Is Lucy Liu Being Racist?

It is just sad when one in this age will still be uncomfortable with the color of their skin and ethnicity.“If I get really dark, I’ll start to look like a little Filipino. It wouldn’t match.” ~ Lucy Liu on a David Letterman Show

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Anakbayan Versus Akbayan

Naging viral yung video na nangugulo sa Akbayan! Vencer Crisostomo, kumalat na din ang post mo sa FB mo! Sabi mo magpakabusog muna kayo bago kayo mang gulo! Mga gago kayo! May pinag aralan ka nga siguro pero kayo yung nang e eskandalo!!!! Nakakahiya kayo!

Magalang ka naman pala paps, sana pinakita rin ng mga kasama mo yan doon sa presscon. Ooopps spoke to soon, bastos ka talaga paps. Markadong anarkista!

Alam mo respeto lang naman yan eh… Kung gusto mo respetuhin ka… Nawalan lang ako ng respeto sa Anakbayan dahil sa araw na yon, bakit ayaw mag-dialog, atake agad?

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Recto’s Watered-Down Sin Tax Bill Version

THERE’S THE RUB: Completely different angle

The people who toiled through the night to get the sin taxes passed have every reason to be pissed off at Ralph Recto. They can only feel stabbed in the back. The difference between P60 billion and P15 billion is vast, the first being the revenue that would have been gotten from the original sin tax bill and the second from Recto’s watered-down version of it. The charge that he’s more concerned with protecting the health of the tobacco industry than that of his countrymen is believable.


Bakit itong si Recto wala ng naisip na batas kundi TAX TAX TAX TAX! Saan ba napupunta ang tax na yan? Hindi bale sana kung nagagastos ng maayos at transparent ang buwis ng mamamayan! Eh hanggang ngayon ang daming sirang daan… ang dudumi ng kalye… ang polusyon grabe… traffic palagi… Ang daming nagugutom na batang lansangan…. pati airport ampanget!!!

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Cybercriminal @ Work : All About that Ridiculous Philippine Cybercrime Law

“We add our voices to the many citizens and online users who were shocked and outraged to find in the new Cybercrime Law excessive penalties for online libel and enormous powers given to authorities to monitor online activity and block access to web sites.” -GMA News Online

On the other hand:

“I do not agree that the provision on online libel should be removed. Whatever the format is, if it is libelous, then there should be some form of redress available to the victims,” President Noynoy Aquino

WTF, does he know that:

“The United Nations Human Rights Committee has called for the repeal of the libel law, saying it violates article 19 on the right to freedom of expression and opinion of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which the Philippines is a signatory.”

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Stephen Michael Gamboa Bacosa : Sotto’s Nephew Is A Bully In Real Life

“After Senator Tito Sotto cried foul over being bullied on the Internet, his nephew may have ended up himself bullying someone on Facebook in an attempt to defend his uncle’s good name.

Stephen Michael Gamboa Bacosa, Sotto’s nephew though his wife Helen Gamboa, sent a private message to a certain Adrian Arcega, saying: “Pare dahan dahan lang sa pambabastos mo sa uncle ko ha? kilala kita. ka batch ka ng utol ko!! kung cyber bully ka, ako BULLY sa real world at alam nyo yan.”

Arcega replied: “How ‘exactly’ ako nambastos? Don’t forget, I (and the rest of the people) am your uncle’s boss. Whether I’m right or wrong, it comes with the territory.”

The screencap of these messages is currently making the rounds on Facebook. ” – Rouchelle Dinglasan/KBK, GMA News

An epitomy of the perfect douchebag.

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No Cybercrime Law is Going To Stop Us

The Cybercrime law, or Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, becomes effective starting today, October 3, 2012 because the Supreme Court has not issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) sought by various individuals and groups opposed to the new law.

Again, the law is effective as of today, Wednesday October 3, 2012. A very sad and black – or more appropriately “blocked” day.

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The Political Party Development Bill, Senate Bill 2610

The Political Party Development Bill, Senate Bill No. 2610, sponsored by Senator Edgardo Angara, seeks to establish a Party Development Fund to support accredited political parties for their party development and campaign expenditures.

It also aims to penalize political turncoats—elected officials who switch party affiliations after being elected on a certain ticket.

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