Catholic Church Goes After Ateneo Professors for Heresy

First, CBCP warned politicians that they would not get the church’s endorsement if they support RH Bill.  Then, CBCP warns the students of Catholic School.  Bishop Bacani even warned members of El Shaddai not to attend the worship service if they support RH.  Here comes warning again this time on Professors.  It’s modern day Inquisition.

In essence the church is now saying to Ateneo De Manila University professors that if they employ you, you must give up your basic constitutional rights as they consider Philippine law to be sub-servant to their own. Now we have an issue questioning  who runs this country…the church or the state.

” It’s not exactly an inquisition”…yet it is an inquisition and has been going on for 500 years now. The upside is the church, wallowing in ancient thought looks more foolish every time they open their mouths. They are becoming the great joke of modern times and losing their following at an expanding rate…given that i would like to hear much more from them.

HERESY? in this day and age? Was that Galileo who was accused of heresy for saying the earth is not the center of universe a few hundred years ago?   Now, in this day and Internet age, is it heresy to say that: the RH bill would provide much-needed maternal and infant health care to all Filipinos regardless of religious beliefs? Are we’re back in the dark ages? INQUISITION –  Ateneo’s brand of academic censure. A Clear act of “DESPERATION” from CBCP.

Clearly the CBCP knows it is losing ground in this battle so it is resorting to all sorts of dirty tactics! Well, I for one, wouldn’t be surprised. Dirty tactics have always been part of the church’s arsenal of weapons to keep the masses subdued.

Firing employees and staff who are supporting the RH bill is a clear act of “DESPERATION”. Maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw. Tell me how huge is their loss if the bill is approved? Why are they acting so weird? I’m not really surprised. After all, the church furiously attacked Darwin for saying that humans evolved from lesser primates. And Galileo too, for saying that the Earth revolved around the sun.

The CBCP is feeling being cornered. Now it is resorting to a desperate move! ADMU professors and administration please stand your ground!!! Remember they won’t be able to burn you in stakes anymore! The most they could do is issue threats. Follow what the administration of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru did. They didn’t allow themselves to be cowed! Dang! the School of Medicine and Public Health would close if the ADMU administration acquiesces as most of those professors who signed are from that department.

Their threat to ADMU now is exactly the modern equivalent of the inquisitorial tactics they did in the 15th century…except now they’re toothless! It’s all threats and posturing! Let’s see if ADMU would even budge. “ADMU is Catholic”? ….and so are the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and Notre Dame University in Indiana. Those schools were able to extricate themselves from the shackles of this oppressive, power-hungry church.

The church is the one with history of evil deeds. It has blood soaking its hands over the centuries yet it likes to brag and claim moral ascendancy! What a bunch of hypocrites! And that is exactly why people gets apathetic and turns away in droves!

Pope Innocent III started an inquisition (violence (witch-hunting and much stake-burning) against non-Catholics) in the 12th century. Pope Gregory IX sanctioned the Papal Inquisition and the persecution of the Albigensian in 1255. Leo X was the one who officially named the Congregation of the Holy Office of the Inquisition. This was done not only in Spain, Portugal, Italy and France. Auto de fes were also done in India, Mexico, Central and South America. It continued until the mid 1900. And no these are not mere blips or lapses in the church history. It was a deliberate move to kill dissenters of catholic faith.

There is a huge problem if you base your belief on outdated man-made dogmas (lies) and sell it as the absolute truth to the uneducated masses. Sooner or later these “uneducated masses” will become educated and will learn how to think for themselves and things will come crashing down. When people couldn’t explain how things work, religion proved to be useful. But now in the information age, its more difficult for those dogmas to take hold.

I have always thought that God is the ultimate arbiter of one’s soul. Gee, I can’t quite fathom that in this age and day, such medieval constructs such as heresy are still in place. What’s next bishops? Would it be the re-imposition of te inquisition?

Seryoso ba sila? Baka naman nagbibiro lang, hehehe. Society of Jesus pa lang yan, hindi pa natin alam ano ang stand ng ibang branch of service ng Catholic Forces. Katulad kasi sila sa AFP na may Navy, Army at Air Force. Meron pa silang ala-Cafgu yung tinatawag nilang GKK, etc, at may roon pang ala-WAC katulad ng Catholic Women:s League (CWL) at ibpa. Yung pinaka ka GHQ nila ang yung tinawag nilag CBCP, di ba?

It is time for CHED to revoke accreditation of all Catholic schools controlled by the CBCP. This unquestionably violates minimum academic standards by interfering with academic freedom and human rights. A university unable to protect academic freedom should have its accreditation revoked. The church is free to conduct heresy trials of its members. It is not allowed to receive government sanction with the grant of the privilege of accreditation to do so. The authority of the Church is circumscribed to the limit that it voluntarily chooses to receive the benefits of various secular government regulatory regimes (like accreditation). If it elects to be unfettered and conduct purges, it must accept that it will lose its accreditation.

Malalim ang pinangagalingan ng controversy na ito at malawak ang epekto sa bawat Katoliko at sa Catholic Church mismo.  Ang ADMU ay isang Catholic university. It has to adhere to the teachings of the Church otherwise it has to drop the word Catholic.

But ADMU is also a university and as such it has to respect so called “academic freedom” without which, many believe,  it can not call itself a university. Ano ngayon ang mas importante sa mga administrador (mga Jesuits) ng ADMU – to be first and foremost a Catholic institution or a university?

Hindi lang ang ADMU ang nasa controversy na ito kung hindi lahat ng Catholic educational institutions katulad ng UST, SLU, San Beda, Adamson, USC at mga daang daang miembro ng Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP).  This controversy in fact goes deep and to the very heart of what it means to be a Catholic.

Maybe it is time to bring the Philippine Catholic leadership and their actions to international attention. Catholic institutions in other countries are not like this. The CBCP is clearly stepping in to appease the Vatican, as it does not want to be with the likes of Peru and Germany in stripping its universities of “pontifical” titles.

Clearly, Catholicism in this country remains very much the same as in the Middle Ages. It has not yet showed signs of maturity (i.e. receiving Pajeros from the state lottery – gambling which it vehemently renounces). These bishops should stop thinking that what they’re doing is in the moral interest of all Filipinos.

Now they are going against freedom of expression, and the right to express ones thinking without fear of persecution. They fought for this during he time of the Soviets, now they are doing it to their own institution? Shame!

Okay sana if hindi pa nila na hire or kung Theology professor lang pero regular professors? Sobra na. I am disgusted by my own church’s leadership.

In Canada they even offer daycare to young single mothers to put their children in while they study. They were never treated as immoral nor lay judgment on them. They were treated the same as anyone else. The daycare is available within school property.

Here in the Philippines, pag nalaman na buntis ka, sipa ka. Is that the hallmarks of a merciful church or an arrogant and righteous one? They teach of eternal damnation and promise the poor of divine salvation rather than teach good living and morals. Shame.

This has got to be the worst idea in the history of bad ideas. Turning against your own is a sign of severe paranoia. No different than the purges committed by Pol Pot, Mao Zedung and Stalin against their own people.

