Stephen Michael Gamboa Bacosa : Sotto’s Nephew Is A Bully In Real Life

“After Senator Tito Sotto cried foul over being bullied on the Internet, his nephew may have ended up himself bullying someone on Facebook in an attempt to defend his uncle’s good name.

Stephen Michael Gamboa Bacosa, Sotto’s nephew though his wife Helen Gamboa, sent a private message to a certain Adrian Arcega, saying: “Pare dahan dahan lang sa pambabastos mo sa uncle ko ha? kilala kita. ka batch ka ng utol ko!! kung cyber bully ka, ako BULLY sa real world at alam nyo yan.”

Arcega replied: “How ‘exactly’ ako nambastos? Don’t forget, I (and the rest of the people) am your uncle’s boss. Whether I’m right or wrong, it comes with the territory.”

The screencap of these messages is currently making the rounds on Facebook. ” – Rouchelle Dinglasan/KBK, GMA News

An epitomy of the perfect douchebag.

Stephen Michael Gamboa Bacosa, bago mo ipagtanggol tito mo why don’t you tell you’re tito na it’s wrong to “copy” others work and not acknowledge them. Further, try to tell him not to act “well informed” and a simple “apology” would do the trick if one committed “those things.” And finally, kung bully ka…wag kang mag-alala pet lover kami. “down boy, good! now bark!!” LOL Remember, mas maraming bully sa mundo…hindi ‘kaw lang.

Ang mga kamag anak ng mga PUBLIC SERVANTS hindi dapat sumasawsaw sa mga issue na hinaharap ng mga kamag anak nilang ibinoto para MAGSILBI SA BAYAN. pagsumawsaw ka ibig sabihin kailangan mo pang palawakin ang iyong pang unawa. Kapag pribadong mamamayan na ulit uncle mo sige ipagtanggol mo, kahit san ka pa umabot, malaya ka.

Pwede naman silang maglabas rin ng panig nila. Walang nagbabawal sa kanila na magsalita. But to threaten someone like that? Namamana rin talaga ang values system eh…

But I doubt it kung namana. More likely ay nahawa. He’s not even a nephew by blood. “Stephen Michael Gamboa Bacosa, Sotto’s nephew through his wife Helen Gamboa.” Kung makapag-react talo pa ang anak.

Online Whipping Boy and his Real World bully nephew… lolz…Pikon… hahaha.  Sotto has his nephew fight for him now. hahaha.

Ayan na simula ng gulo. somebody really needs to resign.Bakit di tayo gumaya sa japan? Konting pagkakamali lang, ang mga PUBLIC SERVANTS NAGRERESIGN AGAD! Actually konting issue lang sa ibang bansa, may delicadeza ang mga politician na magresign. Only in the Philippines. Caught in the act for corruption na, may position pa rin sa gobyerno. lolz

Stephen Michael Gamboa Bacosa was merely acting as a hurt relative. I know what they’re going thru because they are my neighbors. Tha Gamboa clan are intact. You hurt one you hurt them all. I also know Arcega personally as a batch mate in Lourdes Mandaluyong. Both Bacosa and Arcega are from Lourdes school too! I just talked to them both personally and I hope they will patch tis up soon. Magkakaibigan yan! Na misinterpret lang siguro at yung isa ay nag react na din bugso ng personal na paninira. And don’t get me wrong. I’m also against the Cyber Crime law but I’m just against the law but I don’t intend to bully someone by personally hitting on people in particular.

Ah ok. Cge since they’re “hurting” too, kalimutan nalang natin na nilabag ni Sotto ang constitution ng Pilipinas by pushing the libel clause in the Cybercrime law dahil lang napahiya sha for plagiarism. Kalimutan narin natin na yung si bully nanakot at nag banta sa tao online. Sa tingin mo kung hindi sikat ang pamilya nya, kaya nyang magbanta ng ganon sa internet?

Sige sige, tapon naling natin freedom of speech kasi they’re “hurting too”. Pabayaan natin ang mga bully na manakot. Junnel, I’m “hurting too”, my head is hurting by your logic. So since I’m “hurting too”, baka pwede rin kita sindakin gaya ni bully. “Cyber bully ka, ako bully sa totoong mundo.”

As I said magkakilala yang dalawang yan…ikaw magkaroon ka ng Fb friend na tinitira ang uncle mo o tatay mo how would you feel? Yung ibang hindi nya kakilala maiintindihan pa nya. Pero considering a friend of his would do this?! Like I said I understand both parties because we are all on the same zone and circle. None of you would understand unless you are in the circle too. And as I said I am against the cyber crime law too! But I don’t intend to bash Sotto directly and in singularity, knowing that his direct relatives are connected to me and are dear friends of mine. Nirespeto nila pagiging Anti Cyber crime law ko. Nagkakasama pa din kami. Pero nirerespeto ko rin na kamag anak nila si Tito Sotto.

Family “feelings” don’t overrule the Law and freedom of speech. You do not threaten people online, specially if your family is privileged enough to be elected by the people into office.

Ooohhh…someones following my Facebook finally. I was merely explaining what’s happening between two parties. Like I said magkakilala yang mga yan.

I want the Cybercrime law repealed. A PROPER Cybercrime law is a must. Not this bullshit piece of toilet paper that was passed so fast it would make Hitler and his ilk blush. But I also want a word or two with that idiot nephew of Sotto. Isama pa niya uncle nya. Pweh.

“The internet is a place where there will be no secret to be hidden at all. This is an open place where people may laid everything they have in their mind and what they can. Connecting to the internet means committing great responsibility than what you can at home or in your office. It’s just the information highway where you see different kinds of information from the meanest to the most awesome one that passes through. If you intend to cross the road without reading the sign, you could be hit even from those people with good intention.”

As for Adrian Arcega, he has the following statements to say:

“Whoa. Went offline for a few hours and now my Facebook’s gone insane.

I posted the first screencap to cover my bases, just in case something happens to me. That person who PM-ed me is the brother of an old classmate of mine and one of the nicest guys I know. Last thing i heard said classmate unfriended me as well, that’s why that PM saddens me all the more. Can’t blame him though, family first.

That said, I have never agreed with anything their uncle said or did for the past 20ish years. Except for the TVJ stuff (which I still think is brilliant irreverent comedy).

Sobriety and reason, guys. Sobriety and reason. That includes your reposts as well. 🙂

I set the screencaps to private. I figure enough people know, so my protection (or at least if something happens, knowledge of pertinent info) is assured. Again, sobriety and reason guys. Let’s not be bullies ourselves. Yun lang. Salamat.”


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