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Tito Sotto: Victim of Cyber-Bullying?

Nagyabang ang KOMIKONG Senador, “Ako na yata ang kauna-unahang Senador ng Pilipinas na naging biktima ng cyber-bullying.” “Mula sa blogs, Facebook, at Twitter, ginawa akong sentro ng mga mapanira at malisyosong atake ng iba’t ibang tao, lalo pa ng mga … Continue reading

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What’s Up With Those Tweets?

Feigning ignorance while his arrogance is full blown? #whatsupwiththat? Answer: #nothinggoingoninyourhead@juli0v My initial reaction when I first read his tweets was actually, “Tang*na mo, gag* ka! Tamaan ka sana ng kidlat at maging impotent forever!” But since may utak ako … Continue reading

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Sotto’s Chief of Staff Admits Their Staff Copied Sarah’s Blog Sarah Pope, An Economist blogger of The Healthy Home Economist, in reply to Atty. Henry Villacorta, Chief of Staff of Senator C. Vicente Sotto III, said she does not approve of Sotto using her work without her permission “against … Continue reading

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Thank You, From Saturnino Fabros

MMDA Traffic Enforcer Saturnino Fabros, who was recently assaulted by a motorist, shares his message. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority on Wednesday already lodged a criminal complaint against the motorist, Robert Blair Carabuena, and his brother for assaulting one of … Continue reading

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Barney Against MMDA Traffic Enforcer

“Self-policing, a form of self-regulation, is the process whereby an organization is asked, or volunteers, to monitor its own adherence to legal, ethical, or safety standards, rather than have an outside, independent agency such as a governmental entity monitor and … Continue reading

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Lao Says “We Should All Be Informed!”

Christopher Lao is no longer the only one who should be informed, and the Internet celebrity (and now full-fledged lawyer) says so himself in his latest venture: an ad campaigning for the Freedom of Information (FOI) bill, which has recently … Continue reading

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Grand Fans’ Day Or Filmfest Float?

Early Campaigning disguised as a Relief Operation? If “Invisible” during calamities, sasabihin niyo na “Walang Gingagawa”, kung “Visible” naman “Politicizing”. Lahat ba ng kilos ng pulitiko ay gagawan ng issue? Instead of questioning the action, let’s just do our share … Continue reading

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