When religion is used to persecute and to keep people in line, all it does is to create more chaos that leads to total anarchy – or even secession. A Church that does not feel the wind of change will certainly be unbending. It will be deaf to the voice of its flock and stamp out anything that reeks of liberalism. At this point it can no longer be considered a Church, but a mindless and heartless thug.


1. opinion or doctrine at variance with the orthodox or accepted doctrine, especially of a church or religious system.
2. the maintaining of such an opinion or doctrine.
3. Roman Catholic Church . the willful and persistent rejection of any article of faith by a baptized member of the church.
4. any belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs, customs, etc.

Yung issue dito kung bakit sila papatalsikin ay accusations of heresy. Looking back at the definition of heresy (of which I’ve already provided for your convenience), if you’re pro RH you’re definitely a heretic. Pro RH students should also be declared heretics. Doesn’t matter if you issue statements or whatnot. In other words, the school administrators should also expel heretical students.

Heresy? Really? Can somebody kick my ass, please? I can’t believe it, these esteemed professors are being accuse of an archaic crime in the 21st century. Is Philippines still in the medieval age?

These bishops are like viruses prying on the weak Pinoys.  When will poor Pinoys realize the parasitic effect of Catholicism on the country. Personally, I believe these perv bishops are the biggest road block that hinders the country from harnessing its full potential.

Pinoys should learn from English history when Queen Elizabeth I refused to be a puppet of the pope, purged all perv-and-hypocrite bishops loyal to Rome.  England has its golden age during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I when all of Europe but England were puppets of Rome.

Up to this day, majority of UK are Protestants if not Atheists which only show that catholic god is nothing but imaginary. If there is really one, he should have terminated all those bloody English who refused to be Catholics.

Hope Pinoys would one day realize that the advent of Catholicism in the Philippines is not something to be proud of. It’s the greatest cultural genocide to ever happen in this part of the world.

And I thought since the notorious Middle Ages mass murderer Dominican priest and Grand Inquisitor (the tag itself evokes terror among the faithful perhaps during that dark period) Tomas de Torquemada, O.P. (Order of Preachers), has been long dead and buried with him that infamous and murderous The Inquisition he perpetrated  during  the Middle Ages where around 2,000 people (count ’em Fulpy, 2,000) were burned at the stakes supposedly for being heretics, there would be no repetition of this one of the “worst mistake” ever by my chosen religion.

And now here comes the self-righteous men-of-the cloth (not men of God, ha?) once again threatening to revive this most controversial, if not the most notorious crime, that men-of-the-cloth has ever perpetrated on mankind.

Luckily these Ateneo professors are only being “excommunicated” not burned at the stakes just for being pro RH Bill. If the so-called “Catholic Church” (is it truly God’s Church? I cannot help asking myself now) cannot liberate itself from the Dark Ages that is has long been mired in, in what seems to be in a state of suspended animation, then quo vadis Catholic Church?

Centuries ago, the Catholic Church viewed medicine as evil and against god’s will, and punished those who availed of it. All those poor people died of disease all because the priests truly believed that this is what god wanted. They got way in over their heads and thought their interpretation of the “holy” scriptures were correct.

Catholics do not follow the Bible. They take bits and pieces and then conjure up their own dogmas and doctrines, whatever is convenient for them. Otherwise why are Catholics doing exactly the opposite of what the Bible teaches? Now, in regards to the church’s stand against the RH Bill, do you think the church is once again misinterpreting the bible?

Before the Catholic Church always use the “excommunication” to threaten anyone who goes against their doctrines. They Threatened Lagman and Aquino regarding the RH bill.

Are they afraid in using the “excommunication” because it is no longer working and will no longer work? The fact that majority of the Filipinos are Catholics but we are no longer in the Spanish era. How many Catholics who attended Church every Sunday  that uses contraceptives?

Gynecologist ALWAYS advised and prescribes different contraceptives to women who wants to plan their Family, unfortunately only the poor who cannot afford both the contraceptives and the doctor- unfortunately too, they are the one who seldom or not all attend Church Mass.

So now they uses the “sacked” to threaten? Are they forgetting we have LABOR laws, you cannot simply sack anyone because of religious doctrines!

Does this mean if I am a professor and used a condom or contraception I violated the church teachings and I should be “FIRED”?

Does this mean if I am a professor and committed mortal sin by engaging in sex without marriage and I should be “FIRED”?

Does this mean if I am a professor and committed mortal sin by having an affair outside of marriage and I should be FIRED?

Does this mean if I get separated from my wife who I married with the church and now I am sleeping with another woman without VATICAN permission and I should be “FIRED”?

Does this mean if I am critical of the Church from ROME and profess faith in other religion while remaining catholic and I should be “FIRED”?

BULLIES!!! The Catholic Church is using “unholy” threats and bullying methods to hardworking people for their beliefs- the lowest form of intimidation from these stupid bishops. Catholic Church, you are not inspiring me to attend the mass because of your backward ways and corruption. If you say the government is corrupt, what about your priests who sodomize children and rape women? What do you call that?

I am a human being and I have the right to do everything in my power to protect MY OWN BODY. The sad part about this is that a lot of Filipinos do not know how to protect themselves against, for example, sexual diseases.

Through the RH Bill, common Filipinos may acquire condoms without having to feel guilt. Condoms are not used to “kill” unborn children and I find it annoying that people only focus on the use of condom for preventing pregnancies. CONDOMS ARE USED TO PROTECT EVERYONE, MALE AND FEMALE FROM SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES LIKE HIV, CHLAMYDIA, HPV, PID. If you don’t know the meaning of any of these acronyms, then I rest my case.

You also can’t give me the argument that “you’re just saying that because you lived…what if your parents aborted you or used condoms?”. There are several parents out there who are devout Catholics but still used condoms and proper family planning. There are several “planned babies” and now enjoying the fruits of their parents not having too many children. They are living a very comfortable life because of the responsible decisions their parents made. These decisions should be made by Filipino families WITHOUT the Catholic Church THREATENING THEM.

These teachers should be left alone and be unrestricted in imbibing their students’ with views that will foster and nourish their intellect. The CBCP’s world view seems to be trapped in an epoch where it continuously exerts its clout over all aspects of our lives. They are high on their own dogma’s opium.

It’s not even about religion. It’s about women’s reproductive rights. It’s only the church that’s making it a religious issue.  If they really start excommunication, no Catholic shall be left in the church. If they start excommunicating proponents of the bill and everyone who support it, their source of income will run dry.

No wonder that the RC religion is fast losing many of their flocks to other Christian sects such as Born Agains, INC, etc.and many soon may  follow I’m afraid if the church continues to dictate it’s questionable mandates to the faithful. It does not at all believe in that thing called Freedom of Choice, obviously, while God ironically does. That is why He gave each and everyone of us that little voice in us called: Conscience.

Damasos of the Philippines, try making true of your threat to excommunicate men who are just following their consciences and I will be the one of the first to excommunicate you from my chosen faith, without having to follow your every questionable whims and caprices, many of them politicized even.

