Peaceful Resolution of Spratlys and Scarborough Concerns

Peaceful Resolution of Spratlys & Scarborough Concerns

This is a Filipino group with non-Filipinos participating for promoting peaceful approaches to territorial disputes involving the Philippines.

All members are welcome to post suggestions, insights, preliminary views, position papers, articles, documents, maps, pictures that would promote a peaceful resolution of the Spratlys and Scarborough problems in the interest of the Filipino people and world peace.

We are making posts in order to achieve two things: 1) Promote national awareness on the problem and 2) Advance possible solutions to the problem. Based on (1) and (2), we also hope to take concrete actions based on our limitations as an online organization.

Among several discussion points and initiatives, the group will popularize the call, “Enjoin all country claimants to resolve territorial disputes through the international courts and not through military might, advance a United Nations co-implemented CODE OF CONDUCT in the SEA seas in the interim”!

Further, the group shall also promote vigilance.

In the past the Chinese government created impressions that it will leave the SEA seas only to deepen further her encroachments on territories, exclusive economic zones, and claimed areas of other SEA countries. The SEA countries, including the Philippines must not be victims of RUSE conducted by the Chinese government. The country’s dignity must be upheld given the encroachments being conducted by the Chinese government. Should an unforeseen arise, the group can function as a network for modes of action that may be required by the situation and that are within the capability of the egroup. The modes of action, for example, can take the minimum of information exchange.

Although the group is a Filipino group, non-Filipinos are accepted in the egroup as participating guests. We hope to nurture the seeds of peace among our brothers and sisters in SEA. We discourage hecklings and insults and promote mutual respect. We are against racist remarks. It is highly likely that our real rivals are not the masses in other countries but the annexionists in their government. Thus, we exercise wisdom in choosing our words.

Members can recruit at will and this is highly encouraged even among new recruits. However, we are highly focused and delete irrelevant posts. Membership is sustained based on this group description.

*credits to the People’s Resolution of Spratlys and Scarborough Concerns FB page


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2 Responses to Peaceful Resolution of Spratlys and Scarborough Concerns

  1. Rosa S says:

    The group “Peaceful Resolution of Spratlys & Scarborough Concerns” is a farce. Your concept of “resolution” is tribal because you only want to talk to those who agree with you. See the Facebook email I received from Arturo. More like narrow minded resolution.

    Conversation started today
    Arturo Boquiren
    Hi Rosa Salabia or! Your application to the group Peaceful Resolution of Spratly and Scarborough Concerns is herely provisionally accepted. In general, we do not accept accounts with sketchy and/or fake profile, God bless

    Rosa Salabia
    Works at I get paid to thinkLives in Manila, PhilippinesFrom Parañaque

    Arturo Boquiren
    Your account will be deleted from our membership list for some statements which can be libelous

    Rosa Salabia
    “Your account will be deleted from our membership list for some statements which can be libelous.” YOU GUYS PRETEND TO BE FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH, BUT YOU JUST DO IT FOR THE IMAGE AND NOT THE PROFOUND PHILOSOPHY…. HYPOCRITES!

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