Is Lucy Liu Being Racist?

It is just sad when one in this age will still be uncomfortable with the color of their skin and ethnicity.“If I get really dark, I’ll start to look like a little Filipino. It wouldn’t match.” ~ Lucy Liu on a David Letterman Show

She is right. Filipinos do not want to be dark. If Lucy will look dark that will not match a Filipino. There is no more dark Filipino anymore.
I know where she is coming from, its just hard for Asians to make their mark in Hollywood … and she has to do what she has to do. She’ll start looking like Jessica Sanchez!
She’s just being herself. Besides,Filipinos/Filipinas nowadays themselves don’t want to look like Pinoys,dressing/speaking/acting and even thinking(sa tingin nila) like Westerners.
It’s a misunderstanding. Watch the full interview. We shouldn’t over react. She isn’t a racist. She’s just proud being a Chinese.
She didn’t say it as if she hates being Filipino. Come on! Read it again. “IF I GET REALLY DARK” – means she is dark already. You’re taking it too far, my friends.
Nothing wrong with what she said. Filipinos need to be emotionally mature. She just means that she just doesn’t want to be misidentified. What’s wrong with that? It’s time to grow up people.
I think there’s nothing offensive in what she said. It’s just that many people are stereotypes. Once you say “darker” it means something awful or ugly but actually it’s not what she said. She’s just saying that she will look like a Filipino rather than Chinese if her skin is a little darker. E kasi yung mga pinoy͵ tingin nla maputi maganda͵ maitim pangit kea ganyan sila magreact. What a mentality.
Karamihan nga ng mga pilipino kung ano-ano ng ginagawang mga paraan para lang pumuti eh.. Pakita muna nating proud tayo sa sarili nating kulay bago tayo manghusga.
Many pinoys use whitening chemicals to give their skins a sickly pallor, and many Caucasians tan themselves crisp.
They say, Chinese race is also known as yellow race. And they call it jaundice ethnicity. What you would call a darkened jaundice can just be likened to paled phlegm…hehehe…it’s naturally unfilipino. (ummmph, my mouth)
There is that colonial mentality in the world. Why do people want to make it big in Hollywood.

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1 Response to Is Lucy Liu Being Racist?

  1. Sam DePecan says:

    There is nothing wrong with Filipinos or any Asians looking their color — That is totally ridiculous to think in terms such as that . . .

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