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Show Us Your EPAL Rides

Kung si Batman ay may bagong Batmobile every new movie, ang mga EPALiticians ay hindi rin pahuhuli. Paramihan rin sila ng kanilang EPAL rides (ambulance, bus, mobile library, mobile clinic, police car, ….pati na karo ng patay…) Buti pa nga … Continue reading

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Epal Dictionary

Ang bansa natin ay nasa State of EPALamity. Napapaligiran po tayo ng sandamukal na mga EPALiticians. Nagmula pa sa malayong lugar ng EPALia (the mythical place where ancient EPALs (persons acting or grandstanding in a politically tactless manner) came from. … Continue reading

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Can We Remove The Epal Tarps Et Al Without Any Liability?

Any lawyers out there care to weigh in? Pwede bang kung makakita tayo ng ganyan, tayo na ang magtanggal? Makakasuhan ba tayo pag ganyan? Yan ang gusto ko sanang malaman. Kung tatanggalin natin di ba tayo makakasuhan? Violation ba ito … Continue reading

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The Epal fever has reached convulsive proportions and the worse of the worst is the recent Calamity campaigning. Not only is this against the law, it is criminal as cited in “Section 261 (o) of the Omnibus Election Code (OEC), … Continue reading

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Grand Fans’ Day Or Filmfest Float?

Early Campaigning disguised as a Relief Operation? If “Invisible” during calamities, sasabihin niyo na “Walang Gingagawa”, kung “Visible” naman “Politicizing”. Lahat ba ng kilos ng pulitiko ay gagawan ng issue? Instead of questioning the action, let’s just do our share … Continue reading

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Epals Are Brainwashers

Face and name recognition and recall ultimately becomes a politician’s strength because they are able to wrongly inculcate to the voting public minds that they are responsible for the lamp posts, waiting sheds, covered courts, service vehicles, medical missions, and … Continue reading

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An Epal And His Tombstone

What is this thing that I see infront of me? Is this a crest of a royal blood prince belonging to a rich royal family? Or is this a grave or a tombstone with a gothic-like design and an HB … Continue reading

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