These are the same people (Catholic Church leaders) who want their opinions respected. Sadly, they cannot do the same thing. Centuries ago, this same church exercised their tyranny and ruled by fear. Are we going to let this happen again?

These bishops have ceased to be relevant and are imposing their misguided will to the public when in fact many of them received gifts from the evil woman called Gloria!

You have no moral ascendancy you hypocrites you are nothing but modern day Pharisees condemned by Jesus for doing the opposite of what they preach, SHAME ON YOU!!

I will believe Bishop Palma if Catholic schools will not charge too much fees.  Free for all those who have lots of children because they weren’t able to practice family planning because they fear the wrath of the Church.  Why can’t these bishops and cardinals discipline first their ranks?  The pedophile bishops and priests?  Criminals in robes doesn’t apply only to the Judges and Justices, but to the Priesthood and Bishops as well.  Long gone are the days when I saw priests with logical minds.

The Church will allow pederasts in their midst but not people who can think for themselves? And you call this religion? Maybe because pederasts adhere to the church’s principle, submission and no questions asked. They dare ask other to get fired when the same pederast just get relocated.

Funny how they are quick to investigate these supposedly erring university professors for making a stand to help the poor and the women. In the meantime, they conveniently turn a blind eye on complaints of priest accused of molesting kids and women, priests taking bribes from politicians, etc…And here they are, they have the nerve to talk about morals.

Apparently expressing support for the RH bill is seen as worse than pedophilia, corruption and rape by the Roman Catholic Church. Kung mga pedophile at rapist na pari hanggang transfer lang and parusa. What a sick and twisted organization.

The professors driven out for heresy while Bishop Bacani is still active with the El Shaddai. There is something very wrong with this picture.

Okay, so tell me instead of punishing these erring people, why do the Church engage in cover-up and threats? If this is how they operate, then what is the need for the Catholic Church’s existence?

Church, you should fix your own internal corruption (malversation of funds by some bishops) and immorality (pending sexual assault by many priest and bishops) before interfering with the govt. Nakakairita at nakakadiri kayo. Kaya ang dami nang lumilipat ng relihiyon. Sadly marami na ring nagiging Atheist and Agnostic dahil sa kapabayaan nyo. Shut up and leave the government alone!

That is the problem with the priests and the bishops. If they are caught red-handed, they ask for understanding because they are also humans. But if others don’t agree with their teachings they hastily condemn the person to high heavens – like the Pharisees during the time of Jesus where He told them to cast the first stone who have not sinned.

Sometimes they may even condemn the person to death like the time of Inquisition. But if later on they are proven wrong (i.e. Heliocentric Theory), they’ll just ask for forgiveness and understanding. This isn’t fair.

The Church especially since its product is “morality” should deal with their “mistakes” in a very, very strict manner. Why the cover-up? Why did the highest Church officials issued a threat to the rape victims to keep quiet, not speak to the authorities or be excommunicated? Why are wayward clergymen not fired from the Church? Why is the Church investing in companies involved in the manufacturing of birth control products?

If they’re sinners themselves then they don’t have business of claiming moral ascendancy and pretending to be holier than everyone else!

These Catholic bishops have really gone bonkers. I am a catholic but I also am for the RH bill and wholeheartedly agree with it. I do not agree with philandering priests who sire children and still want to preach and I can say that I went thru three catholic orders, Augustinians, Jesuits and Dominicans and found all orders had their share of philandering priests. Before they preach to us they should preach to themselves.

Dati ang mga anay sa lipunan ang ang NPA, Abu Sayyaf and rebels. They should welcome CBCP in their league with open arms and celebrations. CBCP is now turning to be more vicious than these separatist groups.

Lahat ng hindi naniniwala sa kanila ay mga HERETICS na. Ano ang gagawin ng mga PROGRESSIVE/LIBERAL PRO-CHOICE CATHOLICS ngayon. TOE-THE-LINE o mag-underground? Ang mga ATENEO PROFESSORS (MGA HERETICS daw) ay ang ating bago GOMBURZA.

Heretic and Filibuster is the title of Chapter 4 of Rizal’s first novel where Don Rafael Ibarra (Crisostomo Ibarra’s father) was also accused of being a heretic for standing up for what he believed was right. In the novel, Don Rafael Ibarra defended a boy who was being physically beaten by an uneducated tax collector. He was subsequently put in prison and died there although what he did was honorable.

For whatever reason, I remembered that story. It’s a good read.

If I am teaching Trigonometry in any catholic school or university for that matter, am I obligated to include in my subject to mention God to my students to appease the institution and CBCP? What if I mentioned to my class I am for RH Bill 4244, but did not elaborate further my reasons, will I be subjected by CBCP and the institution where I teach to termination of my job?  Pray tell me, bishop Medroso, is freedom of speech in the catholic hierarchy null and void?…and the archbishop of Cebu is allowed to make a threat? Where’s justice here? If we have one.

Ano kaya ang pinagbabawal sa contract ng mga professors ng Ateneo? If they get fired illegally, I hope they sue everybody responsible for their termination.

The main thrust of the Catholic faith is to convert nonbelievers to Christianity and Catholicism. In this issue, not only are they not winning converts but making their members nonbelievers.

The church can force the Ateneo, at great peril to academic freedom, in firing their teachers, being a Catholic run university. No question about it. However, they should find a good legal basis, because, a better counter civil lawsuit is in the making. One that can cost the church hundreds of millions in damages plus reinstatement of the teachers. Not to mention thousands of members being turned off by the church bullying tactics.

Ateneo’s heading to the shit hole. Here is the rub. If they sack the teachers, what will hold the teachers not to file a counter lawsuit. You cant just fire someone due to difference in faith. Eh 159 lahat yan. Highly educated professors who I hope will refuse to be bullied by anyone, even by the Catholic church. We are no longer in the Spanish era!

The expression of a view contrary to company policy is not enough to terminate an employee. Pursuant to the Labor Code, there must be serious misconduct, willful disobedience, gross and habitual neglect of duties or fraud/willful breach of trust.

None of the above mentioned grounds exist in this situation.

In fact, I would even go so far to argue that if you dismiss the employee based on a statement supporting the RH Bill, you would be violating two basic Constitutional rights namely the right to freedom of speech and the right to security tenure, both of which are jealously guarded by the State.

Employment does not entail selling your soul to the employer. It does not divest you of your right to express what you think regarding a current legislative issue even if your view contradicts your employer’s view.

Per their line of argument, because the teachers are not loyal to the teachings of the Catholic Church, they should be investigated and, if so found guilty, dismissed.

The State will not sanction termination based on differing religious beliefs between the employer and the employee because that would be tantamount to depriving the employee of the freedom to exercise his religion.

You would be stepping on THREE fundamental rights:
1. freedom to practice one’s religion
2. freedom of speech and
3. security of tenure

I seriously doubt that ADMU will fire all of these professors. For crying out loud, Father John J. Carroll, for whom the university’s Institution on Church and Social Issues was named after, agrees that our urban poor need access to responsible family planning and education, based on his experience working in Payatas for 25 years. Ateneo has my full support, as long as they will always favor protecting people’s welfare over being bullied by a bunch of out-of-touch, unrealistic, self-righteous blowhards.

