Why Should You Believe In Bayer? Bayer Lang Yun!

CPMers are no longer googling, they are anthropologically excavating the references of Tito Sotto.

“Ahhha look what I found! Tito bought Diane pills in 1975 from European black market before being approved for international marketing in Germany for his severe facial acne problem and Helen surreptitiously ate them for contraception. Kaya pala ganoon ang title ng noontime show nila. Na- EAT BULAGA si Helen!”

Senator Tito Sotto claims the pill that caused his son’s death in 1975 was called Diane. However, the said pill was sold only to the public 3 years after.


SOTTO: “Diane po ang pangalan ng pills na ginamit ng aking asawa noon.” (referring to 1974 when his wife used pills alleged to cause the death of his son 1975 ).

According to the manufacturer’s website Bayer Pharma, Diane was introduced 1978.

Who do we believe now?!

He claimed his son’s death was due to contraceptive use by his wife 37 years ago. Although the contraceptive he mentioned was not manufactured until 3 years later, 34 years ago to be exact, but it was also manufactured for acne treatment, not for contraceptive use then.

Diane was manufactured by Schering Plough, Germany pharmaceuticals in the seventies. It was originally promoted for acne treatment.

“Diane-35 is a medicine, manufactured by Schering that, according to BirthControl.com, contains a combination of cyproterone and ethinyl estradiol. Cyproterone is a type of antiandrogen, which means it prevents the effect of many sex hormones. Ethinyl estradiol is an estrogen-like drug that can help prevent pregnancy and help with acne. According to CHealth, Diane 35 is marketed for acne treatment, but BirthControl.com reports that the drug can be used as birth control. In either case, use of the drug may expose patients to various side effects.”

Source: http://www.livestrong.com/article/108291-side-effects-diane-birth-control/

Let us say Tito bought the pills from the black market. How did it exist when it wasn’t even manufactured until 1978 nga? At that time, malamang it was at the final stages of clinical trials. Mas mahigpit kung clinical trials. That means the pills were produced according to how much was needed. Diane-35 was first licensed for use in 1984. And, at that time, only in Europe.

Paano siya nakakuha nun? Hmm, perhaps Sotto invented it in 1975?


Sotto, thanks for Diane-35… Maybe you also invented Diane-Sawyer? Hehehe!

Or perhaps the Filipinos were made into guinea pigs and dumping grounds of those pills and injectibles before it was finalized to be commercially released.

A more logical explanation: The senatorial sperm must have a time machine & traveled from 1975 to 1978 just to buy Diane. Ayos! Bilib talaga ako kay Tito Escalera pagdating sa kalokohan at kabobohan!

Why not send a copy of his speech against the oral contraceptive at Bayer directly and let us see what they will say.

Sotto: “Why should you believe in Bayer? Bayer lang yun! Mas bilib ako sa Generics!”

Sotto: “I am not quoting Schering or Bayer or Merck o Kung ano mang pharma company. I am quoting Diane!”

As expected hindi kasi pwede ganun-ganun lang yun na sisisihin mo ang isang pill sa pagkamatay ng anak mo without any concrete evidence but just your story.

Ang hirap ng nagsisinungaling! Ika nga, however you hide it, the TRUTH will come out.

As the Bubble Gang people would shout: BOOM!!!

Showbiz kasi. Tabloid evidence lang ang naiintindihan. Senador na ayaw pang gamitin ang utak. Mapilit lang false accusation nila. Eh nagkalat din naman sa Internet ang years of scientific research proving na walang significant health hazards ang paggamit ng pills. Pati posisyon ng WHO kontrahin din. Eh simpleng simple, magtanong kaya sila sa kahit sinong OB. Mas magaling raw kasi sila. Lalo na mga writers nya. Mga timaw na makasarili at manloloko pa.

Sotto, or his staff, should do more research. Actually there are already new, health-boosting birth control pills like Charlize, a low-dose pill with Ferrous Fumarate (that’s iron) good for women with dysmenorrhea or irregular menstrual bleeding. For beauty-conscious women who battle with monthly PMS acne will be glad to know that more affordable pill brands that help clear skin are available like Althea. Take note, it also aids in preventing cancers like ovarian and endometrical cancer, and can be used as a treatment for polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Remember, ask your doctor first. (para po kay Tito Sotto ang message na ito)

*credits to the Filipino critics


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6 Responses to Why Should You Believe In Bayer? Bayer Lang Yun!

  1. Vivian Velez Climaco Ocampo says:

    Why do some politicians, or maybe only one, think they can fool the people with stupid rhetoric? This is an insult! Mr Sotto should get off his high horse. He can act in his show but please huwag naman when it comes to the RH bill – he looks so “OA”! Instead of feeling sorry for him for the loss of his son, we are repulsed by his crocodile tears. Tama na iyan, Sotto!

  2. Vivian Velez Climaco Ocampo says:

    Why do some politicians, or maybe only one, think they can fool the people with stupid rhetoric? This is an insult! And please, you can act in your own show, but spare us the dramatics when it comes to politics. It’s revolting!

    • Mj says:

      Nicely said. But off topic, are you the daughter of the late lilian velez, ma’m?

      • I know I have written some negative things about current events like the proposed 2-day color coding scheme and the difficult and confusing procedure in such a simple thing as
        enrolling our maid in SSS to comply with the Kasambahay Law, but I don’t remember posting the above message. I don’t even know what it was all about. And, yes, I am the daughter of Lilian Velez.

  3. Okay, sorry for the reply I made of Aug. 3 where I said “I don’t remember having posted an earlier message.” Now that I have scrolled to the top and read my old message dated Aug. 20 2012, I remember that I did send that message about the RH Bill (now, RH Law) which I feel so strongly about.. My only disappointment is that, even if it is now a law, the SC is still holding it in a state of limbo – Why? Meanwhile, our population is multiplying at an alarming rate!

  4. cess quintana says:

    Ms Lilian am watching the movie of your mother the Lilian velez story i just want to know if your haus in Pulag street is still there and alive? tnx

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