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Is Lucy Liu Being Racist?

It is just sad when one in this age will still be uncomfortable with the color of their skin and ethnicity.“If I get really dark, I’ll start to look like a little Filipino. It wouldn’t match.” ~ Lucy Liu on … Continue reading

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Political Parties Only Promote Political Whores and Entertainers

“Here are the major political parties that had sprung up since 1986. When you read the list, please ask yourself the following questions: Whatever did these parties stand for, really? How have these parties improved the lot of the poverty-stricken … Continue reading

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By Your Own Words You Will Be Remembered… #RIP Sec. Jesse Robredo

“Later on in life, you will realize that it is neither your successes nor your conquests that will give you satisfaction. It is your contribution that really matters – paying back what you owe the community that nurtured you.”

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Can We Remove The Epal Tarps Et Al Without Any Liability?

Any lawyers out there care to weigh in? Pwede bang kung makakita tayo ng ganyan, tayo na ang magtanggal? Makakasuhan ba tayo pag ganyan? Yan ang gusto ko sanang malaman. Kung tatanggalin natin di ba tayo makakasuhan? Violation ba ito … Continue reading

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Thank You, Doctor Sotto

How DARE of some people suggesting my millions of little spermie guys are not life itself. So what if only one makes it to the glory land to fertilize a future little beast, and God Himself destroys the other millions … Continue reading

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Is There Still Hope For PAGASA?

PAGASA employees/retirees complained no benefits as promised until now! Malacanang answers: Hinahanap pa yun pera! How long has it been? Retroactive naman daw pag nakita ang pera! Is that so? So, how long then?

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