GO, Ateneo, GO!  I am solidly all for you!  Choose and vote with your OWN conscience and not with those who are narrow-minded, bigoted, intolerant, and obstinate garbed in white and helmeted like dunces.  VIVA Ateneo!  If this Torquemadaesque operation go unchecked by the German Shepherd in Vatican, this can be beginning of the end for many a kaTOLik.  Pusang Iro, pati personal choices gustong sakupin ng mga TNL na mga salamangkerong ito.  Ano ang susunod…..anong klase at kulay ng kalsunsilyo ang gagamtin para maging chaste and holy?

Natatandaan ko ng High School, bawal sa amin ang basahin ang Noli at Fili  at bawal din na kahit tumingin sa simbahan ng ibang sects tulad ng Protestante at INK.  Pag hindi ka nakasuot ng sandong puti, kukurutin ka ng maliit-na-maliit sa dibdib hangga’t magkaroon ng latay at konting dugo ang kurot.

BAGSIK!  Bagsik na bagsik.  Ang mahal-mahal ng matrikula para abusuhin ka.  At ano ang natutunan ko sa discipline (kuno) na yon?  HATRED, APATHY, and DISGUST for those who abused me and treated me like a piece of sheet.

Then if you greet them at any time of the day, iirapan ka lamang na parang bale wala ka lang.  SUCH is what I learned and experience from the black and white “hol(e)y fathers”. May tunay bang ama na ganun?  Hindi ama ang turing sa ganoong pag-aasal kundi amag. May ama bang kapag tumutol ka sa isang kaisipan, e, itatakwil ka na parang basahan? Onli in kaTOLik church.

NAKIKI-isa ako sa mga pumirma ng naturang position.  Napapanahon na talaga na BULAGA-IN ang mga naka-piring na mga TNL na nakasayang-puti’t helmet dahil ang kanilang kaisipan ay matagal ng JURASSIC. Ad maiorem dei gloriam not CBCP gloriam. FABILIOH!!!  Fly high and don’t look down on those passe’ and has-been Torquemadas and Damasos.

Tsk tsk tsk. Eto mga kaibigan ang isang dahilan kung bakit maraming Katoliko ang nagpapalit ng kanilang relihiyon o kaya naman ay nagagalit sa mga pinuno nito.

Heller?! Diba ang turo sa mga Atenista (gaya ko) ay kung pano maging malawak ang pananaw at pagiiisip? Na ang kaibahan natin sa ibang nilalang na nilikha ng Diyos ay ang kakayahan nating mag-isip ng rasyonal at gamitin ito sa ikabubuti ng sangkatauhan?

Nagbabago ang mundo, ang sa tingin nyo ay tama noon ay maaring mali na bukas. Ang mali noon ay maaaring tama na bukas. Ibig sabihin, nagbabago ang pananaw ng tao depende sa panahon. Ilang beses na ba kayo nagkamali sa pananaw nyo? Ilang tao na ang pinatay nyo dahil sa maling pananaw nyo? Hangang ngayon ba ganito pa rin ang ginagawa nyo? Babalik na naman ba tayo sa panahon ng inquisisyon?

Mga lider ng Simbahang Katoliko, wala kayong karapatan diktahan kami kung pano kami magisip at kung ano ang pananaw namin sa mga bagay bagay sa mundo. Hindi kami robot! Ang Diyos ang nagbigay sa amin ng utak at kami lang ang may karapatan kung pano namin gagamitin ito!

Tama na ang pakikialam nyo sa usaping wala naman kayo kinalaman! May batas tayo na pinaghihiwalay ang Estado at Simbahan, kayo mismo ay lumalabag sa batas! At huwag nyo kaming sasabihan na iba ang batas ng tao at batas ng Diyos! Alam namin kasi marunong kami magisip para sa sarili naming kapakanan. Mga Ungas!

We go to our church (whatever it maybe) because of our Faith, and our God and not because of “man” who is currently seated there.  Ang question lang naman dito is kung may karapatan ang simbahang Katoliko sa case ng Ateneo professors?

Some may not be Catholics or not practicing the faith and some may have their opinion on RH (pro), but are they tied by their laws of their employers and also their contract?- to practice and teach what the Church has put into so they cannot say anything that will be against the teachings.

For sure, they have signed contracts when they became faculty members of the school and for sure, may kasulatan iyan.  LUX in Domino..Light in The Lord – how can you be a light in the Lord if you defy the teachings of God?

Colors, Blue and White – adopted from Mary, their devotion to Mary.  Mary obeyed and followed God even when Her Son was taken from her.  These do not just pertain to the Students, but more so, to the Staff and Faculty – for they are the students’ guardians. These members are part of the institution, represent the institution, and bound to teach the Children of Ateneo, what is taught by the Catholic Church.

The Jesuits are in a bind. They are the most critical thinkers among the religious orders under the Catholic Church. The CBCP order is essentially an order to stop thinking.

My proposal is to put all religious talk in the Loyola School of Theology and convert the rest of the AdMU into a secular school. Students can now choose to receive religious instruction if they wish in the Loyola School. Those who prefer a secular education can do so in AdMU.

There is no way AdMU can survive without those 192 professors, whose expertise and credentials are immense. There is no way for AdMU can survive also without those students (majority of whom support RH, based on that Guidon survey in 2011) paying those ridiculous tuition fees.

You can demote these people to sub-peons; if that’s the way it works according to the Catholic religion, but should that be fine? Dismissing them from their jobs, however, is another altogether different subject matter. These are bound by the laws of the republic, not canon or any religious laws.

They will have to stand in labor court and justify why they are terminating their employees. Otherwise, you will have to dig deep in your pockets for a lawsuit. And by the way, that will be your pockets too  for you who give it up during Sundays.

The government and the constitution serves not only Catholics or Christians, it equally protects other people of faith or those who has none. The church should quit ramming these monolithic choices down our throats, and leave it to the individual which path to choose.

Faith is a covenant between a person and his or her God, or whatever entity or idea he or she believes in. Nobody should tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her own body, as long as it does not infringe on any other person’s right. If she be damned for her choices, let it be on her own account, not the Churches. I certainly would demand the same right for myself.

Sure, fire them.

THEN see what happens to ADMU’s academic reputation.  It’s considered one of the best universities in the country, does anyone still actually think that they’ll be regarded as highly if they sack people for expressing freedom of expression?

I support the teachers who have clearly & un-anonymously stepped forward with their support for a bill they believe is right. Despite knowing the default stance the university must hold. That is courage.

KUDOS TO THE ATENEO PROFESSORS WHO SUPPORT THE RH BILL. They deserve to be applauded for espousing what is a vital solution to one of the problems of the Philippines. They sounded a wake up call to the  followers of the catholic church, to the fact that the church leaders are misleading them as well as demeaning them by the curtailment of their rights of expression,and their individual rights to think and make decisions.

The followers of the catholic church should also demand their leaders NOT TO REFER to them as FLOCKS. Because  it is a shame to be portrayed as an unthinking animal being lead to whatever and wherever the church leaders want to.

