Sarah Fights On For An Apology

“The reason I asked for a formal apology is precisely because I knew he would never give it. This provides the Filipino people with further proof that Sotto is not working in their best interests, he cares nothing for the consequences of his actions, and works only for himself.” -Sarah Pope

“It’s very strange to have this be happening in a place I’ve never even been to!”

“My kids are like … whaaaaa?”

“One great thing is that I won’t ever have to teach my kids the negative impact of plagiarism for their school papers and whatnot. THEY GET IT!”

“just a freak thing I guess. A Phillipine Senator plagiarized my blog and someone figured it out and it hit the media and BOOM.”

“Getting the message out is the all important thing even if it comes from a silly Senator plagiarizing the information.”

So true when you put time and effort into writing something that you feel is important, only to have it ripped away from you. It may seem a compliment to some, but to others it is more like participating in group work where someone did all the work and the others got the recognition. It doesn’t feel good at all. Cheers to you for standing up for yourself!

Politicians like him are a reflection of how poor our choices can be in electing public officials. What a shame. How hard can a sincere apology be anyway?

If only the “thinking people” would go forth and multiply!

Keep in mind that one of the reasons for your blog is to “get the word out”. The more people you have quoting you and talking about these issues, the better it is for all of us. We should all be giving speeches using your wisdom and if one can’t articulate their thoughts as well as you do, by all means borrow from those who can articulate it! Of course, give credit where credit is due, but let’s not lose sight of getting the message out – not necessarily HOW the message got there.

Rip him a new one. Do a search on “Pepsi Paloma” and the Senator in question, it was a gang rape scandal of a starlet. He was also caught in a scandal where a drug lord was taken of the order of battle when he had an anti drug commission under his control. He’s a total traditional politician. A “trapo” in Philippine slang, “trapo” also happens to mean rag.

Addendum: Sadly, looks like Sotto’s side will not budge.

“There is no jurisprudence, there is no privacy law, even if she wants to press charges. I already talked to a lawyer from New York. Even in the US, there is no legislation.”

“If they can show that it’s verbatim, and they’re the source [that’s when it might be plagiarism]. Pero hindi copyrighted (But it’s not copyrighted), so there’s no infringement.”- Hector Villacorta

When asked if all Internet-published content can be copied without permission, he replied, “Yes, the Internet is a free range of ideas for the world to see. It’s in the free atmosphere.”

The nerve of this Villacorta! Sarah only wants an apology and an admission that Sotto did plagiarized her blog.

“I have no desire to press charges. I just want to see Sotto own up to his error and be humble for his people. Alas, he cares nothing but for himself. I am glad this issue has put a magnifying glass on this flaw so the Filipino people can get rid of him at the next election!” – Sarah Pope

“What do my Filipino friends think of my interview with ABS-CBN? Thoughts?” – Sarah Pope

Thank you, Sarah, for taking this on! Yes, this issue needs to be magnified indeed, if only for the purpose of waking the Filipino people into voting better senators come election time.

I’d still like to see you sue him though…just to let him know that he is not above and beyond the law!

Thank you, Sarah, for speaking up to defend the ideas that you truly rightfully own. I think Sotto and his staff copied your work so they could sound intelligent and accomplished, when really they’re just a bunch of corrupt, immature, self righteous fundamentalists that can’t speak or work truthfully for our government. I like how they respond as if they see bloggers as minorities that have lesser rights and they own everything they could find on the Internet – because it clearly shows just how ridiculously arrogant they’ve become. They should, treat everyone as equal and man up to admit and apologize about what they’ve done.

“This is what his actions are saying loud and clear. That he is above the law.”

“I support the choice of women to take the Pill if they want to. I do not support pushing one’s religious beliefs on others.”

“Poor woman have access to antibiotics which does the exact same thing healthwise as the Pill. Why no access to the Pill?”

“By the way, the media uses everyone. I am in no way unaware of the situation. However, I do see it as an opportunity to expose a fraud to the Filipino people and at the same time get the message that all drugs including the Pill have health consequences. Does that mean no one should ever take the Pill? No it does not.”

