipino people to be the judge. He deserves it, definitely a wake-up call for pmftc and blair.

  2. aoctajr says:

    Yeah, I agree. Meron tayong kasabihan, “yung pangit, ‘yon ang masungit”. Ngayon, kung meron na sana tayong RHbill noong araw pa, eh, ‘di hindi sana sising alipin ang mga magulang ni “fat boy”. Paki check lang kung buhay pa ‘yung mga maid ni “fat boy”, baka napagdiskitahan na.

  3. junimarnan says:

    Bullshit” sino ka ba kung manglalait ng tao…para kanang cnung magaling…gnaganyan mo lang ang mga ordinaryong empleyado ng pamahalaan.
    buti ka pa nakonsensya agad..”

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