With respect to credibility, what is notable is that the Ateneo professors are more credible than the CBCP or church leaders because the Ateneo professors pay their taxes unlike the non-paying church leaders who have no stake at all on the vital programs of the government. That’s coming from a Catholic who goes to church regularly. This is a case of bullying, we are no longer in the Spanish era, let every Filipino decide on what family planning method to follow.

I’m sure the professors have given it a lot of thought and came to the conclusion that standing up for the disadvantaged poor and women is tumutupad sa kanilang tungkulin bilang educators.They are willing to help  each and every family unit to reach a level of prosperity. What’s not to like, salita ng dios? In the end, we all hope to benefit from it. The government is offering a solution para sa ikabubuti ng mga mamamayan and these professors agreed to it.

The faculty members involved should write a letter to the Pope. The CBCP is getting out of control. In the eyes of every Filipino, they’re still the “desperate Bishops”. Weak, insensitive and egoistic, what else?

If it’s true that Ateneo is one of the better schools, then this is a good chance of the others to ‘snatch’ these prized instructors.

So now the church is above the Constitution of the Philippines as well? This is subjugation of human rights which is instilled in the constitution and an outright discrimination which is culpable under criminal law.

Enough with the church meddling every Filipino. Let them pay taxes for Christ sake if are just to give attention to these idiots. If the church want to get involved in politics, it’s time for the  government to tax them.

Their line of thinking is the more poor and ill educated people, the better it is for the church since it is easier to bring them to their line of thinking. A priest said that one can still fit billions in this country. Perhaps the church should be taxed heavily by the government so that it can afford the much needed social and welfare programs needed to support a huge population.

To them, the more the merrier even if it means the people are forced to live like dogs in the street rather than a descent human being. In effect they are destroying the very humanity that they are fighting to sustain.

The reality is jobs don’t grow on trees, money is finite, the environment suffers with urban sprawl. Lets see if the church leadership can run this country better than the worst of governments. Ha! Charity can only bring you so far. Divine influence only works for those who truly strive and work hard to get what they want and need. It is time to rise up against this stupidity.

Medroso said…“That has to be investigated. The first principle of Canon law about this matter is that we don’t allow teaching that which is against the official teachings of the Church. Now, if there is somebody who is giving instructions against the teachings of the Church, then they have to investigate immediately,” So if I am a Muslim science teacher, does these institutions not allow me to apply and work there solely because of my religion?

I think the government should investigate these schools. The time has come and ripe for change. The teachings of the church has nothing to do with getting an engineering or whatever you may want degree. Unless maybe if you want to be a priest.OMG Catholic Church in the Philippines, what happened to you.

What befuddles me is why the church is embroiled in politics.  The RH bill is a political exercise and the church has nothing to do with it.

The passing of the RH Bill for the Catholic Church is not just a bill. For the church hierarchy, it is the indicator of its power. Since Marcos, they succeeded to oppose it, and succeeded. If they lose now, it means, they have lost the power.

That’s quite a lot to lose. So they fight, even if they lose sensibility.

Let the bill become a law. Legislators pass the RH bill now.  It is the right thing to do for poor families who can’t afford access to family planning.  Do not let the Catholic bishops dissuade you othewise.  They have no business meddling with governmental affairs to begin with.   They can do whatever they want to do with their schools, although indignantly repulsive, such as resorting  to threats of excommunication and applying coercive tactics to get people in their employ to get in line with their views.

Genesis 1:28 “At sila’y binasbasan ng Dios, at sa kanila’y
sinabi ng Dios, Kayo’y magpalaanakin, at magpakarami, at kalatan ninyo
ang lupa, at inyong supilin; at magkaroon kayo ng kapangyarihan sa mga
isda sa dagat, at sa mga ibon sa himpapawid, at sa bawa’t hayop na
gumagalaw sa ibabaw ng lupa.”

…. at inyong supilin …..

God indeed commanded us to multiply, but He isn’t stupid enough. He also told us to know when and where to stop (inyong supilin)…

It’s just so alarming they claim they are authorities of the Bible. And yet the CBCP is not keen to see this part of the verse. They just stopped at some point and claimed it is against the doctrine/Bible. And how many years did they spend studying the bible to not notice this phrase?

It’s just a matter of sentido kumon, which I think our catholic leaders don’t really have.

Umpisahan tagain ng mataas na buwis ang mga malilibog na panatikong lintik, pagkatapos kapunin. Umiiral ang malakas nilang panlilinlang dahil sa mga mangmang at mapamanhiing walang sariling pagiisip.

Mga Tita ginagawa ninyong career ang pagusig sa mga guro na sa tingin ninyo ay lumalabag sa mga patakaran ninyo, OK lang yan. Pero ano naman ang ginagawa ninyo sa mga kabaro ninyong pare na may sexual molestation cases? Wala pa tayong naririnig na pare na na-excomunicate o nakulong  dahil sa pangmolestiya sa mga menor de edad na bata. Bakit kaya hindi muna ito ang i-career ninyo?

Sa bagay kung walang RH bill mas dadami ang mga bata na pwede ninyong molestiyahin.

Those who have & bear children should be more entitled to speak about it. I remember the members of the clergy shouldn’t have children thus will barely truly know the hardships of raising a child. It’s like asking a man to understand what a woman feels when giving birth.

Shame!!! Shame!!! Shame… on you bishops. You’re so desperate, you are acting like the Talibans and Abu sayyaf combined and will chop the heads of people you think are going against you.

As the present catholic Taliban, you are worst than than padre Damaso of yesteryears.
The more you act irrationally, the more people are turning against the church.

Bishops, your threat is no longer Christian. It is despotic. What is your next threat? That those RH supporters be cursed forever? You’re like a devil in white robes!!!

BTW bishops, why are you not issuing any statement, or offering mass to show that you care to the family of DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo, one of the most respected, and most admired cabinet member for being honest, hardworking and clean. Is it because he is Pro-RH too like Pnoy?

Or did I hear you whisper to Atty Lyn Robredo’s ears with impish smiles on your face – BUTI NGA!!!

I think it is really wrong of the church to threaten people this way.

The Rh Bill has faults and can be argued properly. Threatening people this way. Arguementum ad baculum.

If they are this way, I hope and pray they put as much energy in corruption as they do the Reproductive Health Bill. It will go much much further in addressing poverty. It will also give them more leverage in advocating against reproductive health.

The church is resorting to a modern day “INQUISITION” to silence its detractors. This goes against the principle of making the Universities and Colleges as the last bastion to debate all kinds of opinion and ideas devoid of threat. It is high time that the Filipino people rise up to challenge the bishops and introduced a law to protect the integrity of colleges. These professors are not directly lecturing their students of the RH Bill, they are expressing their belief in the importance of the RH bill in our nations progress and helping our poor brethren.

The church is taking a scorch earth and uncompromising position on the RH Bill with offering any real actual solution to the problem.

CBCP acts like they have a little Vatican here in the Philippines. Some teachings during the 1st and 2nd Vatican council in fact was repudiated, like the “limbo belief…” and much more the belief that only those in the Catholic church will be saved. PPVI also has reach out to other religions, not to convert them but unite in one belief commonest of all.

