Boycott Products “Made In China”

Let us export globally our damnation of China’s expansionist ambitions in southeast Asia. Send emails to all people you know about the several instances of China bullying (namely the Spratlys Islands and Scarborough Shoal) and encourage them to avoid buying China products especially the Chinese brands. They are just copycats and questionable reliability made by hands of underpaid and overworked Chinese masses.

A China products boycott will be symbolic since our economy is dominated by Chinese products, as well as Chinese and “Chinoy” businessmen. Come to think of it, why not boycott also Chinoy producers who would not sign a “Defend Philippine sovereignty and ASEAN Seas zone of peace and security”?

There are three types of Chinese government bullying:

1) encroachment on our territorial land or waters;
2) encroachment on our EEZ; and
3) encroachment on areas where we have a claim but which may not yet be part of our internationally-recognized territory.

All forms of bullying must be resisted but the forms of resistance should be proportionate to the seriousness of the offense. Further, the fight against the Chinese government bully is not only our fight. China’s claim on the SEA sea lanes is an affront not only to the Philippines but to the world. Thus, we must enlist the participation of the international community in condemning Chinese bully tactics in the SEA seas. This fight is not only our fight but the fight of all people of the world against the Chinese government bully.

China’s attempt to restrain us through bilateralism as a divide-and-rule tactic is an attempt to bully each SEA country one by one. Multilateralism is the best way: resolve the dispute through international law and the international courts, that the solution must be through the United Nations because China’s claims also involve claims on the world’s common sea lanes and, thus, every country of the world is a stakeholder.

A bilateral solution to the problem is not possible. Several years of experience on how China have dealt with the Philippines have shown that China has been bullying our country. We have to face China with the other nations of the world and use international laws and courts. China has massacred their Vietnamese proletarian brothers several years ago. There is no basis at all that they would be kinder to the Philippines. In 1988 the Chinese used battleships for firing with 37-mm anti-aircraft guns directly at the unarmed and light armed Vietnamese sailors and engineers on a reef in the Spratly Islands. Sixty four were killed. They have threatened to launch “small-scale war” against the Philippines. They have also bullied and continue to bully Vietnam even today, extending to areas outside of Paracel Islands. It is really a mistaken view that our conflict with China can be settled by a mere chit-chat between the two countries even if I also believe that the chit-chat can still continue while multilateral measures are also executed.

It is like a muscular husband bullying his petite young wife, using force, intimidation, deception, and ruse. Dialogues between the husband and the wife are no longer adequate. We must avail the international courts, international law, and the United Nations as a collective. Call for a bilateral dialogue is Chinese ruse and we have learned that for several years that the Chinese has been using tricks on us.

Among the possible deterrents of a Chinese attack are strong expression of support by all countries of the world and we should welcome all those who provide strong messages of support in our favor. We need not be afraid of an American bully if we are appealing to ALL nations of the world.

China and the Philippines and third parties especially the UN should at least agree to a common monitoring system through which actual situations at the disputed waters are observed in real time on satellite videos, so that the actions of opposing forces at sea are directly controlled in real time by their respective top commands. This may prevent accidents and miscalculations, if this is not yet already being done, imho.

Let us work on this or popularize the call “”Enjoin all country claimants to solve territorial disputes through peaceful means and through the international courts such as the ITLOS/UNCLOS, advance a United Nations co-implemented Code of Conduct in the SEA seas in the interim!” in which what you are saying just now are some of the concrete details.

The key question is: how do we compel or force China to sit at the negotiating table? Their strategy had been to deal with us individually, knowing that they do not have the moral ascendancy to face a multilateral group, either an ad hoc or the UN itself. Notice that China had repeatedly declared that it does not, it would not, recognize UNCLOS, neither any international court, neither the UN brokered arbitration, and I am sure neither any group of countries e.g., Japan, US, Australia, or Indonesia. (In fact, I doubt whether Australia would even lift a finger). It is not to say that we should not push for them. I am just saying that we ought to prepare for something beyond.

I say we intensify our criticism of the expansionist/bully policies of that government, call on the world to exercise various types of pressure on the country (such as boycott of their goods), paint a brutally frank picture of their government domestically and abroad, and call on all Chinese to realize democracy in their country and end bullyism in Asia. That is probably one of the best way to end Chinese bullyism. Otherwise, the other possible scenario is ala Libya scenario for China. Thus, let us reach out to the Chinese people!

I think that the boycott would do some good. The ASEAN Code of Conduct would add pressure on China, and it would be good. I think the US would not be in any position to pressure China at this point, unless and until some violence would have occurred.

The boycott can be done simultaneously. The boycott is okay (It may or may not provide the punch but, at minimum, a boycott it will promote awareness and resolve among the population. If you notice, the call “Enjoin all country claimants to solve territorial disputes through peaceful means and through the international courts such as the ITLOS/UNCLOS, advance a United Nations co-implemented Code of Conduct in the SEA seas in the interim!” is also a DIPLOMATIC cum people’s organization’s call. I did not add the boycott in the calls because my intent is to communicate the call to the diplomatic community (our side and third parties). However, people’s organizations can combine the call with a call for boycott of Chinese goods.

We do advocate a peaceful resolution to the dispute with China, it is the best and only way we can fight for our right on these islands, China openly harass our people and our government by showing what they can do and how powerful they are, with their military and economic power, this bullying may have been the rule before or in ancient times, but in these modern times, maybe now, we’re in an entirely different ballgame. We now have to make use of our Filipino Chinese community, to call on their friends in mainland China to respect our sovereignty, and we do understand, this is not an easy task, as this will need some sacrifices, yes, but It seems this is the best time for them to prove that they are worthy of their being truly Filipinos with Chinese descents.

I hope the powerful think twice to bully the small and helpless countries. When the smaller countries speak, their combined voices are loud and clear. It is powerful! We must continue our protest as loud as we can so that everybody can help us and reverberate all the way to China so they can get the message!

China Products Are Cheap but Inferior Anyway

A few years ago, China made it to the world headlines a number of times courtesy of their substandard and contaminated products. Products ranging from lead-painted toys, toxic toothpaste, chemical-laden seafood, fake eggs, fake rice, unsafe tires, and counterfeited medicines among others were have to be recalled because of the risks they pose to their consumer’s health and welfare.

And this year, China have once again proved to the world that it’s really a headline superstar when it comes to unsafe products, thanks to its Melamine tainted milk that has already killed a number of babies and hospitalized thousands more.

Want to avoid food poisoned with Melamine?

The alternative to boycotting China


Mga kapwa Pilipino, ito ang dapat tiyakin natin, kahit na may mga simbolikong aksiyon na dapat tayong ilunsad (halimbawa: maaring umabot sa pagyurak sa kanilang bandila): Hinding-hindi at kailanman hindi tayo bababa at dapat magpatupad tayo ng disiplina sa ating hanay, hindi tayo magrara-RIOT at hindi tayo mananakit ng sibilyang Tsino sa ating bayan. Dapat tiyakin natin ang kaligtasan ng mga INOSENTE. Ang kaaway natin ay ang gobyernong Tsino, ang gobyerno ng bagong imperyalismo sa Asya at hindi ang sibilyang mamamayang Tsino!

*credits to the People’s Resolution of Spratlys and Scarborough Concerns FB page


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  1. Baljot says:

    Sorry can’t give my correct email, but we totally agree on what you are saying you should get media to spread the word and also approach India, Nepal and Bangladesh media too and other neighbouring countries who had border issues with China and altogether these countries can get UN to listen. The Media is a powerful tool

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