And I Quote People’s Politics Of Change

I accidentally stumbled upon the Facebook page of People’s Politics of Change, and after reading a couple of his status posts presented as seemingly literary masterpieces in the form of public opinions, I got hooked immediately and started reading the rest of his entries from earlier days, until I just realized I’m already at the very first post he made.

I couldn’t help it. They were all good reads, and highly addictive because of its well-delivered and precise point of views….or maybe because I fully agree with most his sentiments.

What I like most is you could actually get a few lines out of almost every posted article and, after some very minor editing to a few, turn them into deep meaning and very educational “quotes” from where we could learn a lot. Here are a few of them:

“Change does not happen overnight. Meaningful and lasting change emanates from the people themselves. We can make a difference – one person at a time.”

“It is sad that amidst … tragedy, some netizens would still post hateful and insensitive comments online. This is not the time for acrimony. Whatever side of the political fence we are in, this is a …..(time) where our prayers and sympathy are most needed.”

“Unfortunately … stupidity is not covered even by parliamentary immunity. It is stupid to commit intellectual dishonesty. It is even more stupid to justify such stupidity. ”

“Those who distort the news with their biased opinions and baseless accusations should not have a place in news programs. If they want to peddle their opinions, then they should be given talk shows instead.”

“Instead of lifting the level of maturity of our people, TV as the most influential medium of communication is spreading mediocrity, mendicancy and negativity like a virus that is crippling our society.”

“Gone are the days when news were delivered to inform and educate, instead of to bring up the ratings of the networks as it is now. Newscast as we know it then is dead, sacrificed at the altar of the War of the Networks.”

“This early, people are already looking at taking power in (the next election) at all cost. Political alliances prostituted by convenience, greed, and an insatiable thirst for power masquerade as champions of the poor and the oppressed.”

“Let us not be divisive and unnecessarily create issues during …. difficult times. Instead, we should be working together, praying for each other and doing our parts to make everyone safe from harm.”

“People say we should plant trees, and we should. I agree wholeheartedly. But trees will take time to grow, and meanwhile the floods are here. So, let us do what we can do now to help. Let’s have the One–Two–Three habit to help our towns and cities to be Flood-Free.

One. Don’t be a litterbug. Put your garbage where it belongs.
Two. Let’s not be shy in reminding others to do the same. Sometimes people forget, and it is our responsibility to remind them.
Three. Let us make it a habit to pick up litters. In due time, people will pick up the habit.”

“I agree that government must do more to address the problem of poverty, foremost of which is battling corruption and making education more accessible. But I also agree that the Church must do more in providing the moral and spiritual foundation that will make corruption difficult if not impossible, and help making education accessible to more people instead of running private and elitist schools.|

“I believe that the Church and the Government must continue …. dialogues with the view of fine-tuning the (current relevant issues). There are more common grounds by which both parties can collaborate rather than wage a costly and divisive war on the few points of disagreement.”

“Fraternities have turned into dens of zombies. Young men who join them become the walking dead. Either they die during initiation rites, or they die in rumbles and other fraternity wars. When they do survive the wild days at the university and start climbing up the career ladder, they are swallowed into a system of patronage, connections and cover-ups – the old boys club. It is a vicious cycle that turns educated men into zombies.”

“Our people must embrace the fact that we are the government, and we must actively contribute to nation building and governance. If we expect an honest and efficient government, then we must make it so. There are things that are not expected beyond our responsibilities as citizens. And yet, just doing them would bring a wellspring of positive effect that can permeate every aspect of our lives.”

“Success through hard work is something that should be held high as a model for every Filipino to emulate. Being rich is not something to be ashamed of. But amidst the grinding poverty, hunger, homelessness and hopelessness, flaunting wealth and needless luxury is a crime against humanity. Especially if the progeny of that wealth comes from millions of poor people whose blood, sweat and tears make it possible for them to tote their Birkins.”

“Public participation in governance must not be limited to electing credible and competent leaders. It must extend to actively participating in governance. From the communities all the way to the national level, people must be active partners in nation-building.”

“Our country puts too much dependency on the President and a select group of leaders. Try hard as they may, there will never be enough time to attend to all the problems of the country. We must share the burden and spread the responsibility.”

“The problem begins when the greater majority do not trust the public school system, and turn to private enterprises for the education of their children….. It is incumbent upon the government to provide public education that is at par or even better than those offered by private institutions. Government funds must be invested in a more accessible, responsive and sustainable educational system. Only when people regain their trust in our public schools will these money-making diploma mills lose their lure.”

“There is logic to the intent of a change in the Constitution that would limit the tenure of the President (as well as other officials) to only one term. It is to give the Chief Executive the free-hand and political leeway to execute hard decisions without the burden of thinking about a re-election campaign. For us to move forward, sacrifices must be made and we need a leader who will do what is right even if it means the end of his political career. Our President must cease to be a politician and become a statesman.”

“Meaningful change that will allow the benefits of economic progress to flow down to the poorest of the poor cannot be realized under a regime of corrupt and inept governance. We need an informed electorate that will vote with discernment. We need constituents who will actively participate in good governance. Corruption and bad governance will continue only if we allow it to do so. Unless we build a better society and government for ourselves, people will remain ignorant and poor for generations to come.”

“Social media is revolutionizing how we relate with each other and with our government. It is providing an informal platform from where people can be educated in the reform of our government in particular and our society in general. Education need not be confined in schools, nor is it an exclusive domain of academics. We can all learn from each other. And by not giving up on each other, we ensure a better future for the generations to come. “

I can see from the page history, or Timeline as Facebook calls it, that he just started the page only June this year so I really do hope he continues to update it regularly. His writings are truly impressive, I can’t wait for the next posts.

*credits to People’s Politics of Change


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