I’m looking forward to a day of reformation in the Philippines where the government and the people would be truly free from all psychological harassment from the federation of dogmatists and hypocrites. I would gladly join in the purging of these noisy pervs.

People believe now in SCIENCE and not religion. Scientist send manned spaceships in outer space and they came back to earth not telling us that there is a GOD up there in the Universe. Come on Filipinos DEFY THIS CATHOLIC PRIESTS and their leaders that keep the people ignorant and poor in this SCIENTIFIC AGE. Without internet (science) I would not be able to communicate with you and share my experience and knowledge (not of religion) but the things that surround us.

In United Kingdom especially in Scotland, some former catholic churches are not only empty but converted to either museums or restaurants… And believe me, these current uses of the buildings are more beneficial than its original intended use. With the Industrial Revolution in Europe the Catholic lost its power base even up to the present generation. Europe has plenty of churches that are NOW EMPTY. Also in the Netherlands, Catholic Church buildings converted into apartments, shops, restaurants, gay bars or disco centers. It was a blessing that England broke away from Catholicism.

It’s now beginning to happen in the Philippines. The Bishops are losing their moral command and they don’t even know it..or.. just ignoring it. In fact, the whole world is losing its moral ascendancy, as evidenced by countless pro-RH Bill supporters here and their counterparts abroad.

The Catholic church wanted to flex its muscle and to show that they are still influential in all third countries (the Philippines & South America). Other than these regions they (the Catholic Church) are either ignored or banned! They are descendants of Padre Damaso. It’s surprising that after more than a hundred years, they still inherit the habits, o yeah, more to say… bad habits.

Food for thought, bakit mga bansang sinakop ng mga bansang Katoliko (Spain, Portugal, Italy, France) are all poor countries. From South America, Africa & Asia) Philippines  & East Timor the only Asian countries colonized by these mobs. And most popish than their original masters. NO contraception or divorce in the Philippines, while it legal in all others including Italy where the pope is.

Because they drained the natural resources of each and every country they colonized to enrich themselves. They promoted slavery as well in the early years. The Pope expressed his neutrality on the issue of using condoms in the past few months and I was wondering why Filipino Catholic leaders still don’t get it.

Try to observe and you will notice that in more developed cities like NY, London, Singapore, HK, Paris, etc. people tend to be more educated, financially well-off and  less religious if not totally atheist whereas in cities like Manila, Calcutta, Mexico or Timbuktu, majority of the people are poor and tends to be more religious fanatic.

Thus, I’d like to think that religion particularly catholism do not bring socio-economic benefit to the people and the country. On the contrary, it brings social and economic retardation with Manila as an excellent case.

Most of ASIA is NOT catholic yet they are doing much much better than the Philippines.

The bishops could not even convince most catholics to attend sunday mass regularly. The bishops are failures. Most catholics do not follow what they say. Most Catholics go to church only an average of 15 times a year for KBL – kasal, binyag, libing, and fiesta, christmas, holy week.

Catholic doctrine says it is a sin to miss the Sunday mass. And this should be confessed. The vast majority of Catholics are committing a sin every week just by not attending Sunday mass.

Instead of motivating Catholics to attend Sunday mass regularly what the bishops are doing is the other way around: most Catholics do not want to hear political sermons on social issues during the mass.

The bishops are totally missing the point. They are losing the hearts, minds, and the soul of most Catholics.

I am Catholic and want to leave. Where can I send my application for excommunication? Please send me 1000 copies more for my friends who wants to do the same. This control of the Catholic church on our minds have eneded since the internet started. We are more educated now. They were flourishing during the Spanish times and earlier because they can instill fear from people who do not know.

Now that we know, we do not need this church. We can always be with God through our conscience. There is a big difference between believing in a religion than in believeing in God. Believing in religion you get to follow rules made by men not by God.

Bakit pa kasi kailangan may middleman to be closer to God? Kung sa negosyo, elimination of the middlemen na wala naman talagang value is the key. Dapat sa religion ganoon din. Down with the self-righteous church and officials! Red tape lang ang mga yan. If God can speak, he will tell us the church is just one big inefficiency and should be taken out.

People should realize that threats by the Catholic clergy only works because people still believe in Catholicism, instead of going directly to God.

Religion is the best get-rich-quick scheme. Just go directly to God. You do not need flawed human middlemen who are easily influenced by the devil since Jesus is already your middleman.

The last time I checked the Catholic hierarchy has investments in excess of 100 billion pesos. You think that if they were really and truthfully concerned about helping the people they could at least donate half of these investments for the welfare of the people. Yet those hard earned donations from the faithful were just wrongfully invested for the future of the few deserving leaders of the church. They just let the government worry about the needs of the poor.

A fatal flaw of the Church, or any organization that’s as big and powerful, is that it is run by men. We all know how even the most righteous men can succumb to power. Power changes a person. Jesus knows this very well that is why he especially said that No one comes to the Father except through me. There is a reason he said this. Key word “no one”. That includes the fake demigods of the RCC.

Church is salvation? What did Jesus say – “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”. It’s so simple. No embellishments, no secret formulas. The Church cannot save you, only Jesus can save you. Read your Bible. Hindi mo kailangan ng middleman. Especially ones that are corrupt, self-serving and hypocritical.

Remember that the Catholic Church wasn’t founded by God, but rather by men. This doesn’t make it absolute. Its interpretation of the bible is decided by a bunch of self-righteous men who thinks that they have greater wisdom than anybody else in this planet. In a way, it almost functions like a political party. Religion is flawed. I don’t think God would want us to bow to our fellow men for guidance, he’s given us the tools necessary to think for ourselves but at the same time upholding and protecting everyone else’s freedom.

Of course that’s my theory if god does exist. Otherwise, the RH bill is a no brainer to anyone who has a half decent brain and can understand its implications towards the betterment of this country, and not because it is degrading moral values.

Not that young, unmarried women are getting knocked up already anyway around this country, right? /sarcasm

Am I guilty of heresy? Thanks, I take it as a compliment. After all Galileo was branded as one.

Sorry but there is no absolute proof that the Bible was written by the words of God and not by the malice of men. And for that reason alone, I would not want to lay the foundations of all my philosophies in life on explicitly the bible alone.

I hate it when people call other people heretics for not being believers of what they believe in. It’s pretty much the same level as extremists raging their jihad on non-believers. You are an example why there is still oppression in this modern day and age.

Excommunication is over rated. Magpakatotoo nga ang simbahang Katoliko Romano. Mas kailangan pa nga natin dagdag members because people are leaving the religion for other sects (which basically teaches the same stuff less the impersonal approach). Less people are going to church. Only a handful are becoming priest, marami pa confused ( sa kasarian, sekswalidad etc.). Before status symbol sa society may anak na pari, ngayon hindi na.

What happened? Globalization, cable TV and Internet happened. Unfortunately, church leaders in the Philippine did not adapt or were left in the 60/70/80s era when people just chew on what the priest say. Right now, church members are more empowered and knowledgeable. Sometimes more knowledgeable than priest or bishops on certain issurss, Kaya nga sa RH bill, pinagtatawanan ang mga obispo kasi jurassic era argument nila.