“Does this mean I support the bill? It doesn’t really matter what I think as I am not a Filipino. But, I do think that the Pill does have its place despite the negative downsides. I myself have never taken it nor will I ever take it but under some circumstances, particularly impoverished circumstances, it might make sense to do so.”

“I have full faith in the Filipino people to come to a right and just decision on the matter.” – Sarah Pope

Sarah, you have earned my utmost respect for handling this situation with finesse and objectivity. Your character is certainly of the highest order compared to that circus act Sotto. It appears that you now have very uninformed [to say the least] Anti RH Bill creatures crawling on your Facebook page. Feel free to delete those that do not share your opinions and values.

After exploiting a personal loss in a dramatic attempt that could only be described as a desperate move, the entire nation now knows that Sen. Sotto had plagiarized a good part of his speech in a very fraudulent act that not only mocked the Senate but deceived the Filipino people on the most important Bill of the Republic. Sen. Sotto, is an official turd and a national embarrassment. He has brought shame to every Filipino worldwide.

What bothers me most about this issue was the way our “Esteemed” Senator vehemently denied the accusation of plagiarism in his speech and the way he referred to Ms. Pope, saying “Why would I quote a blogger? She’s just a blogger”. He denied that his staff copied an excerpt almost word for word from someone else’s blog and that he was quoting from a book by a Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. He should have been man enough to own up to his mistakes. But then I guess, knowing the senator, he’s not gonna do that. What a shame.

To say that he probably had no idea it was from a blog is the lamest excuse you can come up with. Mr. Sotto is a Senator of the Republic of the Philippines. He is not a messenger or a spokesperson of his staff. He should be responsible for his speeches on the Senate floor whether he wrote it himself or somebody else wrote it for him.

Ms. Pope was right, whether he did it or not, he condoned it. That makes him a thief. And when he denied on national TV that lengthy parts of his speech were excerpts from a blog, that makes him a LYING THIEF. He allowed his staff to copy someone else’s article almost word for word and used it to justify his opposition against the RH bill.

This was not the original intention of the person who wrote the original article and RH bill is not about forcing women to take contraceptives to control our population. It’s about educating women, regardless of status in society, can make an informed choice for their own sake and their families. I hope people like yourself would keep an open mind regarding this issue so that we can effect positive change in the lives of so many uneducated and underprivileged women in our country.

It really takes a REAL man to admit his mistakes and say a sincere apology! Unfortunately, that is NOT Sotto! Thank you Sarah for standing up for this issue and helping everyone to be aware of it!

Dear Sen. Sotto, if you cannot be honest about the “small” things, what chance have you of facing up to the “hundred of issues in this world”?

You were a comedian before you managed to be elected. Thus, we feel you don’t exactly know what you are doing. Once, you wanted to ban poppy seeds on the BUN because it was “poppy” (opium). Your arrogance seems a defense mechanism – we mean surely you realizes that compared to most in the Senate, you’re a dummy.

Sarah, please note that there are some people who are really blindly opposing the RH Bill so whatever explanations you give them, they will never listen and understand you! Choice is what Filipinos need and that is what they are not willing to give! Thanks again.

We’re no longer interested in health advice and recipes from a hypocrite. Remember those on high horses fall harder. Maybe these anti-RH got a “talking to” or money for this game they’re playing. Disgusting, but would be more easily understood.

Sorry, Sarah. They won’t really listen or even try to. They will choke you and really push their beliefs – look at what they’re doing now.

Anti, have you no shame? Really get over it – the blogger is pro choice – your comedian/senator is arrogant and so are you.

Plagiarism + misinformation + black propaganda + scaremongering = typical anti RH tactic

Unlike you anti RHs – we can think and decide among ourselves. Don’t be bitter about it if it goes against your beliefs.

Lol to those people who force their so called “TRUTH” – goodluck, its not like your religion or belief is the center of the universe.

Fight on the side of the Filipinos who have been denied of choice in terms of reproductive health. Pin them down on this plagiarism issue. We’re on your side.

I support you, Sarah on your stand against plagiarism. It does not really matter whether you’re pro- or anti-RH Bill of the Philippines. The issue here is plagiarism not the RH bill.

Be steadfast Sarah, and more power.

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