Humility and Respect To Avoid Road Rage

“Robert Blair Carabuena is the latest trending topic in social media for allegedly mauling MMDA traffic officer Saturnino Fabros. The show of arrogance as some of “his friends” claimed, happened only because the MMDA man slammed on his Volvo. Regardless if there is any truth to the cause of such volatile behavior, it is quite obvious who came out the better man in the end.

Zooming out, #Carabuena’s attitude mirrored a society most have tolerated. For it is an epitome of a system where the reckless have’s lord over the docile have-not’s, worse it is also a reflection of how much respect our citizens have for our uniformed men whose names don’t strike fear or awe.

In a system where the law tips in favor of those who can buy it, Carabuena is suddenly the name to vent the hate on, when in fact, incidents like this has happened many times over. Just check out any local queues, once a “V.I.P.” comes in, they are led to a special lane or is exempted to fall in line regardless if they are not on official duty. Surely, the stinging slap that the MMDA officer got from Carabuena is as much painful as for all those who had been in any line patiently waiting for their turn only to be bullied by the arrogance of those who are privileged.


Education should have instilled humility and the uniform should have commanded respect. Unfortunately, such is just not that easy in a society where education is merely a means to an end and a “uniform” is nothing but a reminder of corruption and abuse of power.

The cycle just goes on, no amount of hate pages can break the cycle until we all work on the cause and not at its symptoms.”

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Kudos to you who wrote this! I fully agree with this article. You hit it bullseye. The Philippines need more groups like you who favor betterment over bent principles. I will support any group who will initiate to make this country a much better place to live in. I don’t even know how the collective efforts going to do it but I think the time is now and surely we can.

This attitude of most of the rich people here in our country mirrors the ugly truth – that most of the time, the rich always gets away with anything, and everything, and why? “Money speaks” attitude. These people expect that those below them in status should remain docile and submissive. They should have preferential treatment all the time. I hope that this will get through to the courts of law, and not “under the table” agreement.

How sad but true, as the saying goes, you can never change the leopard spots, that is why our country no matter how beautiful it is, it is never fully appreciated by others because of our countrymen attitude. True it is a cycle…these “haves” as you call them, should use their money to buy a conscience. If only it was possible to implant it in their brain.

Why do we become so arrogant all of a sudden once we’ve reached a “position” in life or felt like we’ve become better than others? People like these regardless of race should be humiliated in public by exposing their disrespectful ways on national television, and put them on a wanted list of some sort.

The law should not exempt anybody. That’s why the Philippines should get rid of all abusive and corrupt citizens that have been infecting the country for so many years. It’s a disease that we need to rid the Philippines off, for it to become healthy and a more progressive country. We should disinfect our beloved country from all these poisons that have been running in our system.

There is a prevailing moral decay consuming our society this very moment. There is a lack of respect for authority and disregard for the law. May each Filipino start this change by following traffic rules? Let every driver stop at stoplights. Let every pedestrian follow the law. Let it start from there and may this mighty change of heart sweep the land like a typhoon!

We should all work together to stop this. We all know that we could never beat the system but we should never lose hope. The only way to beat the system, is to BE the system itself.

*credits to Definitely Filipino


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2 Responses to Humility and Respect To Avoid Road Rage

  1. Dignity in Poverty
    (the way of Saturnino Fabros)
    by: Apolinario B. Villalobos

    Poise…. pride….
    All these, we have in us
    But can we hold on to them
    When our family miss not only one
    But all meals in a day sometimes?

    Can we hold on to them
    As sometimes we just stay home
    Instead of reporting to work
    When even loose change for fare
    We have none?

    Can we hold on to them
    As we see our family
    Sit it out at night
    Not a wink of sleep
    Due to the roof that leaks?

    Can we hold on to them
    As we see our children
    Clad in tattered clothes
    Barefooted as they play around
    Or trod the muddy road?

    Can we hold on to them
    When we are berated by others
    Who felt or thought to be slighted
    As we do our job –
    With all sincerity and honesty?

    Temptation is always there –
    Ready to delightedly push us
    Towards the verge of misdeed
    Making us just remorseful later
    Blaming ourselves without end.

    Poverty has been part of life
    Not everybody can be rich
    Contentment then of what we have
    Should be the norm, nobody to blame
    Just feel dignified …most of all –strive!

  2. Saturnino Fabros
    … humility personified

    By: Apolinario B. Villalobos

    When God created man and woman
    Perfection was in His mind;
    In His image they were molded
    But what happened in Paradise
    Was unfortunate, for it proved –
    His creations were weak;
    He could have asked Himself
    How he could have failed.

    Just like Adam and Eve
    Who, with virtues were created
    Around each of us lurks temptation
    And it’s up to us how to resist it
    Which is just waiting to embrace
    The weak who may finally give way
    To uncontrolled desire to burst
    Into uncalled for action he could vent.

    Humility is difficult to live out
    As pride always gets in the way
    But not for Saturnino Fabros
    Who stood tall despite humiliations –
    Blows, berating and all
    From Carabuena brothers –
    Traffic rules violators.

    His lean body unmoving
    And eyes fixed on Robert Carabuena
    Who shouted at him with all his might
    All these Fabros took with all humility…
    Admirable, indeed, as many later saw on TV;
    Pride of Metro Manila Development Authority
    Saturnino Fabros is one great guy to admire –
    A true Filipino… he personified humility!

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