DON’T FEAR EX-COMMUNICATION AND LEARN FROM THE AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT!  There is this FEAR-MONGERING thrown by the CBCP of being ex-communicated or simply disparaged (equal to be cursed) by the Catholic hierarchy.  Don’t my fellow compatriots!

Take inspiration from the Europeans: the British or the French or the German and more recently the Irish Catholics.  The majority of the Europeans have no formal religious affiliations even if some of them class themselves as Christians, the others as simply humanists (believing in the human ability rather than superstition), and atheists plus some pagans as well as agnostics.

However, I have seen them being happy and contented with their lives.  To most people here, not many know the idea of prayers and yet they live with kindness, consideration, honesty, and integrity in their lives.  Most Church goers here are of ethnic minority or very old people.

The young ones who see each other as equals (where discrimination against race or sexual orientation is not something they are familiar with being brought up to respect everyone and not judge on face value) are not knowledgeable of religious beliefs apart from learning it from their citizenship or history classes as a matter of fact rather than a lifestyle option.

Most importantly, the government protects people’s welfare (jobseekers allowance, housing benefits, clothing and heating allowance, pensions, vehicle welfare and mobility allowance for the disabled or for those jobless parents with no means of transport or if they have a disabled child, educational help allowance, etc), and also ensures that everybody has an equal access to opportunity including jobs and access to education, and equal access to justice or police protection, etc.

In truth, it is a religious-free society in as much as the eyes of the government and private institutions (businesses, charity, etc) save some religious schools who are required not to interfere in academic freedom and teaching science as we know it BUT it is a fairer society where individual right of expression and decision making takes precedence over an non-secular lifestyle prescription.

WE SHOULD NOT FORGET, the AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT (age of science and human progress through knowledge) has been so-called to signify the emancipation of the entire world from the grip of the ROMAN CATHOLIC PAPAL RULE over ALL THE SOVEREIGN RULERS OF EUROPE.When it happened, the old world flourished, slavery stopped, major wars (except the WWII) lessened, and it ushered to our age of information.

SO DON’T FEAR. It is not our lives that are in danger of extinction but the grip of the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines.

The fear mongering times of the Catholic Church has reached its end. What is Canon Law? Laws made by the church. So what is going to happen to us legally is we do not follow canon law?

I think Jaywalking is a bigger crime than violating canon law. Who will punish us if we do not follow canon law, the church? Who cares if they excommunicate us (that is the best punishment they can give to anyone) , so where is the fear?

If you get excommunicated, you will not go to heaven? Does anyone in this day and age think that is true? Remember if we reject the church we are not rejecting God, they are two different and distinct entities. You can still love and serve God even if you reject, leave and not believe in the Catholic Church or any religion for that matter.

Let us stop believing this lie and hypocrisy of the Catholic Church that has made our country miserable for hundreds of years. The contributions and money we donated, most of them were sent to the Vatican and outside our country.

Look at this very rich religion pretending to be beggars so they can take all our money away from our country. You can still love and serve God even if you reject the Catholic Church.

Now if I do not get excommunicated because of this, they are not consistent.

I’m Catholic, and I support the RH bill. I believe that the church I belong to is composed primarily of its constituents. I will not allow a few people who hold seats of power to dictate my beliefs — especially if I’m pretty sure they’re wrong.

Also, almost every other (progressive) country in the world would probably pass the RH bill without having second thoughts. Why lag behind? Because it’s sinful? Are we saying that the citizens of all these other countries — countries that are doing a lot better than us if I may add — are, most if not all, sinners? If your answer’s still yes, then look around you. I’m pretty sure there are more here.

And if anyone argues that there are more sinners here because of supporting the RH bill, then I’ll tell him or her this: We, Catholics who support the said bill, genuinely believe that what we are doing is in accordance with God’s will. This bill will save lives. We were taught in school that life begins at the point of fertilization; so using contraceptives, for instance, doesn’t kill anything. And the abortion argument just really commits a slippery slope fallacy, so I won’t get started on that.

Oh, and in case someone brings it up, I’m not saying that the RH bill is just all about contraceptives.

Just some input from a Catholic who’s read the bill and probably every single RH-related article out there.

The Catholic Church is courting a PR disaster by attacking academic freedom.

Academic freedom is being able to express or communicate your idea without fear of repression (for the info of readers). Repression is not necessarily limited to private schools only. Remember those UP professors from the College of Law castigated by the SC? I am wondering how the top officials of Ateneo will treat this. Some or most of them, both Jesuits and administrators, are from the First Quarter Storm era and they know the value freedom of speech, having lived though that dark era of Philippine history.

Academic freedom is an archaic concept invented when learning and teaching occurred only within the confines of schools. We have more powerful “freedoms” now guaranteed by our constitution allowing us the ability to learn anywhere and anytime. What freedom do you think are you using when you post your comment in forums? We no longer need the concept of academic freedom for us to express our opinions freely, learn what  we need to learn and be educated.

“Institutional academic freedom is the freedom of the School to determine for itself on academic grounds who may teach, what may be taught, how it shall be taught, and who may be admitted to study.”- Sweezy v. New Hampshire, 354 US 234, 263[1957]

I’m no lawyer but it seems to me if the 159 Ateneo faculties who signed the statement of support for the RH Bill do so only as an individual choice and unless found to have actively imposing or promoting their belief on the RH Bill inside the campus or on the students in the classrooms then I think the bishops have no grounds to kick them out without first paying each a hefty compensation.

It’s an “inquisition.” Freedom of Speech is a sweeping right of each member of its society. Those days are over: what with the information age, the propagation of knowledge with every fiber-optically-connected person in the archipelago, education through on-line multi-media, we must expect every person to build and make their own collective decision. somewhere down the hill, there are people who are intelligent enough to do what is right, to make what is right, and to say what is right.

The bottom line here is about the equal sanctity of individual right to choose as a fundamental liberty and freedom of religion as fundamental human rights. How can Filipinos say they have freedom of choice when there’s no choice at all? How can the Philippines then prides itself as a nation that promotes and protect ‘freedom of religion’ when its state which is supposedly secular continuously cowers and kowtows to the Catholic Church doctrines? Are we not a republic?

The RH Bill is fast becoming the Catholic bishops Waterloo in the Philippines. It’s started when the bishops forgot even God granted Man free will.

Hmm, they want to sack the employees for not following their rules, the logic being: “my roof, my rules.” Funny how that can also be used as an argument to sack CBCP from the Philippines for not following it’s rules: “separation of church and state.”

Aren’t we Filipinos very lucky the catholic priest and bishops do not employ death squads?  From their desperation over this RH bill, they make it appear they are ready to employ anything just to derail it? Either this bill or the catholic hierarchy is really experiencing difficulty adjusting to the new atmosphere in Malacanang?  Time was even the obispos were invited to the palace for state dinner but look like it is a thing in the past now.

They are now blinded by their hatred with this administration for making them return their presious SUVs., for making them look greedy in the eyes of their flocks. Yes there were resistance before but not as fierce as this time. And they have not yet awaken to the facts of reality that this time, more and more people who are pro RH Law. As their anti RH numbers are dwindling, there is a direct proportion in the increase in the pro RH side. It either pro or con, right? And this infuriate them so much that they’re not thinking straight anymore. Pathetics….

Nasanay kasi mga iyan since the Spanish time na kabahagi sila sa kapangyarihan ng gobyerno kaya ganyan ngayon parang hilong talilong at mukha na silang katawatawa.

To all sensible Catholics.  Huwag na tayong magbigay ng abuloy or offfering during the mass.  Let us put our letters of concerns during collection time so that our cbcp bishops can realize this.  In the spirit of transparency can the parish priest and bishops submit ot the filipino people their collection, balance sheet and financial statements and their SALN  if they are spousing moral values of honesty, transparency etc.  Walang double talk na in pulpit they critize but in reality they violate the very essence of accountability.  O di kaya baka takot malaman ng buong nation ang kanilang kayamanan and unexplained wealth.

The CBCP, in it’s typical holier than thou attitude, may be painting itself into a corner it cannot squirm out of. The Ateneo faculty should hold its ground. The University cannot persecute its faculty for expressing freedom of choice as this goes against the essence of freedom of thought. Just depends on where the Ateneo Jesuits would want to position themselves. God bless Ateneo professors who stood for truth & conscience.

CBCP is just showing its true color. Is this the second inquisition authored by the bishops of the Philippines? You’re no different from the inquisitors during the inquisition and the friars during the Spanish time.

CBCP is self-destructing right before the nation’s eyes.  Thank God for finally liberating us & enlightening the nation from false teachers.

Or is it the ADMU which is self destructing? This controversy is actually splitting the university into many pieces. Will the Church continue to exist even long before the Ateneo is gone?

Rizal was declared subversive by the secular court even though he was pushing for social reforms through legal means (just like these teachers).

Why is it that padre Damaso was more known than padre Florentino? Rizal wrote it so that the Filipino people would stop turning a blind eye to the truth before them. It’s a given that good priest exist, but it was unthinkable that a rotten priest existed as well.

When CBCP keeps on disregarding blatantly the constitution by violating the separation of church & state and the freedom to exercise our conscience then they’re bound to go down.  This is the vindication of Jose Rizal’s death. He didn’t die in vain. True, Rizal didn’t die in vain. But he did DIE by the church’s influence. Just like what they are doing right now to those teachers.

There is an underlying problem in our country. All these religions, Iglesia ni Cristo, Born Again, El Shaddai, Jesus is Lord and the Catholic Church –  have their own political agenda. However, unlike all the other religions, those that are under the Catholic Church have their own mind and are not swayed by false preachers and warnings of eternal damnation.

I concur. Why can’t we just indeed agree to ‘disagree’ and respect both parties? Do we need to use sheer influence to coerce, intimidate, or threaten?

It is the duty of the government to provide all possible services, as long as legal and adheres to the constitution, for its constituents, regardless of religious preferences. Morality, faith, and the likes are the obligations of the church. There is a clear line between these two powerful institutions.

The Catholic Church is a Church that is self-destructing and it wants to drag down Ateneo with it. Brilliant teachers as would all right-thinking Filipinos are naturally pro-RH. Fire them all and Ateneo would be left with push-overs as anti-RH teachers would turn out to be. Minds that are not free are always mediocre. If I were a student I would not like to be educated in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or Biology by someone whose prime credential, above all skills that matter, is being anti-RH. Crazy.

So glad this evil empire we call a church is on a self-destruct mode.

I pray in my room. I pray alone. Faith is a personal thing. I was baptized Catholic but it is no longer necessary for me to be affiliated with soci0paths like these. I do not want to be part of an order that is led by people whose faces I’d rather sit on and f@rt at. Please, CBCP, be of better service by informing the public on how to leave your twisted order.

Schools should equip students with information in order to DECIDE ABOUT ISSUES THEMSELVES, not just mindless spoon feeding and brainwashing! Free thinking irritates CBCP because when people realize that they can decide for themselves, the church loses power.


“If in the most important area of your life – your philosophy, no less – the first thing you learn as a child is that faith is absolutely  essential and evidence absolutely isn’t, how can this not affect how you think about everything? You have been brainwashed to be credulous and  submissive to authority. This affects many aspects of life including the functioning of democracy and the understanding of science – both of which demand that you insist on evidence, question everything and take nothing on faith from anyone.” – Matthew Chapman

“If religious instruction were not allowed until the child had attained the age of reason, we would be living in a quite different world. Violent, irrational, intolerant, allied to racism and tribalism and bigotry, invested in ignorance and hostile to free inquiry, contemptuous of women and coercive toward children: organized religion ought to have a great deal on its conscience.

Human decency is not derived from religion. It precedes it.” -Hitch

“Who is going to save our Church? Not our bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to you, the people. You have the minds, the eyes, the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops, like bishops, and your religious act like religious.” -Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, before the Knights of Columbus, June 1972

“Of all the supposed virtues, FAITH must be the most overrated.

Once you assume a creator and a plan, it makes us objects, in a cruel experiment, whereby we are created sick, and commanded to be well. I’ll repeat that. Created sick, and then ordered to be well.

And over us, to supervise this, is installed a celestial dictatorship, a kind ofdivine North Korea. Exigent, I would say, more than exigent greedy for, uncritical praise, from dawn until dusk. And swift to punish the original sins with which it so tenderly gifted us in the very first place.

An eternal, unalterable, judge jury and executioner, against whom there could be, no appeal. And who wasn’t finished with you, even when you died. However! Let no one say there’s no cure, salvation is offered, redemption, indeed, is promised, at the low price, of the surrender of your critical faculties.

Religion, it might be said, must be said, would have to admit, makes extraordinary claims, but though I would maintain that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, rather daringly provides not even ordinary evidence for its extraordinary supernatural claims. To insist that we are created and not evolved, in the face of all the evidence.

Religion forces nice people to do unkind things, and also makes intelligent people say stupid things. Handed a small baby for the first time, is it your first reaction to think, “beautiful, almost perfect. Now please hand me the sharp stone for its genitalia, that I may do the work of the Lord”? No.

As the great physicist Steven Weinberg has aptly put it, in the ordinary moral universe, the good will do the best they can, the worst will do the worst they can, but if you want to make good people do wicked things, you’ll need religion.

Religion, and in fact any form of faith,–because it is a surrender of reason, a surrender of reason in favor of faith is a fantastic force multiplier. A tremendous intensifier, of all things that are in fact divisive rather than inclusive. That’s why its history is so stained with blood. Not just of crimes against humanity, crimes against womanhood, crimes against reason and science, attacks upon medicine and enlightenment, all these appalling things.

There is no conceivable way, that by calling on the supernatural, you will achieve anything like your objective of a common humanism which is, I think you’re quite right to say, our only chance of — I won’t call it salvation.” –Hitch


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9 Responses to Catholic Church Goes After Ateneo Professors for Heresy

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